37 thoughts on “Gutfeld on the Trump obsession at the debate”

  • After Tulsi being truthful about Donald Trump winning the election, she would be wise to leave the dark side, and join the G. O. P. They would be happy to welcome her. 🇺🇸😃

  • Donald Trump should be impeached for killing the dinosaurs😂😂😂😂🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸👋👋👋

  • I will guarantee that ANY Democrat wining the presidency will have 40%+ of the country wanting him impeached. And that is if there isn't an outright revolt.

  • I think the Trump bashing works. I don't expect him to get any votes in the democratic primaries. And Jesus, does Juan ever talk about anything besides polls.

  • I BET ALMOST all of them will give a Jeff Bezos a hand job in exchange for some donations. And Warren will even get on her knees , if she had to

  • Political Sinner says:

    Do you guy's want to know why they are obsessed with Trump, it's because they wont be able to scam money anymore and that's that !

  • Paweł Skotnica says:

    Here is a thing lefties called unlawful, Poland because we wanted a reform of our judicial system, which is still a left over from our communist period.

  • Greg Gutfeld is honestly the best part of this show and usually the only portion of the clips I watch. Insight, wit, biting sarcasm; everything you want in a political humorist.

  • I want everyone in the house & senate with children on businesses board of directors impeached. They should have stepped down or not gotten that job with a parent in office.

  • WOW, IT IS TRUE!!!!!!! GRANTED, they are all SO SMALL, but they are probably ROOMY, because there is nothing else there, but TRUMP got a LOT of collective real estate IN THEIR HEADS!!!!!!!!

  • Does Juan think the "Polls" he's citing would be the same if the Damnrats conduct a transparent impeachment inquiry and allow the Republicans to question their so called whistle-blowers, witnesses and also present/subpoena their own? The Damnrats are shameless!

  • Trump is living rent free in all the Democrat candidates heads, and he's in there smashing the few marbles that they have left!

  • Okay so really, do we care what Juan Williams has to say, or indeed what he thinks? I just heard him say that Nancy Pelosi personally I mean is a co-equal branch of government. Let me repeat that Williams said that Pelosi is a co-equal branch of government. How does that work out?

  • We have political civil war except war is never civil and no one ever wins. We are either on the ship with torrential waves storming on all sides or we are the torrential waves attempting to sink the ship. The debate should not be on personalities but on the stability of our nation; education, homelessness, employment, threats to our economy, growth, drug addiction, safety, peace, IN GOD WE TRUST.
    I think Thanksgiving is going to be a sad state of affairs for every turkey that is brought to the table. If you happen to have different points of view, it will not be civil but civil unrest and the turkey will have to waddle off that table. If no one is going to be thankful for what God has provided for our families and nation, then what is the use? Turkey's are roasted, not family or friends.

  • Johnathan Miller says:

    I'm going to laugh my butt off when trump not only beats them all but they also get voted out of office in their districts .LOL MAMA

  • Greg as you are well known, you have pull at FOX news so rid the network of Juan Williams, Chris Wallace and thank God Shepard Smith is gone, he was a real loser but lets make FOX news the best and DUMP Juan Williams and Chris Wallace.

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