GTA 5 Epic Jobs | FLOATING WALLRIDER GTA 5 Online | GTA 5 Funny Moments (GTA V)

GTA 5 GTA GTA Online GTA 5 Funny Moments GTA V GTA hey you what’s going on there by Jake
here from seeing the pic back with another GTA 5 epic jobs episode just wanna let
everyone know before this video starts that at this video is sponsored by it hinion outpost Opinion Outpost is a very
awesome company in website online are you guys can go
and check it out in answer surveys Ryan 10 easiest
answer server police check and let me ask you sir and
Alka as on a scale from 1-10 how amazing is Jake
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ships and down below very awesome and Orion uses it all the
time and we are here I miss the cadmium I I know I know I get excited when I’m
well you know I don’t get excited for resist this map Jake but it is a scary stop it’s really big ya I mean I’ll first time right see some pics so huge
both it’s bigger than what I’ve seen before he knows what I’m saying I’ll hot it’s Matt it’s like 10 times said we all Jesus I’m ready for this wall
rather do this am ass desktop are I we are just stopping you stop taking our own I hear ok I have all oh
my god had guys do destroy them %uh got ok I just well do everybody
that’s ok our babies are married were were making all I wonder why why I’ll
revolve we all dead know the court thing because is
dissolved she’s its it doesn’t matter if your mail
car or female are you still make the car baby you show
your on way to slow down here if you host RI and r2 guys pants off put on hold on please his well we might
look a rating on this video holiday ok ap
okay a ok longer concept by master rules ok I’ll call because it’s already
it’s like warm I’m a Ferrari nuns II pretty sure call
your car right does not make you a Ferrari does now as is as in the states on
physics alright this is that right tan Siew
times something my inner evil Knievel gotta get know what Jake I’m been do
without them that have the key team and they’re like stick guys if you
want me to make this jump first try like the video got by second guy said that like button
ok got I could feel your likes increasing my I
gotta do what a ride I like to do this good it’s gonna be so pissed yes I naked lady
changing I did other on jealous the right this is that i cant its region my
energy look in your own skin top 28 during evel knievel me dirty you look at the least a small four packs
secrets there I’m real yeah even smoke one cigarette hours
asshole ever smoked cigarette out your asshole
never stopped to think present or Oh iight I am either but if I was gonna start to
be choppered wayside all I up are ronald was that I real cigarettes in positions I for ok I I really love the picture dirty you look people smoking is I J K
close move II miss by can’t thank you the goddess of hardball all scales back for no no no all or more now not shut up right cue I must fashion yes 10 my name Chi sure about stretch
and doing a moment here okay music’s playing school home all right shut up I am doing a moment here purple smoke clears right to my face purple smoke clears it’s all to change here we go with the power but she mates and the
cinematic video editor I doll know all up know all but but of crowd jobs why hope kidding me I didn’t go this joke is that if you
have the right epic music a cinematic editing and as cool color effects you
too can be evil Knievel there is no music
more other factions or colors whose home in
my brain given to me UN out there is still a bit
or a cigarette smoke people over where you be smoking this
project companies do not condone the city back all products and/or Seacrest I actually number dinner know it’s really weird customs
pockets biscuits obtuse going to point this out yeah I don’t know if it’s the proper
time to put up a swear to God I’ve never I’ve never smoked a cigarette
in my life I’ve never been around anyone that smokes cigarettes but for some reason every now and then
havoc effects its all well tissue well good job good like a dog I was my little story short short for I think the tobacco
companies are using subliminal messages get nearly no real I think the you’re a genius providing that I want
out bolta hai TA ok now I thought I would go to doctors
though on that but they would never do take it there expect a good day now all all never now and by those who is he was smoking a
pack couple where how this weekend a
cigarettes had because evil Knievel smoke
cigarettes although any yeah I know all heads amid I sages I was proud to have such j-pop
every jobs presidential bid to make sure to smash that like button guys throw an extra light because I we
lost a good friend today what last week on I mackey mister mcintosh I R our team
computer that edited all over videos died and I we had to replace her with a brand
new better model faster model not same so I give a little like for Mac our
strike mackey will lose she’s a great girl pic see aspects to in


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