Home Office Organization Ideas (Rental Home)

Home Office Organization Ideas (Rental Home)

Hi, everyone. I’m Alejandra from Alejandra.tv, and in this
video, I’m going to share with you what my temporary office space looks like, how it’s
set up and how you can do the same thing quick and easy and set up a functional office. But first, if this is your first time watching
any of my videos and you’re just beginning your journey to getting more organized, there’s
a link below to help you get started for free. Alright, so I’m here in this wonderful corner. I’ve been working here for a couple of months
and I’ll probably be here for a couple more months. We are in transition between two homes, and
yeah, so this is a temporary office. I’m going to go around and explain everything
I’m doing. It’s not so beautiful. The space we’re in is so beautiful and so
inspiring, but my office here is not so beautiful. There’s like a cardboard box over here. You’re not going to see this in a magazine
anywhere. You’re not going to see it on Pinterest, but
it works. It’s functional and I’m productive and I get
things done, which is the higher goal when you’re talking about setting up an office
space. While it’s great to have an office or a workplace
or a workspace where you feel inspired and the things around you just inspire you, that’s
really great. But what’s even better is being able to bring
your own inspiration to whatever workspace you’re working on. That’s even better because then it doesn’t
matter what your office looks like if you can tap into your own inspiration, which we
all have the capacity to do. Alright, so let’s start over here and I’ll
go around and show you what the systems look like. Alright, so right here is this lovely desk. This was my desk from high school that my
parents had in their basement. They’ve had it there for like 15 years, ever
since I left high school. It’s working great. I like to keep the desktop nice and clear
so I can focus, I don’t have distractions on whatever I’m working on. Now, during the day, there’s papers out because
I’m working and I have things in front of me and stuff, but at the end of the day, if
you can get into the habit of putting your papers away, maybe you just stack them nicely
on the desk, but put them away so clutter just doesn’t accumulate on your desktop. Then that has the capability of stealing you
away from whatever you’re working on. Alright, so there’s the laptop, my hard drive,
my mouse, a coaster, and then in these two drawers right here, I have my office supplies
that use frequently: daily, weekly, and so forth. There’s scissors, sticky notes, a little duster
for the keyboard and stuff. That’s nice and fun. There’s paper clips or binder clips, rubber
bands and stuff. Then in the other drawer over here, just move
this, the other drawer has all of my writing instruments, so pens, markers, highlighters,
and stuff right there, and all of the organizers are puttied down inside the drawer so they’re
not going to shift around. When you open or close the drawer, they’re
not going to move around. They’re stuck into place. Alright, and any time you have a big drawer
or you have a big space, what’s going to help you stay organized is break it down into sections
or compartments so you can store different categories of things, if you’re not storing
a lot of big things. It’s good for small things. Alright, so that’s the desk. Then there’s a trash can under the desk that’s
within reach of where I’m sitting. Right in front of the desk, I just have Post-It
Notes of just reminders that I need if I find that I’m forgetting something, I’ll write
it on a sticky note and then put it in front of me. Then once I don’t need that sticky note anymore,
I’ll just get rid of it and recycle it. A lot of times what I do, if I start to feel
overwhelmed by something, maybe there’s a lot going on or I’m juggling a lot of tasks
and projects, one of the things that I do is I’ll take a sticky note and I’ll write
down the top three things that are my priority for that given day or week or month or whatever
it is. I’ll just write down either the task or the
project and I’ll just keep it in front of me right here. I’ll just write, “Top three priorities,” and
then write them down. I find that really helps me focus and stay
focused on what my priorities are for that day and that week and stuff. Alright. Over here, there’s a printer and it’s on a
dish cloth, so it doesn’t scratch this nice wood surface. What you can do is you can put felt pads underneath
anything that may scratch some kind of surface. There is a cork board for other important
things or cards or any information that I want to see and keep near my workspace. Because we’re renting this space, I can’t
hang the board, so it’s just leaning against the wall right now. If you’re renting a space, just do what you
can. Remind yourself that you’re in a temporary
situation and it’s not permanent. I keep telling myself, because I feel like
this is not the ideal setup, but it’s still working. I remind myself that it’s temporary. In the next phase of life, I’ll be able to
hang something on the wall and have it just the way I like it. Remembering it’s temporary always helps. Over here is my project sorter. For any project that I’m working on, there’s
normally paper involved. So what I like to do is use these poly envelopes
that are so great for documents. They’re great because they have sides, unlike
a file folder that doesn’t have sides, and they have this nice zipper at the top that
just opens and closes so nicely. It’s made of some kind of plastic that is
