Here’s Why Some Amazon Workers Are Actually MAD About Their $15/Hr Raise

Here’s Why Some Amazon Workers Are Actually MAD About Their $15/Hr Raise

Amazon finally made the move to increase
hourly wages for its workers to $15 an hour so why are some employees upset?And
why am I upset? Watch and learn, you’ll see. You’re
watching What’s Trending, I’m Jonathan Harris. Like this video and subscribe for
more social media news daily amazon SVP of operations, Dave Clark recently
announced that all its workers would make a minimum hourly wage of $15 an
hour. And this has been a long time coming.
Amazon warehouse workers have long demanded better pay and decreased
pressure to make what’s known as rate a pre-established quota that often results
in workers being afraid to go to the bathroom for fear of losing their jobs.
While at the same time, Amazon CEO and penis wearing sunglasses, Jeff Bezos has
become the richest person to ever live. Senator Bernie Sanders was a major
proponent of Amazon changing its tune even introducing legislation that would
tax corporations whose workers were on government assistance. And he initially
praised the move. “And I just want to congratulate the fight for 15 people, the
hundreds of workers at Amazon who came forward and talked about how it is
absurd that the richest person in the history of the world Jeff Bezos was
paying with people wages so low they were really having a hard time getting
by and many of them were forced to go on food stamps or other federal programs.”
Not all Amazon employees are happy. CNBC reported that some employees could
actually make less money now, since the company is also getting rid of monthly
bonuses and stock Awards. The New York Times spoke to several people upset
about it. Katie Iber, who works the night shift in an Amazon warehouse in
Minneapolis says her monthly bonus would be between a dollar twenty eight and two
dollars and fifty cents per hour, more than the dollar an hour raise in base
pay she’s getting. So employees are going to have a more reliable increase in
their hourly pay, but bonuses including the holiday bonuses that could be
substantial are now gone. It seems like Amazon is trying to earn praise by doing
right by their workers while also docking worker pay to offset the cost.
What a shock that a major corporation would try to get out of paying its
employees a lot more money. And in case you’re curious, Amazon had second quarter
profits this year of two billion dollars. Of course I guess you can’t blame Amazon
so much, it’s a corporation, not a person with a conscience whose only purpose is
to generate as much profit as possible. But the human beings who run Amazon who
do presumably have consciences could let their employees unionize and fight
for better conditions, considering that they’re the biggest retailer in the
country with a higher value than Walmart, Target, Best Buy, Macy’s, Kohl’s, Nordstrom,
JCPenney and Sears combined. But that’s not going to happen anytime soon, so in
response to the backlash, senator Sanders has sent a
letter to Amazon asking how its longtime employees who previously received stock
incentives would be effective. And certainly that would go a long way
toward making up for high wages over the last several decades have not kept up
with inflation. Here’s a quick rant about that, by me. Of
course by me. In 1979, the federal minimum wage was two dollars and ninety cents.
Today, it’s 7.25 but 7.25 today actually has less buying
power than 2.90 did in 1979. Because of increasing demands by American companies,
worker productivity has more than doubled in the last 40 years but
Americans aren’t making double the money. In fact accounting for inflation, we’re
making less. And the top one percent? Well, you know how they’ve been doing. Kind of
puts a damper on the whole low employment, the economy’s so great
speeches. Trump: “And we have created over 50,000 new jobs in electrical contracting. That’s really good, right?” And look, when you talk to people who live in cities which are
always getting more expensive, you’ll find that even $15 an hour probably
isn’t enough to live on. “That’s not gonna cut it, you know we need more than that.
Here’s the thing, back then you can afford a place you can save up and you
can actually buy a house in the future with the way things were back then. Now you can’t do that. Rent keep going up faster than we can get paid.” it’s that simple,
everything’s getting more expensive and none of us are making enough money to
keep up. Except for the richest people in the world who are making way more money
than they could ever possibly spend. How many yachts do you need? How about 0 or 1
is the only acceptable number of yachts. I mean look at this video one more time
and think about what’s happening here. I mean things have gotten so bad in
America that these are workers applauding a man who makes millions of
dollars because he’s graciously giving them an hourly wage which can barely
purchase a burger at Chili’s anymore, let alone pay for health care, rent, f**king child
care, f**king phone bill, you know and you need to replace a refrigerator or something. What
do you think the minimum wage should be? Let us know in the comments below and
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74 thoughts on “Here’s Why Some Amazon Workers Are Actually MAD About Their $15/Hr Raise”

