Highest Paid Work From Home Jobs Online 2019

Highest Paid Work From Home Jobs Online 2019

Highest Paid Work From Home Jobs Online 2019 What’s up beautiful people? Welcome! If this is your first time, we do wedding
and proposal videos, financial videos, how to be a better you. Also some tips and tricks and how to gain
additional income online. So stay tuned. Today’s topic is about Highest paid work from
home jobs, 2019. Yes 2019! This year! I have some great information for you guys,
so I hope that you guys stick around. Also remember to subscribe and to comment
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that I upload. Okay guys, the first one is called GMR Transcription. This is a company that is based in the United
States and it’s a very trusted company. Let me show you guys, they use 100% human
Transcriptionists and as you can see, if you scroll down, these are some of the companies
that they have worked with so far and they are still growing. So to get you guys started all you have to
do is, go to Careers, click on that, okay. Now you’re going to scroll down and just looking
at these guys, look at this. This will pay you between $1,000 and $3,000
per month depending on your skill and depending on your work ethic. Let’s scroll down here, Job Openings. Right now there are two type of Job Openings. With this job you don’t have to be a professional
but if you are professional, that’s a good thing. You will get more paid if you are a professional
because look at this, General transcription or Spanish transcription translators. So General transcription really mean you’re
going to translate some audio in English or in Spanish, they’re looking for both. So transcription of a variety of topics including
academic, legal business and more. You can create your own schedule and pick
and choose how much work you take from us. No experience necessary. You hear that guys? No experience necessary! So you don’t have to be a pro to apply for
this job and this job without you being a pro, pays I think $20, to $30 per hour. And do remember you set your own hours, so
if you want more money, you got to set more hours. And then look at this over here, this is the
Certified. So if you have been doing this for quite some
time now and you guys know the ins and outs of what it takes to be a good Transcriptionist,
then you guys going to apply here. Now here, I think the work is going to be
more hectic but DO the Maths, you get more paid. You get $1,000 to $3,000 per month and guys
that’s in the US. And that’s a great income if you are just
sitting at home, if you can’t get a job or if you just want some additional income, then
this is great. I highly recommend doing this. So just go on a page and as usual read, read,
read so that you know what you guys are getting into. Okay, so let’s click on this and see. So it will take you over to this page and
you’re going to fill out all of your necessary information over here. Do remember that these that have the red sign
indicates that they are required, you are required to fill them in, okay. And again, this job is not a worldwide, it’s
only in the US. So after you’re finish, you’re just going
to submit your resume, okay. So yes guys, the second one we have is called
Transcribeme! So it’s transcribeme.com. So just once pays you $0.79 per minute. All you have to do as usual when you go on
a new site is always scroll and read the information that is presented to you, so that you guys
know exactly what you are getting yourself into. So this company has been around for a while
now. They have done many and many of work. And if you scroll down these are some of the
companies they’ve worked with so far and many many more. So to get started as a worker, all you have
to do is go to Join as Transcriptionists. So you click on that and it’s going to take
you to this page – Become a Paid Transcriptionists Today: Transcribe audio and video into high
quality text and get paid, it’s that easy! And yes guys. It�s that easy. So before you join, I highly recommend that
you scroll down and you read as I am always emphasizing on you guys reading because that
way, you guys know exactly what you’re going into. So these ‘Work from home jobs’ that I’m sharing
has no risk attached to them. All you’ve got to do is work on your own time,
put in your own effort. So if you’re a person who has good self-time
management, have good skill how to set your hours then this is great for you. So, if you scroll down here you see top rated
best work from home sites we offer the opportunity to be a part of our unique community at one
of the best transcription companies and create lists and create lasting connections with
professionals all over the world. All you need is a simple computer, I rely
a reliable internet connection, and the ability to transcribe audio and video in any of the
language that we support. We are highly acclaimed by leading work from
all authorities for our intuitive platform, regular payouts, and steady work stream. You see there are some recommendations down
here. So these guys are legit, so these guys are
legit, so these guys are legit. So if you scroll down here, you see a little
animated thing and basically, basically they tell you what we have to offer. We pay more than anyone. We have the industry�s best rates, with
earnings starting from $15-$22 per audio hour and top monthly earnings at $2,200 (average
monthly earnings are $250).Transcriptionists with specialized backgrounds in Medical & Legal
are paid a higher rate. So guys that’s a bonus! So if you are in the medical field, if you
are a nurse or you did a course in high school or in college, then guys, you just won! So growth and learning opportunities. So you have a very vast course here. These guys train you. So basically you need no experience to do
this type of work. All you need is a good listening ears, a reliable
