How california work comp cases settles – Stipulation and Award Settlement In Workers Compensation

hi my name is Michael Burgis I’m an attorney I wanted to take a brief moment to explain one particular way a workers compensation case can settle I get a lot of questions about this generally workers compensation settle in one of two ways either what’s called a stipulation an award or a compromise and release this video is going to focus on a stipulation and award under a stipulation and award essentially what the parties are doing is they’re indicating on paper a contract what body parts or industrial injuries occurred they’re stipulating under contract what the disability is what that disability qualifies the employee for in regards to compensation and it also potentially locks in future medical meaning an open future medical award so essentially what happens is depending on the level of permanent disability the greater the permanent disability is degraded overall compensation under a stipulation the monetary payments are not paid in a lump sum they’re paid overtime and depending upon the date of injury and your earnings it can vary from around 202 to 90 per week based upon permanent disability the greater the disability is the longer the duration of those payments you receive now under stipulation is an award once that disability is paid out your case isn’t over and done you still have lifetime future medical for the body parts that are under the stipulation and award now similar to a stipulation an award is what’s called a findings and award and this is when the parties can’t agree or can’t stipulate to what your injuries are what your disability is and what your future medical is and that’s when you proceed to trial and when you get a finding as an award a judge is indicating what your findings and awards are essentially what your injuries are what your disability is and what your future medical award is okay so if you have any questions it’s very very complicated feel free to give us a call we have the answers understand and I get a lot of questions on this is wage and hour issues and I wanted to go over a typical violation of improper overtime payment so then


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