How Do I Reach Out to an Employer Directly?

How Do I Reach Out to an Employer Directly?

– Hello and welcome to another
edition of “Ask Cheeky”. I’m Isaiah Hankel with Cheeky Scientist, and today’s question
comes from, Ahmed Ashraf. “So I am completely at the end of my PhD “and starting to look
for jobs in industry. “One particular company keeps
posting jobs relevant to me, “with the same HR recruiter “and her telephone number is available “and I also found her on LinkedIn. “What’s the best way to connect with her “to make sure that my resume “doesn’t go through ATS software?” So ATS software is Applicant
Tracking Systems Software. When you upload your resume
online to a job posting, your resume very likely is
not read by a human being, instead it’s going through
this software program, that will basically
just look for key things like the job titles,
any gaps in your resume, and it’ll look for keywords, and if you don’t magically
know what’s supposed to be on your resume based on the settings for the applicant tracking software, you’ll just go into the
system and right out of it. You’ll be grayed out,
nobody, no human being will ever see your resume. So this is a great question because, Ahmed is thinking the right way. He wants to get his application, he wants to get himself in
front of an actual person. And the best way to do that, if it’s a recruiter or an employer and they’re listing their phone
number, their email online, is to contact them directly,
just reach out to them. And your approach here
can be much more direct than if you’re reaching out
through a shared connection. So the easiest thing to do
is to reach out in an email, or just pick up the phone and call, and ask if the position
is still available. That’s your opening
line, introduce yourself, ask if the position is still available, when they tell you the
position is available ask them for the next
best step for applying. Very likely they’ll say, “Well just send your resume
over to me directly.” And if they haven’t
listed their email address but they listed their phone number, at that point they’ll likely
give you their phone number. Now, if you cannot find the
details for their recruiter, or for the hiring manager, then you want to tap into your network to get an introduction to them. Referrals matter. If you can’t contact them directly, try to contact them indirectly, through a referral that knows
them, a shared connection. So if you go on LinkedIn, LinkedIn will show all of
your shared connections or your secondary connections. This is why you really want
to build up your network so that you can ask somebody
else for an introduction to the hiring manager, or you might have to do
this in several steps. Ask for an introduction to
somebody, who knows somebody, who knows the recruiter or the employer. So again, this is how
you should be thinking, how can you get yourself, your resume in front of a human being, not just uploaded online and
if they’re listed online, reach out to them directly. If not, tap your network. Find a shared connection
and get an introduction. So until next time, remember your value as a PhD
and start thinking and acting like a successful industry professional.


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