Hootsuite Tutorial: How to Optimize Your Social Media

Hootsuite Tutorial: How to Optimize Your Social Media

Steve Dotto here. How the heck are you this
fine day? Me? I’m particularly well. Thank you very much for inquiring. Today I want
to take on what I consider to be a fairly important topic. We have this need now to
be engaged in the world of social media but oh my goodness, it is a time vampire like
nothing we’ve ever experienced. Checking Facebook, checking Twitter, checking LinkedIn, checking
YouTube, all the different social media channels that we have to work with if we want to be
effective communicators in our lives today tend to overwhelm us. Oh, I left out Google
Plus. How could I leave out Google Plus? I’m going to show you how I overcome the overload
that is social media management and I’m going to be doing that using Hootsuite, which is
a social media dashboard. Take a few minutes with me. Stick around. Learn. You are going
to love this demo today on DottoTech. If you’re anything like me, you have something
of a love-hate relationship with the entire world of social media. While you love the
opportunity to communicate and how much it engages us with our audience, with our family,
with our friends, you are also probably increasingly frustrated with the amount of energy that
it sucks out of your day, the amount of time that it takes away and productivity that it
takes away, not just from you but from your employees, from your loved ones, from everybody
around you. They just seem to be consumed by social media.
Well, I don’t think that that’s going to go away any time soon so I’m looking for the
best tool that I can to mitigate the amount of damage caused. I want the leverage the
time that I spend on social media and have tools that make me far productive in the time
that I do spend in social media. For me, the base of a great social media system is Hootsuite.
It’s a dashboard, a social media dashboard. that allows me to combine all of the different
feeds coming from all of my different social media platforms from Twitter, from LinkedIn,
from Facebook. It allows me to bring all of the information into one place and also to
distribute to those platforms from a single place so I don’t have to open each of those
apps each time that I want to communicate in that space.
Now if looking at the screen and hearing what just I said about the social media dashboard
makes your eyes spin back in your head because you don’t quite understand what I’m talking
about, I recommend you stop watching this video and instead watch the video that I’m
posting over my shoulder. That video is an introductory video to Hootsuite and social
media dashboards. It will be worth you taking ten minutes following that one through. It
will give you a good understanding of what a social media dashboard is before we move
ahead. If you are still with me and you understand what a social media dashboard is, let’s move
into how Hootsuite will basically improve your productivity and your communications
capabilities while you are in social media. So for me, Hootsuite is a daily visit. Every
morning after I’ve done my email and in my own routine, I open up Hootesuite and I pre-package
all of the different marketing-type posts that I’m going to send that day. Now this
isn’t for the conversational stuff. Conversational stuff goes on through the day because you
have to wait for a reply before you can have a conversation. But this is for the marketing
type messages, to promote videos that I’ve just produced, to promote and let people know
about upcoming courses and encourage them to sign up for webinars that I deliver, that
sort of stuff. On a daily basis, I want to use all of my different social media platforms
to encourage and to build my market and my brand.
Now if I would have to go into Twitter and post several times a day and go into Facebook
and post several times a day, every time I go in that’s a huge time commitment. You think
about changing what you’re doing, launching the application, logging in, composing the
post and posting the post. It’s a lot of work. Instead, because so often the messaging is
similar, what I’m going to be posting in Google Plus is so similar to what I want to post
on Facebook, it’s much more efficient for me to do it all at once and I do it right
from within Hootsuite. Now if we take a look at my Hootsuite feeds
here, you probably recognize what they represent. I’ve got a Twitter feed here and my home feed,
which is all the information coming. This is all the different mentions, the times that
I mention so that I can monitor my brand as I’m going and this is where through the day
I’ll often check the mentions within Hootsuite to make sure that I’m on top of any conversation
that I should be having. But here’s where Hootsuite starts to show
a little bit of its magic, the notes field. I’ve integrated Hootsuite with my Evernote
application so I can actually go in and I can see my notes that I’ve got within my Evernote
notebook right here within Hootsuite. I use this in a few creative ways. Actually, I even
tweet out and post out some of my notes as social media assets. I can actually share
them directly. I can do that with my newsletter and other things. It’s a very cool way of
using Hootsuite. But it’s for another video, that story.
