Hip Hop Production, workflow, beats, and social media success – with THE PHRONETIC

you know I don’t know if the meaning of
life is but that doesn’t mean that I can’t make that meaning for myself and
so for me it’s music what’s up guys now I’ve been watching
this guy for a long time on Instagram I’ve been hoping that I can meet up with
him when I got to New York I want to try to do this interview in a very special
location I know what it looked like about 30 years ago from pictures but I
have no idea what its gonna look like today so we’re taking a chance and just
gonna see what we can do all right it’s almost 11 o’clock should be coming
any minute by the way we’re right outside the original home of Def Jam
Records that’s right Russell Simmons Rick Rubin
set up shop right here when Def Jam started we’re going to do our interview on
the stairs hopefully nobody kicks us out how’s it going do you know what this is
no idea all right this is where a famous photograph was taken there it is what
Run DMC, Beastie Boys on these steps right here who are you tell me a
little bit about you oh yeah so I’m Alejandro I go by the Phonetic I grew up
in Brooklyn I was born in Colombia and I’m a music producer I would say that my
genre is a mix of chill hop and a lot of boom bap I do some modern genres – I
like to mix everything together you’ve got almost 40,000 followers on Instagram
I was just looking at your recent post I think the last one you did has more than
200 comments on it one guy just a yes damn cousin this shit is crazy
fire fire one of my favorites was I’m surprised your pads don’t catch fire I saw a post that you did some time ago
but it kind of looked almost look like a basketball or a sneaker commercial yeah
for Nike but that was through Kid CQ so he’s a fashion model and he does this
collaboration when he makes his videos he’s looking for you know hip-hop music
and modern sounds and things so that beat was for one of those collaborations take me back to your first memory of you
getting into music when I started taking piano lessons I was eight years old and
at first I hated it I didn’t want to do it it was like kind of enjoyable but I
didn’t want to practice I know what you mean yeah but then by the time I got to
middle school I started to pick up the guitar start playing in a band and
writing songs I think I was like 12 or 13 or something on my windows computer
they had the little sound recorder yeah and I had like one of those ninty’s microphones and I would just stack the audio on top of each
other my dad’s like what the heck are you doing I like dad I’m making music I didn’t
really start making beats and getting involved in music production until college and that was about two years ago I feel as though I’m still trying to discover what my
sound is what I post up is genuinely what I’d like to make I don’t
really filter what I put up I only post what I feel represents my art and I guess people just like it and I’m grateful
where do you find motivation where do you find your creativity lately it’s just been life
itself because you know I don’t know what the meaning of life is that doesn’t
mean that I can’t make it myself yeah make that meeting for myself and so for
me it’s music so just waking up every day and knowing that you know I could
die at any moment anyone could die at any moment so
why not make this meaning for my life creativity I would say comes
from just listening to a ton of music and being open to everything I want to
talk a bit about your workflow where do you get your samples
most of my samples are drum samples doing sound design in Logic I don’t
really buy any plugins I use all the stock plugins and kind of just going
from there and then recording guitars bass my drum samples are mixed between
split samples and then also making drum samples from scratch so also going into
logic using the stock drum plugins that they have available let’s talk
about your gear what do you use the most that’s a hard question I guess my MPD
right yeah my MPD I use the most that makes a lot of appearances if you were
stuck on an island and you only had one piece of gear with you what would you
want with you it’s a tough one man because my
instinct says MPD but the pianist in me says where are my keys you know like I don’t know if I’d be able to go without the keys so a lot of people are making music in
their bedroom but they don’t put their music out there for people to hear and I
think some of it comes from maybe that initial fear of getting yourself out
there, criticism… did you feel that when you first started making
music how did you get past that I would definitely say I felt that I mean
looking back now if I listen to those old beats those first posts on Instagram like they kind of suck you know like and that’s
okay yeah it’s okay because you’re just starting out so it’s understandable that
people kind of have that restriction but I would just say like don’t give a shit
how are we ever supposed to get a fan if nobody ever heard of you so you just
gotta do it just gotta put it out there…don’t care tell us a secret about your music
production that maybe some of my viewers can learn I would have to say that you
have to think about the drums as one instrument in terms of you know the the sound
selection that you use and when you’re mixing making sure that things are
sitting together using a bit of compression and so a technique that you
would use to achieve this would be utilizing track stacks you’re able to
take different tracks drag them into one summing stack and be able to mix that’s
all of those tracks just from one track and so it really helps with achieving
that one instrument sound the drums are primary because without the beat there’s
nothing do you have something that you could play for us today it’s something that’s
gonna be on my album we’re gonna see you playing it live? yeah all right cool all right
let’s do it all right so what would you tell
somebody who’s trying to get into this and trying to get their stuff heard put
your music out there and always be exposing what you’re
capable of even if you’re a beginner even when you’re just starting out
there’s no way that you’re ever going to get better unless you keep challenging
yourself to really get your music heard by other people always be networking
with people who are trying to do the same thing that you’re trying to do
surround yourself with people who are better than you and just constantly
giving yourself a reason to push yourself thanks so much for your time
keep making awesome beats thanks brother great advice from the Phronetic he’s been
awesome keep doing what you’re doing you guys keep making the music that you love
and we will see you later


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