Gung Ho (5/10) Movie CLIP – Superior Quality Workers (1986) HD

Gung Ho (5/10) Movie CLIP – Superior Quality Workers (1986) HD

How are things
at the factory? Honestly, kaz? Yes, please. Not too well. You’re
stateside now. You’re acting
like a bunch
of yokohama mamas. No offense. None taken. Can I be frank
for a second? I’ve heard
a lot of talkAbout how good
the japanese
businessmen are.Quite frankly,
I don’t get it. I don’t see it.
I’m not impressed, Not one iota. You’re fired. What? You can’t fire me. You’ll go back
on the line. Wait a minute! Tell me why! I don’t understand
american workers. They come late,
leave early. They stay home
when they’re sick. They put themselves
above company. You seem to feel
the same. Explain something. When this was
an american factory, Production was up 10%.
Explain that. 10%? In japan, Production
in same size factory
is 40% higher. With superior quality. How can you
work that fast?Japanese worker
is loyal to company.He’s proud
when company does well, Ashamed when
it does poorly. Like now. In japan,
when production lags, Worker stays longer
in factory. We can talk about overtime.
Time and a half is standard. They do it
for company,
not pay. But that’s there.
This is here. Gentlemen, this is
an american factory. They’ll never
accept that. Is that how
you feel, hunt? There’s one guy Who can get them
to accept it. Me. You’ll change
workers’ attitude? If I can’t,
nobody can. Nobody can. Would you shut up?


10 thoughts on “Gung Ho (5/10) Movie CLIP – Superior Quality Workers (1986) HD”

  • Japanese is the best technology, but America has the most power of all nations. And soviet.. Do not buzz in hehe.. Because I knew you guys have all of that nuclear Bombs lol

  • This is one of my most all time favorite classic movies. This whole premise has since moved from Japan to China, long ago.

  • I think maybe the Japanese work TOO hard. Japan shames workers who don't do well. Japan has one of the highest suicide rates in the world. They put themselves above their HEALTH. You can be too loyal. If someone is legitimately sick (not even with a doctors note?!) they are not allowed to stay home, and neither are the workers who get the illness spread to them by the sick worker? Loyalty can be taken too far, and because just plain irrational. Take the kamikaze plane attacks of WW2. They gave their lives for NOTHING, since it didn't win them the war, and doesn't matter if you destroy the planes they will use while they are on the ground. Their loyalty was above their logic in that case.

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