I also have all the direct messages here from within Twitter. If you look in the top left-hand
side of each of these streams, it tells you what social media platform or what tool is
being used do here Twitter. Some people use direct messaging within Twitter as a replacement
for texting or as a replacement for email, especially reaching out and introductions
and that sort of stuff. So there are all my direct messages there.
I also have YouTube integrated. This is where it becomes a bit of magic for DottoTech because
my main publishing platform is YouTube. I’m able to integrate my YouTube feed right here
within Hootsuite which means that I can take any assets within here and I can send them
out to my social media network without going back forth, copying and pasting URLs from
within YouTube into the other applications. I’ll show you all that in a second because
where we do all this communication is from this little dialogue box up here at the top.
This is where we compose different messages and to the left side of that are all of the
different social network accounts that I have attached to my Hootsuite account.
So if I’m going to create a new quick post that want to send to everybody in my network,
say I want to promote a video that I’ve just produced or remind people of a video, here
I’m going to post one about Facebook Privacy settings—it’s a very popular one—so there’s
the text that I want to add to it. But what I want to do is I actually want to tie that
to a video. I want to promote it on video so if I scroll down here in my videos, these
are all my most recently produced videos. Right here—where is it? It’s down here somewhere.
Show more. It’s a little bit further down—Facebook Privacy Settings. This is awesome. See these
tools at the top? These are sharing tools just like we have everywhere in the rest of
Hootsuite. So if I click here to share this, it automatically generates a post with the
title of the video at the heart of the post. Now all I do is I type in the rest of the
text that I want, which is the little promo that I have, “Are you on top of your Facebook
privacy settings? Probably not. This is something that I want to share right now to all of my
networks.” Now I’m going to show this right now so that
you can see the sharing, you can see how it instantly does it and how we leverage it into
the multiple networks. But typically speaking, I would not post this right at this moment.
Instead, what I’m going to do is I would use this scheduling tool which gives me whole
bunch of different options. I can manually choose a time and a day for the post to go
forward. This is what I do in the morning. I compose all of my posts and through the
day I schedule when I want those posts to go out. So if I’ve got a new live show that
evening, I’ll post for an hour before. I’ll write the post in the morning, “One hour to
go until the new show is on the air” and then I’ll post that for 6:00 because the show airs
at 7:00. Then at 5:00, I’ll create another post that says, “Don’t forget, two hours from
now our new live show is airing.” So I can pre-create all of the posts that
are going to be going out in all of these different social platforms and I can do that
first thing in the morning and get it out of the way. I can do it once a week and get
it out of the way for the whole week or for the whole month if you happen to be that much
in control of these sorts of promotional posts that you can create.
You can also if it’s a little less time sensitive when it’s being posted, use the autoschedule
feature which will automatically slot your posts in through the day. You can just give
it an hour period that you want the post to go out if you just want them to go through
the business day or you just want the evening, whatever you want. You can setup preferences
as far as when the posts are going to go and then in the scheduling tool within Hootsuite,
you can actually go in and you can create a spreadsheet if you’re really bulk posting
and if you’ve got hundreds of posts that go up because you deal with large, large volumes
of posting. You can actually set it up with a spreadsheet that has all of your posts,
upload them in bulk and have them batch processed that way. But that’s beyond my ken. It’s not
something that I do. But you have the ability to do that as well.
This is to me the feature within Hootsuite that makes it worth using. All of the different
streams, being able to see all of your different information is very valuable but this is the
killer app. This is the one that makes it work in my life, because now I can spend twenty
minutes in the morning and I can pre-plan all of my scheduled posts for the day and
to the audience, it looks like I’m active in social media all day long. I’m reaching
out to people throughout the day when they might be there to be able to access it and
I wouldn’t have time through the day to think about it at 10:00 in the morning I should
send another post. No, it’s going to be done for me.
