GTA 5 Epic Jobs | 12 SECONDS TO IMPACT GTA Online | GTA 5 Funny Moments (GTA V Online)

GTA 5 Epic Jobs | 12 SECONDS TO IMPACT GTA Online | GTA 5 Funny Moments (GTA V Online)

GTA GAT 5 my cameras inside a mountain spear fucking give a shit homes are no no everybody higher thinks like you shit so happy for you you know you have big dreams I had big
dreams from shit on Ste ok because don’t you pack are you this panic all hope started just great to be different started when isn’t good enough for you
now would be pretty sick II I’m gonna rated outsole up racist I think you’ll like
this the the halogen great this would be great if I could change
raises because you don’t like a static people’s blow 10 I like to think about
opposites panic okay no you’re not Hispanic your I am I am very insists panic culture tell me
three things about Hispanic culture on I’ll I I love Mexican food you know like up I really you guys love hispanics make
sure to smash that like button at all and if you’re racist which I’m waiter you to you as a core white
Americans and Hispanics yoga out america’s rural to God is more
Hispanic lovers out there are either way people like 5am okay
racist everybody her for on my mom physicist on her hit a rock her hook I’m going all the way down out
now there I’m back but on back to my original
point think about that right let me let me ponder this for you ponder
alright so you’re born born the white light comes you’re born
everyone’s like oh shit hey whats up on dying by done I would you die you brightly mind if you come into the
wide but no but you go out did dog or the the
blade definitely when you’re being born I
think it’s more like gol gol a fucked up a bit like a bear
drop once you hear you like pair dropping out
the pager I check are your aunt fuck himself up
likely for me I’m a smart man but think about it like this rhyme you
get born right I mean I’m gonna just gonna chill up
here for second everybody ok you’re born and then something pops up
in Psych will the work rest I’ll choose your race you can be Hispanic asian allies these old welcome dog in the Netherlands
own traits I’m going to go through those traits ok today I it’s the pic Asian right wide depp’s killin on a out a caricare middle of drives a questioner his his go but make make dirty joke dirty joke
that on you I’m turning into a windmill up but you could be like African American
in you know like increased business on I don’t know what else
there’s were white people get ashy phone poll like white people you can be got it like buying Starbucks no good as Okies and pine up fine catch people comment shit I’m awareness wanted to be on outer
pocket of bach I got a train to catch a rhyme there ain’t no time I catch-all shit ride by her like you to by the way guys be like your idea
makes you like and let us know in the comments will start a Kickstarter having I optional race starting for
saves the world the topside system will change in you
can change the world everybody permit right to camp are on a got a
chain to catch she picked up that same took the train there’s no train I would
you why would you ruin my life here wanna serve her like if you look calms everybody wish real hard little calmer I’m overcome real hard to
look away look away from iran you’re gonna wish up com I’ll
come right to you summertime can look at home looking are
not a I want to come Harry mister train we’ll issue on this data com number or sheesh we wish you on this day we wish
you on this day we we wish you shut the fuck up haris got it right %ah its I up I her West her her up her her who cock cock %ah her her its for didn’t arrive bed para ir Bay here I’m cats this secured I that’s it the word here I did I know
what kind of pocket happen I got this everybody look for an
explosive hold on I gotta quit my vehicle sticky
bombs not probably was not a good idea really by honored waylaid if I become a human landing okay
I angle the just right got scandal and perfect block
I got fucked up it was me versus the ground the ground
one alter-ego is my last time to greatness I knew that in order for a ride to take
me seriously remember span group had to quit my
vehicle optimum equipment devices one left years now this is a hot with pieces ok thx guys locksmith GTA 5 job good enjoy very much a smash that
like button Fred ordered between the first patience man sound like fun god you’re
always making what just happened there up are rise big
group in awesome shape I’ve gone down so if you want to Skype ralston you
awesome some got some new stuff in the works as well miss you check the
latest upsurge it if I have jobs the strippers all I love them is a
pointless on the side but Iran want to say goodbye to oliver
amazing viewers thank you guys so much okay on in


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