Hosting G7 at Trump Doral violates the Emoluments Clause: Napolitano


81 thoughts on “Hosting G7 at Trump Doral violates the Emoluments Clause: Napolitano”


  • THe president needs to donate any profit to charity. End of story almost, should be fully explained how site saves the country money , tax payer money

  • There’s no escape for this by doing it “at cost”. There will be renovations and improvements made to the property to accommodate all these heads of state an their entourage. Improvements that will stay and that Trump didn’t have to pay for.

  • It’s Violation of the Constitution no matter how you frame it or explain it or excuse it it is the law for everyone including Trump

  • Some people heads so far up trump as they dont see he breaking the law god help u morons they talk about biden son what government background does Ivanka or jared have America going to pay a hevy price for electing a con man

  • What happened to the Republican party? I mean we used to stand up for what is right. This is wrong on so many levels I am ashamed to say it but this president needs to be removed from office. Good god USA is so much better then this regardless of party.

  • Trump supporters DON'T CARE ABOUT THE CONSTITUTION!!! They are special, just like Trump, and laws shouldn't apply to them.

  • Dems are just upset because they won't be able to set up their spy equipment without Trump knowing about it. Poor dems. Napolitano is of course, making a case that will never be won.

  • 94 7.3 IDI turbo Diesel says:

    The decision to hold the G7 meeting at the Trump National Doral Golf Club was discussed for months, since Trump made a pitch to have next year’s summit at the resort during August’s G7 conference in France. Democrats concerns over the ethics of the president personally profiting off an official government event.
    During a rare White House press briefing, Mulvaney addressed concerns about potential "emoluments violations" and told reporters that Trump will not make any money off the event. He said the golf club will provide the location and services at cost.
    The president has made it clear that he doesn’t profit from being here,” Mulvaney said during the briefing. “The resort is doing it at cost. It’s much cheaper to do it at Doral than at other sites [that were being considered]."
    Mulvaney said the Trump administration started with 12 potential sites to host the G7 summit, and advance teams that scouted locations came back with the suggestion to hold it at Doral.
    “We used the same set of criteria that other administrations used,” Mulvaney said. “It became apparent at the end of that process that Doral was far and away, far and away, the best facility to host this conference.”

  • Gov officials accept gifts from foreign nations all the time. They're supposed to list those gifts though, I'm sure they list them all.
    So what happens to those gifts after they're listed?

  • Kevin Wilkerson says:

    I am glad Trump didn't recommend this idiot for SC. This guy is so full of himself. At least Trump throws it out there as an act. This idiot is obviously bitter just like Jeff Zucker. Trump's actions shows humility and caring unless you are too bitter and brainwashed by media to see his seeming arrogance is an persona act. I used to like and respect Napolitano but after the SC rejection he has turn into a hack. His argument as it stands is ridiculous. Bill Clinton, Barack Obama ect have made huge profit off of their time as a President. Either apply the same standard across the board or you are just a hypocrite that doesn't like Trump.

  • Donald Dump is a crook ! That's plain and simple and the only reason White Republicans are ok with him stealing money because we need him to say the stuff we've been wanting to say for years . They don't really love America, the laws and or Constitution, Policy means nothing they want him to be a Bully! That's why they cry and moan when someone bullies him back .Palosi offered 42 billion for boarder security and he turned it down just so he could keep White folks angry! But at CPAC the dreamers should be allowed be their smart and good for America..yes he said it Andre they cheered ! Build that Wall he claims he only wanted 5 to 7 billion they offered 42! The Dump cult are truly stupid!

  • Jim Lewandowsky says:

    I am sure it’s just coincidence having the G7 at his golf course during the slowest time of the year when revenues are at their lowest.

  • This place looks very trashy, lots of fake gold etc and lots of flightpath noise (see TripAdvisor). The hotel isnt even 5*? (4 star rated) and clearly needs an upgrade. You really think this is the best place on the whole of the US to hold this event?

  • Michael & Paulette says:

    Is it, is it really Judge? Is the hotel incorporated,or is it a sole proprietorship? Is owning shares on a stock alone, then if I were President, I could never serve Coke in the White House. If you are correct, the judges will stop him. To be the best there is for a G7 meeting, they must be fabulous hotels. I sure wish we could afford to stay there for a day, let alone a week.