  • when you raise minimum wage you have to raise Every lower end wage!!
    Because if you are higher qualified and earned 15$ before, you need to get a wage raise to reflect your higher qualification.

    so if the lowest rate is: 15 $
    but you are higher qualfied and earend 15$ before you need to get like 20$ to reflect this

  • First of all, I'm glad everyone is getting $15 an hour, however, no exaggeration 99% of you guys don't how businesses work. Even though Amazon had "2 Billion Dollars" profit most of it will probably going to repaying loans, business expenses, shareholders and BUYING THE NEXT ROUND OF INVENTORY. What you won't hear about now is Amazon is probably going to have a hiring freeze or significant dip, people will be fired more often, fewer people getting EARNED promotions, fewer worker benefits, probably upgrade their equipment less often, on the consumer side we will get less lucrative promotions and sales, so Amazon Prime and stuff will definitely change eventually for the worse.

    Second of all, comparing average wages to the cost of real estate or renting is like the wage gap. The problem is not the wage, it's the real estate system, idiots overpaying for 4 walls and a roof. Also, the top 1% includes MOSTLY your doctors, lawyers, architects, tons of STEM field professions, and pretty much most celebrities worth their salt. It's the top 1% of the 1% you should be made at.

  • Imma be controversial here, minimum wage should of increased to match inflation. (I know ,i know. That'll drive ppl nuts saying that)

  • Why cant people be paid a livable wage?? This is why I wish we were living in the future shown in Star Trek. Money is gone and world peace.

  • $4 per hour . Bring the oil prices down and American jobs back to be the builders of the worlds products like we were in the 90’s . Detroit was called the heart of America we’ve been living without a heart for 20 years , life support won’t last indefinitely we need a new heart . ?

  • "no business which depends for existence on paying less than living wages to its workers has any right to continue in this country." ~FDR

  • It's not that simple, you simpletons. Doubling minimum wage DOES NOT cut half of workforce OR double prices; that's so moronic I don't even know where to begin. Also increasing minimum wage to $20 WILL NOT solve the economic disparity we have currently. A slew of economic policy changes have to take place, and I don't even know half of them. Learning starts from knowing you know nothing. Otherwise, you're just an ignorant turd.

  • It just seems better to work with your lower pay and work well to use the job as a reference for a better paying job instead of forcing them to pay you more an hour at risk of getting fired.

  • That video ware people cheered was not my experience. People did not cheer. One lady looked like she was going to cry. The problem is, that it is $15 across every single state. So, as everyone knows that taxes, houses, and rent differ from state to state. So here in California, we are still kinda fucked. For people in other states ware rent, housing, and taxes is cheaper… Well fucken grate for them. In California they pretty much gave everyone 1.50 raise starting. But took away stocks (that you had to wait 2 years to claim) and the kinda crappy % intensives. I am not fully sure but I think the cap for raises is 16.75 or something for level one people. I don't know. Most people leave in less than a year from working there. I think about 90% of people in the past 3 years I worked with left. I don't know. You can just wait and hope for the best or go elsewhere.

  • What do people want? So you don’t get a bonus, I wish I made 15 a hour. I would work and shut up. This is why jobs go over seas. Americans are greedy. When we make more we just spend and never save. You GET 15 a hour and you complain. If someone is rich they did the work to get there so god bless them. It’s their money to use as they want. I make less than them and pay my bills. People are never satisfied and if they got more it would never be enough. I got a turkey for a bonus and was ok with it. No one is going to be generous with people that are just greedy.

  • Drewski intergalactic says:

    Decades ago the general rule of thumb was what a haircut cost would dictate the minimum wage. So the minimum wage should be 20 dollars an hour.

  • Y'all complain in the YouTube comments but consistently vote for a party that's pro-business, anti-worker. That's if you vote at all. Laughable.

  • It sucks because Im going to school to be a emt and they only get payed 13-15 dollars. Ems is extremely underpaid this isn't a Amazon problem it's a nation problem when it comes to salary. I'm still doing it because it's my passion(emt).

  • Those people really happy about making minimum wage lmfao!!?? never in my life would i celebrate that shit but hey thats just me.

  • There are other companies to work for, if you don't like Amazon? LEAVE, I'm sure there HR Dept has more than enough people wanting a job. As for the 15 dollar and hour pay raise announcement it was IMHO pretty f'd up how Dave Clark had to stand on a ladder in order to dominate the announcement of the new hourly rate which was probably well know for a while.

