GTA 5 Epic Jobs | TRIALS FUSION MOD GTA Online | GTA 5 Funny Moments (GTA V)

GTA 5 Epic Jobs | TRIALS FUSION MOD GTA Online | GTA 5 Funny Moments (GTA V)

GTA GAT 5 GAt online well rhymed we’re back warplane Ahmad apparently you know you’re really quite
a few seconds cuz you’re really excited and humps are hes still a little bit up I don’t know
what a drug makes you excited I’ll what trucks make you excited back cocaine the wall typically is not done these drugs in any
way shape for and what’s going on we’re back rejected another should see a pic map serve other guys
run is a druggy by Howard people yeah feels fusion and I it’s ok to mod I’d doubt that I think it’s kinda more like the molded
it meant on it for but if you’re not busy the anyway its trials fusion so you know
that’s fine there’s that one Deron Ryan won’t you be the lower about the
talks to you where the fuck do we get out there it was a girl all we go that’s what
fucked your are on the Gaza girl or in the in Charles used like welcome
to the future now she breaks on the I here luggage rack Bush whether good serve you day she is given
room germ care definitely not own it on UB South pretty shitty this up it is you can sort it out walking you
play what do you play i play what I mean her partner I’m gonna
make it all of that hard really I didn’t die I admit I’m gone up and on this is actually there is a level
in transition with the the stuff alright little when Mills
market cannot at this thing straight I don’t know as model it was hard for me
to be strategic okay it’s okay we accepted for who you
are what’s on Bush mustaches on I think your last
place yeah I’m lucky a-ron know okay grown man night eulogy critics
trying for all you I know it’s hard to Washington as you know is really bad at
this game all you really got every day you know
its cuz it curves me the wrong way feel be okay you just let the viewers be mad cuz
you’re bad as take an ideal be bored you have to walk
in support to the power lie I did this week we do
have to let you know is a good game like your I’m be my
little robot the talks to me is people at Peterborough at D think you can do it role that I’m on a roll down rofl I think it was a
guy there was a row whites were Guardian AI with you that a perot bought all replies names like Woodley
buried in a belief is that like or two poor guy
had erectile dysfunction it was important to you thanking him of ok I want back on we’ll
ease of are sweeter hype haha I can’t make it up this good for year-round IQ like his mom is a
good route map wat RK on house to use am early March disaster to buy lag even remember your heart is the
MacBook came out she you have to do some bad as John to do
that each do a wheelie and an automobile of the wheelie once you get to the top I
don’t do it off the top J a mess was like curve around and pull
off switch be getting but no at the talk Jake it’s very sample
we leave beginning but not the top everybody was in Iran K really not the top of faulk I would do a CJS what we call a
retard to look at 36 this panorama team took
the controller and I G okay it yet his this bad boy I R SK not but the worst for sure you can do it thanks work with web if weekly there was a robot in trials
fusion yes there was but it was only but hey
why not name you please be morrow after work by
the whole literally make my night you or miss you can do this but yeah your bed and those guys yeah it’s rough no problem mastered a I have that on my iPod so ever write
it down top kinda on I I get lonely at night hope if you want to copy a Bryant
self-esteem make sure to Like the video will should be out war do it so let’s do you know it’s a major good of all for yeah he’s put on your iPod
alongside you’re like Martin know you know those
guys at your school at some birds and I’ll I will make a personal regional take for you I think you just
thus while the sky Matthew up look bad easy fuckin money right there
you can’t get all the women I’m a girl up I I want you are I I wanna Ryan self-help tape everyone
does there and there in short supply
moderately succeed in life paper I order while you can see the
thing about my Recchi machine is I’m not gonna try make
you succeed a lot you’re really bad at talking today
aren’t you just a little I cannot talk today I don’t know why took my eye things to make see are all I
know what know there’s literally a scientific
reason for I wanna hear this but sometimes on some days when I you have a dick in your mouth for
to locate yet are you have problems talking tail light
is is one of the highest Lee what probably happened to you know
so yeah apologize mile remove just market cannot do this K I’m not sure I’ll all that the finish fuck you ron is actually I’m Rd done the
math on pic I am you’re kidding all shook up 01 dominate
the wind now I’ll Army Reserve are art had the what’s
up we also attackers were all watching the
for films like Batman share back here she described catch up I got there says no I didn’t stop me now ON OFF you armies I do I G you beat this guy dark assassin and you
win like did you thousand dollars down market but
you have to give me 10 bucks if you don’t I they’ll yeah you heard it here goes it’s
possible i feel like im alright already bought gold bugs yeah
it’s true I don’t go really at the top will you York I on Twilight while her doesn’t add your other things know he
was ahead as you actually you want an exact I’m stealing all I hearing on the next judge porn you know
what’s up hope other guys thank you so much for
watching this episode GT about out Mike drugs collected hit by bad jobs guys be
danger me it makes you hit that like button is
what subscribe for more awesome YouTube icon on the channel row is making new and
interesting videos on the daily so make sure to subscribe this course has been shaken rhyme from
tibet we’ll see Ryan see the most heartfelt goodbye possibly we love you in


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