  • The problem with the old judge is just that. His past experiences require him to see everything political through a legal prism. Politics runs on its own plane regardless of legalities. That means the voters don't generally check on the various articles and clauses of the constitution before casting their vote.

  • Robert R Halstead says:

    Can fox news tell me when napolitano has ever been right? My wonder is how he still manages to have a job in fox. Is fox heading left? One would wonder

  • He is trying to see how much he can get away with… all he needs to say is Jesus asked him to host it… it's good enough for his supporters.

  • Hey judge Napolitano the 9th circuit court in San Francisco called its past your curfew they want you home take cavuto with you. Trump 2020

  • ANYTHING Trump does is wrong , ANYTHING , he doesnt take his salary , yet he is trying to get cash through his property , it's ANYTHING we can get Trump for , we will hound him on our way to hell !!!

  • Traitorous Trump is an evil imbecile who's corrupt to the core – The mob boss is surrounded by henchmen and gangsters who are helping sell off America to the the highest bidder. And the corrupt Republicans are happy to be married to the mob and pretend that laws are only laws if the opposition is breaking them. How patriotic of them.

  • Apparently some of the accommodation at Doral has a history of bedbug infestation. Interesting to see if some of the world leaders end up with red welts on their faces and arms.

  • It's good to know Trumpies don't care if a President is a liar, a cheat and a criminal. America has never been in worse shape.

  • Judge, I used to respect you, untill your Liberal horns started growing out of your head, Now your Sheppard Smith Clone, Retire

  • So happy for the deep state that they have shitty legal advisors like Napolitano. George W Bush had foreign leaders come to his ranch for diplomatic meetings. Wtf is wrong with Fox?

  • russia loves that we are becoming a dictatorship and they are instrumental in creating it. as we used to say in the 00s about TERRORISTS—THEY HATE OUR FREEDOM….how you trump shills and throne humpers seem to cast off your values is disgusting and i think you should all be locked up for treason

  • Napolitano hates Trump. That's just a fact. Trump doesn't gain money, he's losing a lot of money by doing that. End of story.

  • Victor Gerhardt says:

    Judge! Really? Wipe your eyes or go get the dog out of your brain! There's no gift or cash! Stop being a Trump Hater….

  • I’m sure the appropriate people have looked into this because they knew Dems heads would start exploding!!!
    Trumps proud of his place and it seems ideally suited. I wouldn’t have any problems with it, the guys working for free for goodness sake!!

  • UM. Trump doesn't profit. He charges them money and then pays his employees and gives the rest to the Treasury. So, since Andy doesn't understand profits or business, and the Secret Service and other countries protectors picked it, Trump OK'd it.

  • Actually, that he is holding the G7 summit at his resort clearly PROVES Prez. Trump is the least corrupt politician ever stepped on earth.
    Whoever argues otherwise should see doctor asap.

  • Nappie, what happened to Mueller and Weismann thousand pieces of evidence against Trump? Oh, they are all with Adam Schiff?
    OMG Schitt hits the fan. All the Nappies could not stop the spread.

  • This is obviously wrong – anyone making excuses is lying to themselves – it goes to show how far this guy would go for a buck and where is true allegiance lies

  • Lol it’s not a indictment on the presidents business acumen lol – ok so what about his Atlantic City disasters is that an indication of his business acumen ??

  • Trump wants to show his supporters how he is bullied and how this is war for them hoping for a higher election turnout. He knew exactly what’s going to happen when he chose the resort, and he’s going to do more stupid things so he can be on front pages all the time.

  • no body cares about napolitano he said the Russian investigation was bad for trump and that trump would be implicated . but why did Napolitano say it? because he hates Trump because Trump snubbed him for a position in Govt

  • Fox, I want you to know that as long as you still have Judge Nap and Chris Wallace, I have been going to One America News!!! Bye, bye.

  • I recall this the judge use to praise trump on and on. But seems like after he got turn down for a nomination by trump, he is now chanting a different tune. Interesting…

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