  • Food, housing medicare stop raising everything you can raise my salary but stop raising so much the things that I just mentioned Think about it. Does anybody agree??

  • Darren Fonzseau says:

    Injured Workers at Amazon and everywhere need some min federal oversight of broken state workers compensation systems. SO as to stop a class war on labor.

  • it's good to see $15 per hour…but living costs are so so high, like i am in California..$20 per hour is more appropriate.

  • Regina St. John says:

    People need to unionize and team up like our grandparents during the great depression stop crying about the rich people

  • Fiona Gregory says:

    we get more holidays than you, and law and tax is the same in the whole of UK but Scotland has slightly different laws.

  • Fiona Gregory says:

    our income tax is taken out of our salary by PAYE which is much simpler. Best thing is we have a free at point of use health service which you do not.

  • dante espinoza says:

    The bonus never arrive, and i worked in Mexico and the salary is 200 dlls for 15 days of work, 10 hrs. everyday

  • ive talked with some who worked for amazon, they say its an easy job that you just need 30 mins training. and they are so strict that you are walking on egg shells and they fire you before you get a certain worker rights to avoid paying you less.

  • But it's not all you think, forefillment centers is supposed to get full time work. Some places are still 3-5 hrs. And 8hrs a day in other places is now deemed part time. I know a lot of people that was permitted left Amazon completely

  • No one can live on that, to survive in America. We need at least 20 per hour to start, with free medical and dental insurance. Sick of the rich getting richer of the backs of the workers who cant afford groceries and rent

  • Jagielski Gaming says:

    They're mad? In Poland the hourly wage is 20pln (a bit more than $5) and I'm happy that I'll be making that much – compared to what I am making now it's a fucking miracle. Who's mad again? Entitled assholes, that's who.

  • Let's be realistic. Minimum wage jobs were never intended to be one to live well off of. You simply either further your education or learn a trade or skill that will increase your earning power. I was in an Arby's one day at around two o clock,and there was another costomer.The half hour or so I was there nobody came in and 1 or 2 drive thrus.I thought there is not enough customers coming in to justify $15 an hour. Lunch time is about the busiest time in a fast food restaurant but the rest of the day is fairly slow. Those jobs aren't meant to live well on. If you don't like it,further your education or learn skills that will allow you to earn more.

  • First, I will begin by stating that I currently work at a delivery station for Amazon as a second job. The majority of our employees are either college students looking to earn a little bit of cash as spending money or other adults who are focused in on some end game: ie down payment on a car, wedding, vacation, credit card debts, etc. A very small percentage of people are entering through those doors with the intent of using their pay for basic living expenses or with intentions of moving up into other positions. For that reason and the physical nature of the job, most stay around for a very short period of time. In the 4 1/2 months I have been there they have probably hired 250 to 300 people. Yes the turnover is that high!! In terms of the hourly rate, I think it should depend on the function you are performing as some are far more intense than others.

  • How about you learn a trade and become a skilled worker, it doesn't take any skill to work in a warehouse, so the pay is low. They raise minimum wage and the cost of living goes up, so nothing changes. Two choices, either complain about it or learn a skill and fix it, the choice is yours.

  • I was content at first and saw it was better at first, but I can definitely see the downside now.
    Also we don’t get raises.
    Before we would get a raise every 6 months. Now just about everyone’s base pay is $15/hr. The exception is people that live in places like NY, Cali, and Seattle where they’re just at around $16-$18/hr and then people that topped out on the previous wage step ladder prior to the wage increase (that’s people that were there for three years at Nov 1, 2018 or before then) So people that were just a day late of 3 years on that date we’re stuck making the same amount as people that are new hires. They promised us that a new raise ladder would come January, but still we have nothing. I’m moving to where the cost of living is slightly higher and I found out my base pay will still be the same. There’s also something called a shift differential for people that work night and reduced hour shifts that make more on top of the base pay wages. Well I just found out I’ll end up making less with this move which makes absolutely no sense. I knew from the start this “base pay + shift differential” mess would be messy because they can’t lower a person’s base pay, but they can shift differential pay. At least that’s my understanding how things are supposed to be.
    I keeping hoping they’ll surprise us at the next allhands meeting and tell us we’re getting all our incentives back and a raise step ladder, but that mess didn’t happen the past two meetings.

  • These people should just burn these companies to the ground.
    Amazon loses a few billion in damages ..just maybe someone will think before fucking people again.

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