GTA 5 Online: BEST Custom Paint Jobs! Super Cars Paint Jobs & More! (GTA V)

GTA 5 Online: BEST Custom Paint Jobs! Super Cars Paint Jobs & More! (GTA V)

Hey everybody how’s it going my name is Usman
& today I’m gonna show you guys 3 custom paint jobs on three different vehicles. So before
I start this video I just wanna let you guys know that I’m giving away 5 500,000$ cash cards for gta online, so if
you are interested in wining one for yourself click the link down in the description below.
Also let me know what do you prefer, 5 500K cash cards or the 1 megalodon 8 million dollar cash card giveaway, let me
know in the comments section down below, I would love to here from you guys. So now with
that out of the way, the first paint job that I’m gonna show you
guys is the red & yellow paint combination which looks super sick, especially on the
Entity XF, so you wanna bring the entity Xf inside of los santos customs or any other
vehicle of your choice simply go down to respray & pick the Torino
red, then back out & head over to peralescent & pick the race yellow, the red & the yellow
pearlescent will create a really sick looking red paint, then go down to wheels and also
paint them with race yellow & pair that with custom tires
& yellow tires smoke, this paint job looks super sick on any vehicle but it is better
on the entity xf. Next up we have the jetser So we gonna get the base blue & gonna get
pearlescent ultra blue, it will give the blue a little bit more shine, then for the secondary
color we gonna pick orange this will definitely gonna make you car stands out, for the tires pick the sport duper 7 tires, paint them with
red & also get red tires smoke this combination is my favorite, & it works best on the jester
as well on the vehicles that has an option for primary & secondary colors finally the last paint job that I’m gonna
show you guys is on the Turismo so you wanna get the base carbon black, I
find this a litlle bit better than the original black, then of course head over to pearlescent
& pick the silver pearlescent, it will give the black a little bit more shine,
for the secondary Ice white is perfect & of course we gonna paint the tires frost
white, just because there is no ice white & we also gonna get white tires smoke. So
these are the 3 paint jobs that look super sick on these vehicles, I will try bring you guys more paint jobs
for different vehicles, so you can paint your vehicles the same as my vehicles & make your
garage look super sick with all the 10 custom painted vehicles, so now let me know which paint job you’ve
like the most in this video in the comments section down below. So if you did enjoyed today’s video though
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