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GTA 5 PC GTQblog all blog a hey you what’s going on everybody before
the video stores as one way you know we’re doing the big
is GTA 5 shark card giveaway in team history we’re giving away a ton
GTA 5 shark are done all the videos this week all you have to do to enter into win is
the like as well as favored the video and leave a comment down below as to what you’re going to spend with
your shark card money are making a little bit fun and if you wanna win
since our cards for your friends leave a comment with your heist crew name and
have all your friends coming comment on that and we will give all UHV you guys a
shark card if you want to do that but if you don’t
have a high screw don’t worry you can win just the by leaving a comment and if you wanna
double your chances make sure to share on Facebook as well as Twitter you guys enjoy the video and good luck the mid I’m under the sea right why don’t hurt with matter my name’s
racket fish a flathead catfish knows flying fish out
there gave the Lulea helicopter went wild I’m I’m not going to be able to take this if
you don’t make your bed right now amo make my bed Ryan make the bad I got
up and I was like I got a record for the people make not bad 2002 made a bad day workload movie over yet from Paul devalue that we should turn this
into a lake and interactive Dora thing you know huh like to hear if
you wanna make my bed don’t click but yeah up get back to you me to bed pizza you man can you point out the used in look let’s make our bed together this this could be this could be in a
showdown and doing it else is there to do a show
called me your back early take out the math five all what even is bad love right also she’s so they are a go I A Wrap now a through all white gold our the phone call physical I would
knock do this drive ping me and all all or a oh my god was really cool or flannery to buddy did is dinner but you re she commanded buyer
I’m normal another for all sides gladly go
to the movie repo couple the fruit Marty FRQ for sewing pieces shit shatters no good for nothing right on how genetic
know now you know why I’m done with this stupid friggin farmers markets to take on down to Costco by my genetically modified bananas me cool me I got mad mister clinger like a a sausage in a
banana peel hope John similar a ruler Jones bolero really all you let school you might
sauce sana to but yeah you to me the know it wonder like what happened you
and your child and I just stay open I really messed up
star Michael really no need to change the world people these days are coming out with
shit like be i watch like doesn’t do anything for anyone to sauce and manners
does they do know that there’s a light cover
like it when you thousand-dollar watch going on our own I want a min now may
not like 20 Caracol i watch is a Yahoo in are those close the jobs nah he’s up
against sex then on Steve Jobs yeah after last night she
gave me a Steve Jobs mojo her want you aimed right now don’t o’neill I’ll right films are those
of the owner Steve Jobs I don’t wanna Steve Jobs you revisits the John I don’t know man I
love the glasses in what will be a Steve Jobs me but she comes on stage this is light
years shit for you if it’s in my pocket have
you ago lunar 20 hull potala on artist all good I few so would Wednesday you wait for a K ready what sister Ryan the best
acrobatic E ok on a fucked up again for some reason
it away all that effort could give me a second
writings writing for his home country Slovakia were gearing up during the next door to
us crepes up there go awry where army let
everybody okay by Jake dandelion an antennae person epic music right now chip clearly alright wanna Ryan buses this is people’s livelihood by jk
I go when min Lee you not gonna win gonna lie I go
when they ever seen an action movie dude the bad guys never when are alike injured he just stared wrong
way AJ cuz today I’m tired all hope go arm way today may-treanor need some help aboard match stay healthy girl back
shacks day way career did a career want to come here lasting years in Boston was your hotel
room I yeah faithful adaptation yeah whitten day try the cheer and %uh the
bed didn’t really I really don’t need the
same dude I i wouldnt love it if you didn’t sing well God draft with no all you know
you’re in a mess I’m getting your head showing show insider on your flying into Guinness Turner you have
never been touched like this before ons all gone Ohio my laying around on
being in the share your minds as is common Jake the from Jerry of the
day you an emotional mess up so hard aka and I just offered them you know really stop me stay there
I stay there you got your chair yeah ownership bird really true but acts here flipped over pins brooches Eric I thank you so much watch this
episode GTA buy at jobs growth speed enjoy the
pitcher hit that subscribe button write down their fault the like button guys
running a few contest as you probably saw on the start
the video so they get so much for entering into that and of course guys
the one the only tell you guys want to subscribe to support scrapbook down
there well as making units in contact on the
daily 2008 Ryan and we see get next an theme


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