How Changes to Facebook News Feed Algorithm Impacts Business Pages

How Changes to Facebook News Feed Algorithm Impacts Business Pages

– What’s going on everyone? In this video, I’m going
to be talking about the changes to the Facebook news feed. Now by now, you probably heard a lot of opinions on the impact that Facebook has laid down for business pages. Well I’m here to say that it’s not all bad for business pages. In fact, Zuckerberg has clearly defined what Facebook wants from business pages. And if you abide by that list of things chances are your page is going to get a better reach than it is now. Now if you haven’t seen this news already, and if you’re not a marketer, maybe this video won’t apply to you but in some sense I think
it applies to everyone of us who is a content creator. Most of us have a Facebook page. Most of us have Facebook groups or both. So these changes only
affect business pages, for now, unless Facebook changes
their mind on something else. And so what is happening here is that Facebook wants to prioritize what is seen in the newsfeed. And what they’ve been
seeing in the news feed from business pages is a bunch of junk. And you might say well I don’t post junk and I get good reach and I get good interactions, and people are seeing my content. Well that’s great. You are in the minority. And so Facebook for a long time now has been pushing pages to the wayside because of the minutia that pages are putting out. The content is sometimes just a second thought. It is a distribution channel, like a Twitter. I use Twitter as a distribution. You know, I use Buffer and I send it off to Twitter. Facebook doesn’t want that. Facebook wants you to actually have engaging content. They want you to have conversations with people who like your page. They don’t want you to just copy and paste and put something into Facebook. And just, you know, wash your hands. That’s it, I’m done. I’m done for the day. I’ve posted all my Facebook posts and now I’m walking away. That’s not what Facebook wants pages to do anymore. They want you to fix that. Alright. So for the reach right now. I don’t think these changes
are going to be in effect. They might be already
starting to be in effect, but the statements, the announcements, which I’ll leave in the description below, were talking about they will change, not that they have changed. So if you’re seeing changes
in your Facebook newsfeed, then yeah, they might
be already rolling out these changes. Facebook wants to prioritize conversations between family and friends. And that is what’s going to be showing up in the newsfeed, primarily first. And all of the business pages and brands and public content will be secondish, or third, or fourth, or last in the newsfeed, depending on how far you scroll down. So here’s a couple of pieces, and I’m going to read it directly, a couple of pieces from
Facebook’s announcement. Facebook was built to bring
people closer together and build relationships. One of the ways we do this is by connecting people
to meaningful posts from their friends and family in the News Feed. Over the next few months, we’ll be making updates to ranking so people have more opportunities to interact with the people
that they care about. So they’re looking very closely at the news feed and prioritizing family
and friends’ posts. Alright. And he goes on to say, Mark Zuckerberg, as we make these updates, pages may see their reach, video watch time and
referral traffic decrease. The impact will vary from page to page, driven by factors including
the type of content they produce and how people interact with it. Pages making posts that people generally don’t react to or comment on could see the biggest
decreases in distribution. Pages whose posts prompt conversations between friends will
see less of an effect. So he has clearly outlined exactly what is going to take place. Now I don’t see this as a bad thing because Facebook is forcing business pages to stop the drivel, stop the minutia, focus on people who have liked your page, give valuable, useful content for people to digest, ask questions, have conversations, start discussions. This is what will, this is the type of content that will help your page posts rank higher in the newsfeed. So if you think about it, Facebook pages have already
reached rock bottom. The organic reach for your business page posts is roughly one person
who has liked your page out of every 100. So if you have a small page, like I do, Security Marketing Solutions, I have 94 likes. So out of the 94 likes, I’m lucky if maybe one person comes by and says hello. So that is just organic reach. That’s not paid reach. That’s not advertising. That all is a whole separate thing. So it’s been on, the handwriting’s been on the wall for quite a while on Facebook punishing, really, pages that don’t produce quality content that is engaging and starts conversations. So it’s already been there. So this implementation has not really changed. They have basically just come out and said what they’ve been doing all along. So the next question you might have is well how do you get the interactions that you’ll need for your page content to be seen? And Zuckerberg goes into a nice paragraph that outlines the exact content
that they’re looking for that will increase engagement, start discussions, and conversations, and reactions. Alright. He says page posts that generate conversations between people will show
higher in news feed. For example, live videos often lead to discussions among viewers on Facebook. In fact live videos on average get six times as many interactions as regular videos. Many creators who post videos on Facebook prompt discussion among their followers, as do posts from celebrities. Well hey, I’m not a celebrity and chances are, if you’re watching this, you aren’t one yet either. So in groups, people often interact around public content. Local business, connect
with your communities by posting relevant updates and creating events. And news can help start conversations on important issues. So, if I were to put this
in a bullet list for you, I would say live video, native video, which is uploading videos to Facebook including your SRT, your captions, including titles, including thumbnails just like you would do it on YouTube. And not just uploading a video, actually asking questions in the little text area. Asking people who have liked your page hey, what do you think about this? Is this something that you would like? Is this what are your opinions on this? Asking questions like that that will engage your fans. Relevant updates. So giving content that is relevant to your fan base, to your market. Now this is nothing new. But people have been sharing just whatever they see on the news, and they’ve been posting it right over onto Facebook. Now that in itself is not a bad thing. But if you’re just copying and pasting, copying pasting, without any interaction, without asking questions, without starting a discussion, then that post is not
