Grow 3 inches in 1 Month || Super Fast Hair Growth Formula

Grow 3 inches in 1 Month || Super Fast Hair Growth Formula

Hi family, welcome or welcome back to my channel My name is Salinas in Zinchuk if you’re new here welcome My channel is about DIY natural hair and beauty if that’s something that interests you come on and join the family To my old subscribers. Thank you so much for coming back In today’s video. I’m going to be sharing a miracle ingredients with you guys I use this mixture on my daughter hair in the month of October and I was able to grow her hair almost three inches in one month according to science We are supposed to grow half an inch of hair every month Some people grow more some people grow less So growing almost 3 inches in one month. That’s a lot. So Let me just show you guys exactly what I did to be able to achieve that Also, I got some comment on my videos that The hair I’m using they’re all fake hair I don’t like to put my daughter in my videos anymore because of the new YouTube rule But I would put a picture of her hair just for you guys to see that it’s all her hair and it’s 100% natural Whatever thumbnail that I’m using is either my daughter hair or my hair because all the DIY that I use on my hair I also using on her hair. I cut her hair very shot in 2016 Around her chin, and I was able to grow her hair within 3 years this October Will make her healthy hair journey 3 years So I was able to grow her hair up to 26 inches of hair. I will leave Those pictures on my Instagram. So if you are on instagram, you can follow me for you to also take a look at it This is the chat that is showing how many turns that I used the treatment on her hair in total I use the treatment 6 times on her hair in the month of October There are various steps involved in making this solution So I will appreciate it If you can watch the full video for you to be able to learn those favorite steps So that any question that you have to ask maybe you can already find the answer within the video Our first ingredient, which is our rosemary essential oil rosemary essential oil strengthen circulation and stimulate hair growth This oil can be used to prevent premature graying and dandruff It may also help dry or itchy scalp Our second ingredient, which is our onion I prefer to use the yellow onion because it have more nutrients and vitamins in it but you can select what onions that you would like to use And according to your hair length You can also choose the amount of onions that would be enough for your hair My daughter hair is very long So I normally use two onions on her hair now Yes, you can use onion juice on your hair I’m going to be blending my onion and that’s the juice in which we will be using Onion juice can provide extra sulfur to support strong and thick hair thus preventing hair loss and promoting hair growth applying onion juice to the hair and scalp could increase blood supply to hair follicles which in turn improve hair growth Garlic is a all powerful natural ingredients. That is also great for our hair and our scalp if you are new to DIY treatments I know you are going what? selina putting onion and garlic on your hair? yes They can all be used on your hair and your scalp Now garlic has antimicrobial properties that help kill germs and bacteria which are responsible for causing damage to your scalp Raw garlic is known to be rich in vitamin C content That is great for promoting hair health. It also boosts collagen production That helps stimulates hair growth Our next ingredient which is cayenne pepper Yes cayenne pepper The first time I also came across this I was like no there is no way I’m going to use this but when I went into doing a further research on it and all what it can do for our hair I decided to give it a try So I use it on my hair and I saw that it was fine and there when I include it into my daughter Challenge so cayenne pepper reduces hair loss and stimulates hair growth it regenerates and revitalize hair follicles cayenne extract increases blood circulation Throughout the scalp to deliver more essential nutrients to the hair follicles required for healthy hair growth Alopecia and hair thinning prevention aloe vera powder promote healthy hair growth it help activate new hair growth by increasing the blood circulation to the scalp and delivering several important vitamins and minerals it contains Proteolytic enzyme which repaired dead skin cells on the scalp Aloe vera powder also helps stimulate dormant hair follicles in wish promoting hair growth If you are familiar with my channel then you know, I always talk about this my DIY growth oil this oil is a mixture of various herbs And moisturizing and sealing oil including essential oils I’ve been using this oil for almost three years now or more and I can guarantee this oil I’m working very hard to see if I can be able to release this oil to guys before December but let’s see if that would be possible because I know very Well, that is all we’ll be able to help a lot of people out there Just in turn the same way that it helped my daughter and my hair growth Our hair is very healthy. Our here is very long I give God the glory first, but this oil also did a lot I will also be using a little bit of aloe vera juice into this mixture Just so that the onion can be able to blend smoothly You can also use aloe vera juice on your hair as a daily moisturizer as a leave-in treatment or as a spritz I’m coming up with a winter daily spritz. So Be on the look out for that Now that you are familiar with all of our ingredients So, let me just show you guys how to make it. Please. Enjoy the video I am using a white handkerchief to strain my juice out Because I try using a cheesecloth, but it was just a disaster So nowadays, I prefer to use a white handkerchief or sometimes people call it a muslin cloth That would be much better for you So just squeeze all of your juice out. You don’t want to leave anything behind Now that we have gathered our juice we are now going to add in our 1 teaspoon of cayenne pepper With our 3 tablespoon of growth oil if you don’t have your special growth oil you can use either olive oil or Coconut oil. I am now going in with 15 drops of my essential oil After give that a good mixture and you can leave it to sit down for about 15 to 20 minutes before You can start to use it So it been 20 minutes I’m not just going to give it another stir and then I will transfer it into my spray bottle So that I can have an easy application Our miracle solution is ready. I use this on my daughter hair when it is dirty because you will want to go in with a shampoo after because of the onion smell I Don’t use gel on her hair. So This will be able to penetrate her hair strands. I apply it to her hair I will leave it on her hair for an hour Sometimes two hours and I would give her a very very great Massage why this is on her hair and her scalp and then I will cover her hair with Plastic cap and just let her play around the house After I would go in with her shampoo, and then I would deep condition her hair and style her hair so that is what I used on her hair during the month of October and I can say that I am excited with the result that I got I think I am done growing her hair out now because it is very very Long and sometimes in the morning when we are rushing for school it takes me a long time to complete her braids if You will love to give this a try please Carry on with it I can Recommend it to you and I’m pretty sure that it’s also going to work for you Sometimes something that may work for me or my daughter it may not work for you, but that shouldn’t discourage you there are so many others DIY on my channel that you can try and Hopefully you can find something that worked out for you if you love this video Can you please give me a like leave a comment down below and subscribe


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