computer and internet connection and you’re good to go. So as any work from home jobs, this one is
very flexible, it allows you to work on your own time. So to get started you click on Join as a Transcriptionists,
then you join our team. It’s going to take it to this page, you’re
going to create a new account. So you guys are going to fill in the information;
put in your first name, your last name, email address. And guys please submit a good working email,
no fraud our fake email, submit a working one that you use. So you’re going to create a password that
you can remember, you’re going to confirm that password. So down here, you’re going to put in your
payment information. So you’re going to go on PayPal, create an
account. After you get your PayPal account working,
you’re going to put in the email address that you use for your PayPal right here. And then you’re going to select your country. Then you’re going to select your time zone. If you don’t know which time zone you’re in,
just go on Google and look it up. So if you are in United States, Canada, just
type in Google or just say “Google what’s my time zone?” and Google finds it for you. Then you’re going to put in your preferred
language, so if you are English, you’re going to put in English. If you are not English, you’re going to put
in whatever your language is, if it’s Spanish or Hinduism or whatsoever. Then your gender, you’re going to put in if
it’s male or female. Yeah I think they only have male and female. So if you�re an ex, then I can’t help you
there. Employment, then you are going to put unemployed
at the moment. And then transcription experience, so if you
have experience then you can tell them how much years of experience you have. Yep! So you down here now, you’re going to select
the transcription language that you know. So the language that you know or you can speak,
you’re going to tick here, and you can take more than one, okay. And they have a whole lot of languages. So down here, you are going to put in your
Skype ID, your phone number and after you do that, you click on this – by signing up
and click create profile. After you do that, they’re going to send you
your information to your email address that you signed up with. Okay guys and remember you work on your own
time! You are your own boss! You are your own limitation! So if you do not put in the work, then you
do not get paid. If you put in less work, then you get less
paid. So it’s depending on your effort that you
put in. So finally, we have what I think is the best
solution for work at home and this site is called Fiverr.com. This site is so, so, so, so awesome because
this is not just a one thing, this give you opportunity for a wide variety of different
things. So for example, if you, over here you have
graphics, you have some subtopics of Graphics and Design, you have Online Marketing, Writing
and Translation, a Video and Animation, Music and Audio, Programming and Tech, Business,
Lifestyle. And if you guys hover the mouse over one of
these, you’re going to get some pre-subtitles. And you have Logo Design, Business Illustration,
Portraits, Car wraps, Cartoon and comics, Flyers, Brochures, 3D Modules and Product
Design, T-shirt Merchandise. If you come on over to Online Marketing, then
you have Social Media Marketing, you have SEO, Content Marketing, Video Marketing, Email
Marketing, Crowdfunding, a whole lot guys. And basically what Fiverr is, is a service,
it’s a service website. So if you guys can do something, say for example,
you can edit videos pretty well or you can edit videos to suit a client, then you’re
going to come on Fiverr and you’re going to come here, where it says Become a Seller and
you’re going to click on that. After you click on that, you scroll down and
as usually you read. So how it works? You create a Gig and a Gig means you create
a work, something that you can do. So sign up for free set up your gig and offer
your work to our global audience. And trust me Fiverr has millions and millions
and millions of people come in online every second just to find something new, some work
done. And then you have Delivery Great Work. Get notified when you get an order and use
our system to discuss details with customers. And three, Get Paid! Get paid on time. Every time payment is transferred to you upon
order completion. So basically, say for example, you do Photoshop
work and you said you’re going to retouch your photos starting from $5.00 and going
all the way up to probably $300.00. So now you’re going to set your time limit,
when are you going to complete that work. So if you want to complete within one day,
you put one day. If it’s three days, you put three days. If it’s for a day and so forth. So when the work is finished the customer
is going to revise it and if it’s good then they’re going to give you a good feedback. And the more you get good feedback, the more
you get popular in Fiverr and the more you can upgrade your prices. And trust me guys this is really, really,
really, good. So if you come on Fiber just come down and
read and see what everything is all about. So just click Get Started, it’s going to take
it to this page, you can get, there’s a little video here where you can know what it’s all
about. So for curiosity, let’s play: “Hi my name is Michael John and I’m a seller
on Fiverr. Congratulations, you’re now just one step
away from offering your services to the Fiverr community. To get started you’ll first need to create
your user profile. Your profile is an opportunity to showcase
your talent, skills, education, certifications and much more. This is your first step in establishing your
relationship with us. Being genuine and accurate will lead to getting
business on Fiverr. When you create your profile be yourself make
sure to upload a profile picture of yourself as this helps give a personal touch to your