going to resist the water, so if you take it in the car or on the train, wherever you’re
going, water’s not going to get inside if it’s raining and it works well when you’re
in transportation or when you’re traveling. Alright, so those hang out over there. Then also, because I don’t have my label maker
right now, I just took a sticky note or a note card. I wrote the category and then I taped it on
with packing tape just like that, and that works well. And I managed to find this inclined file sorter. All of my organizing bins are in storage right
now and I met this lovely guy named Rick, who is downsizing his entire house, and he
was getting rid of all of these organizing products, so one day he came and brought me
all this stuff and I’m so grateful for him because I’m still using a lot of the stuff
he gave me. This is one of the things. Then right here is my temporary mail center. Any time I check the mail, the first thing
I do is I get rid of anything that is junk mail recycling. That stuff does not even come upstairs into
my office. It goes immediately into the recycling bin. Anything that’s actionable or needs to be
shredded will come up to my office if it’s actionable, meaning I have to pay a bill,
I have to call someone, I have to ask someone something, I have to cancel something, it
goes right here into this small mail sorter that stays right here. And I have my checkbook and stamps right there
for paying bills as well. What you can do is, if you have a bill that
needs to be paid, go ahead and on the outside of the envelope, write down the due date a
few days in advance of the due date to give you a reminder that that’s when the bill is
due. Every day when I’m sitting up here, I just
glance over to the bill center and just see if there’s any bills to be paid. Over here is a binder. This is a binder that has all of my most important
coaching documents and notes and stuff. If you are familiar with my videos, you know
that I always use the Better Binders by Staples. They are great binders, except the spine is
not flat. This is a nice, flat spine, which allows me
to open the binder and completely go like that with the cover, so I can just keep this
on my desk just like this and just flip through the pages nice and easily, just like that. This one is from Staples as well, but it’s
not the Better Binder. This is great if you’re looking for a reference
binder to always keep out. Right here is all of my office supplies that
are not daily, so they’re weekly or monthly or something. It’s also the bigger things: tape, stapler,
envelopes. There’s another poly envelope for receipts
for work, so this is the same as these folders, except it’s a smaller size. Then there’s some chargers and stuff inside
of a reusable container, just like that, since I don’t have all of my bins. That just hangs out right here. Alright. Right here, I have a shred box. It’s literally a box that says ‘shred’ on
it. Any time I have a document that needs to be
shredded, I go ahead and I throw it in that box. Then next time I have access to a shredder,
like I go to my family’s house because I don’t have my shredder right now, I’ll bring the
box and shred the stuff. If you have a pile of stuff that needs to
be shredded, a great thing you can do is look for a community shred event in your town,
place of residence. Find one. Get it on the calendar so you have that accountability
leading up to the event to go through and sort out all your documents that require shredding. Alright. Any papers to be filed go inside this box
right here. There’s no order to it. If I need to save a paper, I just put it in
the papers to file box, and then I’ll batch file every month or whenever the thing gets
filled. Right now, it’s completely filled, but I don’t
have my filing cabinet, so I can’t file the stuff. That’s there. The scanner is over here for scanning documents. There’s random wrapping paper right there
that I’ve accumulated in the past year while we’ve been in this transition. Also, over here one thing I forgot to mention
was I have these five wonderful poly envelopes for my documents. As you can see, one of them does not match
the other four. One of them is black. The other four are aqua. I know some of you will resonate will this. That might bother you. You might think, “Oh, I really need to change
out the black one for an aqua one so they all match.” If you stop and you catch yourself and you
say, “Wait a minute. What am I focused on right now?” You might see that, “Wait. I’m either focused on what’s wrong with the
system or I’m focused on what’s right with the system.” When you focus on what’s going wrong, you’re
not appreciating what’s great about the system, so stopping and catching yourself and seeing
what you’re focusing on can bring a lot freedom and a lot of peace to you, if you feel like
it’s automatic for you just to realize that one doesn’t match. Anyways, that’s my workspace. It was quick and easy to set up. It’s functional. It works. I’m productive, and that’s what matters. I hope you enjoyed this video. If you’re organizing your office, go start
doing 20 minutes in there. Start by decluttering. That’s the first thing to do when you’re organizing
a workspace. Declutter. Start there. See what kind of progress you make and keep
moving forward no matter how slowly you go. If you need more support, you can check out
my website, Alejandra.tv, for more tools and training on living a more organized life. Thanks for watching and I’ll see you soon. Bye, bye.


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