The Labour Party now has antisemites here… …friends of Hamas here… …and artists painting murals here Jeremy Corbyn is a member of five antisemitic Facebook groups And some of his team think our Holocaust is a hoax But he’s expelled Ken Livingstone? For his antisemitism? My Fuhrer… Ken…erm… Ken Livingstone is still in the Labour Party He’s an old friend of Jeremy. Everyone who thinks antisemitism within the Labour Party is factually true and not a smear – leave the room How can we let Labour make us look like lightweights! I’ve devoted my life to antisemitism and these leftwing schmucks steal my thunder? Calling Jews “Zios” and “Rothschilds” Saying Mossad’s behind 9/11 Thinking Israel’s behind everything You’re meant to be the good antisemites You are shit antisemites. Your racism has become stale and predictable My Fuhrer we’re doing our best… Suck my single ball – your antisemitism is awful My Fuhrer – I’ve been an excellent antisemite Why can’t you take a leaf out of Ken Livingstone’s book? He’s fucking nailed it You think I give a fuck about Zionists? I want to kill every Jew. But Ken… …he’s got people thinking we’re collaborating He’s a racist genius He makes you look like a bunch of fair-weather bigots I hate the left but they’re making us look pathetic Corbyn’s the new king An Islington prick who thinks he’s Stalin. I had a dream It was different to Martin Luther King’s – but it was still my dream I dreamt antisemitism would only be for the Right How have we allowed the left to steal our ideas? “Jews control the world” – I came up with that… “Jews control the media” That was me… Big noses – that was also mine… It was a brilliant idea. Huge giant noses! We’ll always have the big noses. Oh Jeremy Corbyn… Jeremy fucking Corbyn He’s good at what he does The way he baits Britain’s Jews… Saying he’s their friend… …yet always siding with antisemites They’ve found another Facebook group…


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