profile. Just make sure it’s unique and accurately
reflects who you are. Adding the description let your buyers evaluate
your expertise and professional aptitude. Remember to introduce yourself to your potential
clients and provide them with credentials to gain their trust. Remember also your account security is important
to us, so you’ll need to verify your email and phone number so that we can keep your
account secure. Don’t forget to verify and link your accounts. This adds to your credibility and gives us
a chance to provide you with more business. And don’t worry, your linked accounts who
remain private. What you put into Fiverr is what you’ll get
out of it. This is your opportunity to join an amazing
group of professionals making a living on Fiverr.� You don’t even have to read this anymore,
just click continued. It’s going to take you to this page; what
makes a successful Fiber profile? They can read here and here, then click continue. Now, let’s talk about the things you want
to steer clear of: 1) providing any misleading or inaccurate information about your identity. 2) Opening and duplicate accounts – remember
you can always create more gigs. Click okay. So the next one is, Create your set up profile. Here you’re going to put in your first name,
your last name. Scroll down and let’s see, you put in your
picture profile here, you put a description here and then you go down and you select your
language. So when you get started, this is your Basic
level. So you’re going to set this to Basic. So after you’re finish reading the instruction,
then you click continue. And that’s it, you’re on your way to making
some money. So this is a great, great, great opportunity
for you guys to make a living at home. And I just want to share a little something
with you guys, just to show you how much you can really make on Fiverr. So let’s type in, let’s see what should i
type in? Let’s see website, you could say website design. Let’s see what they offer. Oh!. So look at this, website design, this one
starting at $125. So let’s click on it and see what it says. So Basic package is for $125 and with this
you get four pages and responsive support. And then the Standard which is an upgrade
from the Basic this is for $195 and you get six pages, eight days to deliver it. And now the Premium which is $250, ten pages. Guys let’s do the math if you get one order
for $250 US and you’re going to complete it within ten days, so that’s probably one week,
yeah one week, completed in one week. And say for example you have like, you have
like, say a minimum ten persons who you’re charging $250. So for one week you’re making $2,500 US and
that’s just a minimum. Imagine if you guys take off with something
like this and you guys are getting like probably thirty work per day, then do the Maths. It’s a lot of money! So I think this is it and I’m glad to share
these opportunities with you guys. I’m glad, so I’m glad to extend this type
of knowledge because I know how it is when you’re not working. I know how it is when you don’t have your
finances in order. I know what it is when you don’t have food. I know what it is when you have too much bills
and the income is not enough to sustain those bills. So that is the reason why I’m sharing it with
you guys. So just remember guys that you can make it. It doesn’t matter what the circumstances are,
it doesn’t matter where you are, which country you are, where your status is, you guys can
even go to, if you don’t have any computer at home or no internet, you guys can also
go to internet cafes and get started from there. And when you start generating income then
you can buy a laptop or buy a PC or something. But the first thing you guys got to do is
get started. You’ll never know how far you can get until
you get started. So get started! And again, I put out new videos every Wednesday
and every Sundays. And there will be different topics, just remember
on this channel, we do wedding and proposal videos, financial videos, how to be a better
you videos and some tips and tricks and how you can make additional income online. So yes guys I know times are rough. To find ends meet these days are rough. Some of the times you guys have to be working
two jobs, three jobs, sometimes you can’t get a new job, so that’s where I come in. I along with my team is motivated to help
you guys because we have a passion for helping people. And remember beautiful people you only fail
when you stop trying. So even if you are at home right now and you
lost your job, you can’t get any job, the moment you decide that, “hey this is it,”
then you’ve already failed. But if you have that spirit that want to strive
for more, that spirit that don’t want to give up, that’s winning spirit because trust me
all of us are born winners. You are a winner, you’re the first one to
reach the egg. Nothing happens for just that, everything
happens for a reason. It’s a reason you are where you are right
now. You might not know the reason now but eventually
you will know and remember God don’t make drunk, you’re special. You have greatness within you, so stop whining
and start living your full potential. And guys, that’s it for me, I’m out. Remember to like and subscribe and if you
want to see more of my content let me know. So I know what you guys think and if you have
any questions, comment in the comment section and let me know. And as always laugh, cry, enjoy.


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  • It's NOT OVER UNTIL YOU WIN!!!! This quote from the great Les Brown is a testimony and inspiration for not only me but for most people who just can't give up no matter the circumstances failure is not an option!!!
    So I hope this video helps those of you who want to win, who need a second income or have and can't get any work this is a great option.
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