Gotranscript Review 2019 (earn money by doing transcription)

Gotranscript Review 2019 (earn money by doing transcription)

If you are looking for the way to make money
from home, have you considered to become a transcriber? One of the platform that offers transcription
jobs is called Today’s video, we’re gonna talk about Gotranscript
review in 2019. Now, I wonder if this company is legit or
it’s just wasting your time. We’re about to find out, so keep on watching! Gotranscript is a transcription company that
was found in 2005 in UK. The service that provides 100% human generate
transcriptions. This means you can join this platform for
one of the two reasons; either you need someone to do transcription for you or you become
a transcriber and make money from home that way. How did this work? Go to,
click on the “Apply Now” button, you will be directed to sign up page where there are
two choices to sign up, using Facebook or Google email. After you sign up, they will direct you to
the new page where you can take the quiz and there will be 14 questions on that quiz, and
you must achieve 100% score. If you fail the test, you are allowed to retake
the test. After you finish the quiz and take the test,
and after you finish, they will assign you with work. How you make money with Gotranscript is really
depend on you. You can take as many jobs in a day. But, how much can you do with high quality
really depends on your skills and experience. So naturally, you’re able to earn more over
time. As you can see, they pay up to 60 cents per
audio minute you transcribe and the top earner of the platform make $1215 per month. So, it’s has potential there but remember,
you shouldn’t expect to get a higher pay rate when you just start. The average earner make up $150 per month. Gotranscript have a rating system. Every time you complete a job, a Gotranscript
editor will rate you based on your accuracy. Your rating will affect your future job change. They will pay you every Friday through PayPal
and Payoneer. Here are some of the requirements you need
to follow; you need to be willing to receive feedback. After you finish your job and you have received
your rating, you also get the feedback from a real human being. This will help you to improve. Personally, I think it’s a great feature,
it’s really beneficial for you. On frequent ask question section, do you need
experience to become transcribers? The answer is that you don’t need any special
experience to be able to become a transcriber, you just need to have good English skills. Are there any requirements on how fast I need
to type to becoming transcriber? You will get up to 6 hours to transcribe 10
minutes of audio, so it’s enough even for a slow transcribers. But let’s say you spend 6 hour on that even
if you get higher rate of 60 cents per minute, that means you will earn $6, that is $1.00
per hour. Now, let’s talk about pros and cons so you
can get better overview before deciding if you should apply or not. Pro: free to join, offer plenty of jobs, it’s
flexible working site so you can work any time, the team trainer regularly will send
you a feedback. Con: limited earning potential. Take time to build up trust to get enough
jobs. Steep learning curve if you are a beginner. Now, let’s see other people review about Gotranscript. I made two dollar and thirty three cent for
1.5 hours of work. If you do this full time, 40 hours, and stick
to it, it will take you roughly 19 weeks to make 1,200. Great place, it’s a nice platform to work
on the side, it’s flexible and can be done in line with your free schedule. Work at home as much as you want when you
want. Working at Gotranscript is fun especially
the interaction among fellow workers. The pay may not be that much but hey, it’s
a good source of additional income that you can do even in your pajamas. Gotranscript is a very good place to work
as a transcriber. I have worked at Gotranscript for more than
a year. Pros; good system, good Facebook help page
and good payment. Con; none, really none. I cannot think of any. Now, you are aware what to expect from Gotranscript. It’s up to you to make a decision, you want
to apply for the job or not. For the next video, I’m gonna do more review
for other platforms, so make sure you hit that notification Bell. I want you to make a better decision when
you make money online. In the meantime, why wait for that video,
make sure you check this 2 video right here. I love talking about digital marketing, how
to make money online and entrepreneurship. As always guys, thank you for watching this
video. I love you and we’ll see you next time.


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