going to get any traction. Even if you do all these things that Facebook is asking you to do, there is no guarantee that your content will
rise in the newsfeed. But it’s a good start. And if you think about it, you’re giving the content
that your audience wants. And so you really have to think about strategically planning your content and posting it to Facebook with all of this in mind, keeping the fact that you
want to start conversations, you want to start engagement. It’s not going to happen overnight. But this is what they’re looking to do. So it’s no longer copying pasting everything that you see and posting it on Facebook. It’s actually creating conversations. So the next question
you might be asking is why the change? Well if you think about it, like I’ve already said, it’s not much of a change. But why are they doing
it in such a harsh way, if you will, if you want to think about it that way. Why are they doing it like cut and dry? There are several reasons why this has happened. One of which, and maybe the biggest, is the congressional hearing and the backlash on the Russian influence, all of the fake news that was appearing in the news feed, and how they used news feed and advertising to promote their fake news that influenced the presidential campaign. So I think that is a big reason why to cut down on that drivel, cut down on the fake news, cut down on the like baiting and the engagement bait and all that type of stuff. Like if you agree and that type stuff. So that is a big thing that they are cracking down on. Another reason is that Facebook is going crazy right now with Facebook Watch, their new YouTube like section that they have on Facebook. And you’re going to probably see more content coming in from Facebook Watch into your news feed so it will drive traffic to the Watch page where you can watch videos and Facebook shows, and Facebook generated content like Return the Favor. And there’s a new Tom Brady one if you’re a Patriots fan that’s going to be coming out. So stay tuned for that. I know I would be. So I’ve kind of outlined the
steps that you need to do as a person who owns a business page on Facebook about what type of content that Facebook is looking
for and all of that. Now there are some helpful tips that you might want to implement. There’s a way to ask your fan base to turn on notifications for you page. That’s a good one. Also for them to actually click on the follow tab on your page and click on receive notifications and click on see first. So you’ll see potentially that content from that page from you page in the news feed first. But that is not a guarantee. And in fact, Facebook outlines that is not a guarantee that you will see not even any content from this page, especially if you don’t adhere to the new policies that Facebook has implemented about what kind of content will rise in the news feed. Another big part that you might want to get into is groups. Groups did a big overhaul last year. Got Facebook Insights in the groups now so you have analytics. You get to see who’s posting. Who’s posting how often. What type of content they’re posting, and all that great information that was severely lacking in Groups. They’ve also implemented a couple of other features like one click button to recognize the new people that have joined the group, stuff like that. So groups are a great way to bring your community together and maybe even create groups around a more popular topic like marketing or social media or gaming or a particular game, if you’re in to that type of thing. So Facebook groups are probably the best way to go to increase your engagement with your fan base. So here are my closing thoughts and all this and it’s pretty much what I
said in the beginning. This is not the end of business pages. There is no panic. There is no Facebook zero that some have said. None of that is going to happen. This is not the end of business pages on Facebook but rather a new beginning, a new focused beginning, focused content, provided by you and your team if you have a team, to create valuable useful content for your market. And that’s pretty much it. Facebook wants it to be a positive influence where people can laugh and say hello and network, be supportive of each other, learn and have discussions on the topics of the day. Now that sounds like fun to me. I don’t know about you. And again, I’ll leave links to the two announcements that came. One is from Zuckerberg’s Facebook post. And the other one is the
official Facebook announcement that came out last week. So that’s it for me. I hope this video has dispelled some of the
rumors that are going on that it’s the end of
Facebook business pages. Clearly it is not. It’s just a refocus, a re-energized. Get your real good content on there, and have some fun. And that’s what Facebook should be about. If you enjoyed the video, give it a thumbs up. I’d really appreciate that. And let me know if you have
any comments down below. For more about me, go to and I’ll see you in the next video.


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  • Interesting our facebook page Airspotters will probably be better becoming a group and get people to join who are model collector's. I have noticed for some time now its been slow to load.

  • Hi Larry, Thanks for the info.

    I’m planning on starting a business up and my primary market was going to be Facebook, (probably still will be).

    But my question is if you wouldn’t mind answering, would you recommend starting up a facebook page or a facebook group or both? What would be your strategy?

    The business Is around children’s bedroom furniture/toys


  • Sticks and Stones says:

    All that's going to happen if people are going to leave Facebook by the 1000 because all the people want to do is watch stupid videos and they're going to go wherever they can find the stupid videos with the least amount of advertisement Facebook will do nothing but lose money in the stocks the bad idea Noah and everybody else knows it and they will change it back to the old way.

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