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bubbling yo dead dude hey what’s going on guys
this is Dimez E.N.T. a.k.a. glitch guru in today’s GTA 5 online video I’m gonna be
showing you guys three sick very awesome 3d modded paint jobs alright we’re not
gonna start with the paint job that’s in the thumbnail but we’re gonna work our
way up to it and we’re going to start with this really really awesome 3d modded
paint job on this aster so here we go guys this is how we do
this one you want to go in to respray primary go into metals and we’re gonna
put brush black still on this vehicle this is believed to give the car a
brighter shine so after that we’re gonna go into chrome we’re gonna select it
back out we’re gonna go into metallic back out we’re gonna go to the crew
emblem and place a crew emblem on it or just change something on the vehicle and
then we’re gonna go back into the primary and then we’re gonna go into the
parallel essence and it shit unlock so we can put a pair lessons over the
chrome now we’re just looking for colors that will show up over the chrome
something that’s gonna give it a brighter shine or you know a 3d type of
look so right here currently I’m just looking for some colors and I came up
with something pretty crazy pretty experimental something that’s never been
done before by me and this is to put a ice white pearl essence over a chrome
paint job which is really crazy it’s insane you would think that that
wouldn’t do anything but the ice white is insane it actually has a really
really bright shine to it you can see it over the chrome so as you guys can see
as I’m scrolling through the colors here you guys can see certain colors are
showing up and certain colors are not showing up over the chrome so we want to
look for the colors that are showing up over the chrome so we can have that 3d
mighty paint job look so I keep clicking back and forth to see if it’s making a
difference and ice white made the chrome brighter so after that we’re just gonna
back out and we’re going to go to the crew color and we’re going to
place crew color on there now look at the car guys
it really looks insane it really looks like it’s brush black steel and it has
that crew color and its chrome looking as well this is kind of crazy I might be
putting ice white pearl essence on most of my 3d paint job videos in the future
from now like because this look crazy so after that guys will just back out and
put on we’re done with this vehicle let’s take it outside and give it a look even outside you can see that this car
has that color that we put on it that crew color and also guys don’t forget
the crew color hex codes to each of these colors will be in the description
below alright and they will be in order starting with this very first crew color
so don’t worry guys I got you I’m gonna hook you up well check it out I’m
driving out of LSC and the car is looking amazing I’m very happy with how
the car turned out so if you guys are gonna use this color please let me know
in the comments section down below also leave a like if you really dig this
color I think that I might put this color on a different vehicle as well
never know also we’re gonna be having a car show later on today so come through
bring your cars out take a look at some of my cars and we’ll have a really
really good time we usually have a great time at these car shows so there you
have it guys and by the way I’m calling this color right here world when Perry
they’re straight-up world when it’s really awesome
shout out to dead do to fucking me up with this vehicle this video is
definitely sponsored by dead dude alright so moving on to the next car bow
the crown big alright let’s go here and take it into LSC and see what we can do
with it all right so for this one we have a
orange banana looking color it looks orange it looks yellow so I called it
orange banana so let’s prepare the vehicle and let’s get started on this
paint job the very first thing we’re going to do we’re gonna go down it to
respray we’re gonna go to primary color you guys
want to go into metals and we’re gonna put brush black steel as you guys can
see it shining already we’re gonna back out now we’re gonna go into Chrome and
we’re gonna select chrome alright just taking a look at the crew color here to
show you guys what it looks like because it is eight orange and yellow looking in
color so I just want you guys to see it before I put the 3d model paint job on
it it’s insane alright so you’re gonna put Chrome on it now after putting the
brush black steel and from there we’re gonna go into metallic back out put
something different on the car like change the plate change the color of the
plate crew emblem select it back out go back into primary colors and then go
into the paralyzes and it will be unlocked and just like before we are
looking for colors that show up over this so we’re gonna go with the diamond
blue right there for the pearlescent and then we’re just gonna back out and
we’re gonna select crew color and we’re gonna place the crew color over this
color as well so now we have those three colors in there mixing mingling meshing
looking really really clean and from there I’m just gonna fix the vehicle up
to make it match you know change the wheels up a little bit change the neon
lights a little bit and boom you guys got another sick 3d model paint job car
and like I said I’m calling this one orange banana it’s crazy so let’s take
it outside see what it looks like now you guys know I’m always experimenting
with colors I’m always trying to come up with something different so that’s what
this is right here this one is definitely experimental I’m trying to
come up with something that’s not always the same as you
using purple and using blue so I’m trying to get away from that a little
bit but uh check it out man this cars really really sick paint job is is on
and off with this one it’s a little bit light you know what I would like it to
be a little bit darker so let’s go back at LS see you and let’s do something
else with it all right I’m gonna take this car back to LSC and we’re just
gonna put that crew color over it then we’re gonna throw like a ice right on it
and it’s just gonna be gleaming alright so let’s go back into L SC and let’s see
what we can do so go back into respray and place your crew color over the
vehicle and then you guys just want to go into pair lessons and then put the
ice white pearl essence over it and the car is going to be looking really
awesome so select that crew color go into prayer lessons and ice white guys
ice white and just check out how the car is just gonna be gleaming this color is
really really unique I think because it looks yellow but it’s really orange and
at the same time you can kind of see that is harsh and if you check out the
crew color that’s on my jacket you can see that it’s a little bit darker it’s
slightly different so you can really tell that this crew color is orange so
there you have it guys actually give you two different paint jobs that you can
put on this car or any car so you guys got four paint jobs in one video but
we’re just calling it three all right so three 3d paint job vehicles moving on to
the next vehicle the very last vehicle I know you guys been waiting for it most
of you guys probably looked at that thumbnail it was like clear bird but not
this is not clickbait I’m gonna show you guys this pink fluorescent color is what
I’m calling it alright I’m saving the best for last
alright guys I got a do it alright so you gotta you gotta you know build them
up you gotta work them up to it build some suspense and stuff like that so
let’s get right into it without any further ado let’s get it to the vehicle
that you came for brother all right here we go at t20
let’s take it over to LSC as you guys can see I already have a 3d model paint
job on it but we’re gonna remove it and place another one on it so let’s go in
to respray and let’s get started we’re gonna go to respray primary color
go to Meadows brush black steel select it back out go into the primary color
and you guys just want to put that chrome alright
select chrome back out and then you guys want to go into metallic back out back
out again and we’re gonna change the plate on it this time like I said you
guys you could change anything on the vehicle so just change the color of the
plate back out go back into the respray primary color pair lessons and it will
be unlocked alright so now we’re just looking for a pair lessons that will
look really nice over this vehicle we’re gonna go with the Simon paint care
because this one fluorescent pink is just gonna be crazy
all right there’s painful irresolution so me popping next we’re gonna go into
the crew colors select it and place it over the vehicle and boom the color is
poppin already but we’re not done here we’re not done yet brothers and sisters
alright it’s a little bit more to go with this vehicle since this vehicle
does have a secondary color we’re gonna go into the secondary color and we’re
gonna make it mr. tank alright we want different
colors mixing and mangling we want we want to paint that look light paint we
want to paint that look dark paint we want to paint that look medium paint you
know so all of these colors just mix and blend and create one color alright one
color which you can barely tell what color the car is because they’re mixing
in mingling all right so that’s what we do over here on the channel guys we find
ways to mix colors so that we can get them to look 3d and just make them look
awesome you want them to pop all right we want
people to look at our cars and you like you know me so alright that’s this car
guys paint fluorescents and this is how you make the paint fluorescents Purnima
a paint job awesome you guys want the t20 just hit me up hit me up let me know
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