How effective is it? Watch this. I’ve got one post that it’s ready to go. It tells me
within here how many characters I have left in Twitter. I can add 70 more characters.
If this is just a Facebook-only post, I can still write a book and if this is a LinkedIn
post, I can add this many more characters. It doesn’t have quite as great an integration
with Google Plus but it will post to Google Plus as I will show you in just a moment.
Instead of scheduling it, I am going to go and I am going to cancel that. Oh there we
go. I’m going close down that, remove the scheduling and send now. There it is. Send
now. Are you ready? Send. All right, so I’ve just sent out this post.
It will give me a confirmation message, “Message posted.” Shall we look and see if we were
successful? Let’s go into my Twitter account. Let’s take a look at my feed. There’s the
new post right there. That’s one with the YouTube video attached so people can watch
the video right away, which is what I want. Isn’t that awesome? Oh it gets better. Let’s
go to my LinkedIn feed. Let’s LinkedIn; let’s update my LinkedIn. There is my post into
LinkedIn. Oh, next one let’s go into Facebook. Let’s refresh my Facebook feed for my DottoTech
brand and there’s the same post in Facebook. One click of the mouse and I reached three
different networks with the same basic content and I can schedule it into the future. To
me, that is what makes Hootsuite a must-have tool.
Let me just jump back into Hootsuite for a moment and show you where we can go in. If
you need to make changes if you are scheduling, this is the scheduler or Publisher it’s called.
I said scheduler earlier; it’s called Publisher. This is where I see all of my pre-done posts
all ready to go through today and actually through the rest of the week, most of these
ones through the rest of the week. I have a webinar coming up so I just wanted to create
an ongoing—not overwhelm my market place, you can see I’m just posting once a day and
I could probably post more than once a day. Certainly into things like Twitter you can
post more than once a day with the same idea because it just goes by so fast that people
miss it. But I’ve just set that up so that I’ve got this continual presence in social
media. Steve’s got a webinar coming up. You might see it in Facebook. You might see it
in Twitter. Once you’ve seen it a couple of times in my Twitter, oh I should probably
take that in. So I’m not just looking for a single homerun,
having you watch my video or sign up for my webinar the first time you see it. I’m making
sure that I reach across all of my different social platforms and reach out to you with
it. As I say, Hootsuite to me is the tool that makes it work. We can attach all of our
social platforms, all of our different feeds to it.
Now it does far more than this. I’m just touching on one aspect of using Hootsuite and that
aspect is the sharing. It’s also great for doing research. Oh, I should before I finish
jump across and show you. I showed you two different apps that I’ve integrated within
Hootsuite — my Evernote app and my YouTube channel. You do all of that through the App
Directory. Some of these are paid, some of them are free but these tools just really
change how Hootsuite works for all of us. It becomes far more than just social media
feed. At that point there, it gives us the ability to integrate all of these other different
tools within Hootsuite and you’ll find different ways to integrate them.
I could do a whole series of videos just on the ways to integrate these tools. Oh look
at that, they’ve got a new Trello app. That’s one I haven’t seen yet. Well, I have to take
a look at that one. So as you can see, there are lots and they’re always changing the number
of different tools. There I am, being able to post to Instagram using it. You can integrate
MailChimp. It goes on and on and gets better and better.
I hope that I’ve opened your eyes in this video to a way to use Hootsuite to leverage
and to save you time on a daily basis in social media. I want to remind you there are three
different ways that you can stay in touch with us if you want to see more of our videos.
The first way is please subscribe to our channel. I would love it if you joined our rank of
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I don’t think I’m going to make it to 100,000 but if you sign up as a subscriber, I’ll be
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We post new videos every week and I send out one email each week which is a digest of all
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And finally, this DottoTech channel is actually supported by you, by the patrons that view
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continuous unabated. And with that, I am done for the day. Have fun storming the castle!


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