Growing Lucky Bamboo in Soil – Fast Growth | Care Tips of Soil grown Plant

Growing Lucky Bamboo in Soil – Fast Growth | Care Tips of Soil grown Plant

Hello Friends! Today we will look into growing Lucky Bamboo
in Soil � that�s shifting or repotting lucky bamboo plants from water into the potting
soil. Then, We will also discuss the benefit of
doing this and the steps involved in this procedure. And finally on Soil grown Lucky Bamboo Care
tips. All that�s coming up.. Welcome back! If you are a hobby gardener or interested
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so that you won�t miss any updates. Before we start, a quick recap on some basic
facts about Lucky bamboo plants. Firstly, They are not bamboos at all; they
are part of the Dracaena family. Their Botanical name is Dracaena braunii or
Dracaena sanderiana. Lucky bamboos are basically water plants,
meaning they have no requirement of potting soil to grow. Although lucky bamboo plants grow successfully
in a soil-less environment, they also grow very well in well-draining soils. The actual purpose of shifting them into soil
is to speed up their growth. Am sure most of us have the water grown lucky
bamboo purchased from a store or online and you might have wondered there is hardly any
growth both in height and calibre. So what we basically do by repotting them
in soil � is make them free from a constrained space out of a tight water container. Now the questions that arise: 1) Can I plant
lucky bamboo in soil? and 2) Can I plant lucky bamboo outside in garden in sunlight? The simple answer is “yes” for the first question
and Yes for planting them in soil in a container and the answer to the second question is �No�
� because Lucky bamboo cannot tolerate direct sunlight. However, when you plant in dirt or potting
mix, you need to follow a different set of care tips � which we will discuss later. Well now, lets quickly repot lucky bamboo
in soil. Step 1
Obviously to Obtain the lucky bamboo plant from a store or if you already have one like
this, you need to dismantle it and separate the twigs for replanting separately. One important tip here is always get a plant
that has bright green leaves with healthy white roots and one more tip is to smell the
lucky bamboo. It should not produce a foul odor � that
is foul smell. Step 2
Selecting the Container or Pot for potting lucky bamboo. This plant has no preference for container
size or material. You can choose any good size container plastic
or clay or anything � doesnot matter, because you will not be keeping in direct sunlight. Step 3
Well Draining Potting Soil like the one you use for succulents and cacti. You can fill the pot with this type of soil. You can even make your own mixture or purchase
a readymade cactus mix. You can watch my video on Succulent Soil Mixture
from link in description. One point to remember here is You can add
lots of Vermiculite to the mix � for its water retention capability. If you do not have vermiculite, You can also
add lots of diaper gel made by mixing water into the diaper absorbent material. Step 4
Insert or Push the stem of the lucky bamboo plant 1 to 2 inches into the soil and plant
with good space between the twigs. Step 5
Finally water it thoroughly and Place the lucky bamboo plant on a window sill which
does not receive direct sunlight but receives adequate bright indirect light. Make sure to keep the soil moist by watering
it daily. You can do first watering with Epsom salt
solution to counter the transplant shock. Make sure you add very little Epsom salt � like
half spoon in one litre of water, because lucky bamboo stems are quite sensitive to
over fertilization. Well, Now Quick Care Tips for Soil-Grown Lucky
Bamboo Plant Care: 1. Place your Lucky Bamboo Plant in a ventilated
area, in shade with bright indirect light. No direct sunlight. 2. Keep the soil slightly acidic � you can
either use 5gm alum in 1 liter of water or 1 tsp of vinegar in 1 liter of water every
10 days. 3. Fertilize every 15 days with NPK � half
the regular dose like only about 3 – 4 crystals every 15 days for a 10 inch pot , because
its quite sensitive to over-fertilization. 4. Keeping the soil slightly moist at all time
with daily watering. If you have added good vermiculite or gel
into your soil, you can even water alternate days. So there we have it folks, that was our episode
on How to grow Lucky Bamboo in Soil and its care tips. If you like the video, please give it a thumbs
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