Herniated Discs From Workers’ Compensation Injuries

Hello, my name’s Jason Perkins. I’m a Georgia worker’s compensation attorney. Welcome to another episode in my Georgia worker’s
compensation video series where I provide you helpful information about Georgia’s worker’s
compensation law and some of the benefits available to you under it. Today I’m gonna talk to you about herniated
or bulging disc and worker’s compensation injuries. But before we get into that, be sure and be
on the lookout for the upcoming video about whether the worker’s compensation insurance
company can deny medical treatment in your worker’s compensation case. Now let’s talk about herniated and bulging
disc a little bit. The first important thing to understand is,
as I mentioned earlier, I’m an attorney. I’m not a doctor, I can’t provide you with
medical advice. If you want medical advice about a herniated
or bulging disc, be sure to talk to your doctor about that. They have special training to be able to diagnose
and treat the injuries that you suffered. However, I do represent a lot of people who
have suffered back and neck injuries and are diagnosed with herniated and bulging disc,
so I can talk to you about the problems that they cause in your worker’s compensation case. And there’s really two basic issues that most
people have problems with. The first is to do with medical treatment. That is that the doctor recommends some treatment
for a herniated or bulging disc and the insurance company won’t approve it. Sometimes the insurance company will argue
that the herniated or bulging disc that you have that’s causing you problems was pre-existing
and that they’re not responsible for it. You may hear them talk about degenerative
disc disease or arthritis in your back, or disc deterioration. Any of those is really another way for the
insurance company to say that you had a pre-existing condition. The important thing for you to understand
is that Georgia law does not necessarily deny you benefits because you had some sort of
pre-existing condition in your back. Many people who suffer injuries at work have
pre-existing conditions, but they weren’t having problems with those conditions before
they got hurt, or even if they were having problems, those problems got worse. So if you had a pre-existing condition in
your back or neck and you suffered an injury at work which made it worse and led to you
requiring medical treatment, either in the form of physical therapy, medications, injections,
surgery for some other form of medical treatment, the worker’s compensation insurance company
should probably be responsible. The second issue that people run into with
herniated disc and bulging disc injures is being unable to work or limited in what they
can do because of their injury. A lot of times, if people do very physical
work that requires a lot of lifting, or even a job where they have to sit or stand a lot,
it can be difficult to work a serious back or neck injury. Now if you’re unable to work because of your
injury or if your doctor puts you on light duty restrictions, but your employer doesn’t
have any work that you can do, the insurance companies should probably be paying you temporary
total disability benefits. Temporary total disability benefits, or TTD
benefits for short, are Georgia’s wage loss benefits. They’re benefits that you get paid when you’re
out of work because of your injury. If you’re able to do some sort of work but
you can’t make as much as you did before hand, then you should probably receive temporary,
partial disability benefits, which is Georgia’s way of paying you when you’re losing money
because your injury, but you’re not fully unable to work. Those are two of the main issues that people
encounter when dealing with herniated or bulging disc or other serious back and neck injuries. There are other issues that I’m not gonna
discuss here today but you certainly may want to be aware of. If you have any questions about your herniated
disc or bulging disc injury, or any other issues in your worker’s compensation case,
I’d be happy to discuss those with you. You can reach out to me to setup a free consultation,
either by visiting our website which is www.perkinslawtalk.com or by calling the phone number on the bottom
of the screen. I hope you found this information helpful
today. If you have, please let me know by giving
this video a thumbs up or by liking it. Thanks again for watching today and I wish
you the best of luck as you recover from your injury.


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