Google Sheets – Tutorial 01 – Creating and Basic Formatting

Google Sheets – Tutorial 01 – Creating and Basic Formatting

Today, we’ll create a very simple spreadsheet. It will look something like this four Columns three titles name age favorite animals Some names different ages and you will see that everyone gets to give two answers first of all open your drive simply go to This is how the old drive looks in order to create a spreadsheet click on create spreadsheet if you are using the New Drive Your screen will look something like this In order to click create a new spreadsheet click on New Google Sheets You will see that Google opens a second tab This tab is now your spreadsheet begin by giving your spreadsheet and name my first Spreadsheet Okay And now you can start inputting data Title of my first column is name My B. Column age and my C Column favorite animal let’s put some names there Jack and Sophie and Tom Let’s say they are 12 14 16 and 18 Years old now they will each give two answers, so let’s say dog cat horse Here we are now this looks a little bit messy We would like to have these titles nicely centered So what we will do first is we’ll select our titles Go to this little Horizontal Align button and Select Center Okay, this looks better now. I would still like to have my title for favorite animals spread across both Columns In order to do this. I select both cells go to format merge cells and merge horizontally There we artist looks a lot better now to change the colors click on the cell and Go to fill color use a light yellow for this and a darker yellow for the names Same with age. Let’s say a light green and a darker green for the answers favorite animals light blue and A Darker Blue for the answers Here we are our very first spreadsheet is now finished you will notice that Google Drive automatically saves everything So you don’t have to worry about clicking file save?


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