How I PLAN MY DAYS as a Full Time Writer | Productivity Vlog

How I PLAN MY DAYS as a Full Time Writer | Productivity Vlog

[How I Plan My Day as a Full Time Writer | Productivity Vlog] hey friends! for this video I’m going to
be taking you along with me for a day in the life productivity vlog my wonderful
patrons on as well as so many of you on Instagram recently let me
know that you’d love to see a behind the scenes of what really goes on as I work
from home full time as a writer and entrepreneur so here we go
in this video I’m going to be pretty transparent and just real with you guys
about how I plan my goals in my days what happens when things don’t go
according to plan and all that fun stuff I’ve also decided to film two days
instead of one because for my weekly schedule as you can see here I tend to
use three days as more business income days which are in green where I work on
my writing related side hustles and my platform and two days that you can see
in blue for purely writing and editing my novel and other book related things
as you’ll see right now I do all this full-time from home but this blog is
actually a collab video with the lovely mandolin who will also be doing a
day-in-the-life flog to show you how she writes and publishes her books while
maintaining a full-time job I’ll be linking her video down below so you can
check that out as well but without further ado let’s get into the vlog
alright welcome to day one Monday June 17th and I just want to show you a
little bit of my morning routine where I make a hearty breakfast for both me and
my husband and as you can tell it’s a little hard to make breakfast with just
one hand while vlogging but anyway we just love making sure that we get to sit
down together have a good meal talk a little bit visit and we also love to
just pray and dig into the word and just reset our minds with it God’s purpose
and truth for our lives before digging into the rest of our day another morning
goal of mine is to work out at least three times a week but some days the
dishes just need to get done and the house just needs to get clean and I
always work so much better from home with a clean house so this morning I
spent more time just running around cleaning the house you can actually get
a pretty good workout doing that I put my Fitbit on so I can count my steps and
I get some music going and yeah it’s just really sort of relaxing actually
and just a really good start to the day before I dig into more work-related
things the next thing I do is sit down to set my intentions for the day and I
use my bullet journal and my Google Calendar to do this I recently did a
whole post on my patreon group about how I set up my calendar and my bullet
journal to set these big three goals for the whole year and then I split that up
into smaller goals for each month and then even smaller goals for each week
and so I’m just showing you January right now to show you what it looks like
where I set my weekly goals right here and how they go into every day down
below then I look at my weekly calendar and what you’re seeing here is my ideal
week but as I go throughout the day you’re gonna see that I shift things and
change things and that’s why I love Google Calendar because I can really
take stock of how long things are taking me I can divide them in two different
categories and different colors and it just really helps me decide if I need to
shift my schedule in the future or if things are effective for me right
now but let’s see what I’ve got for today today is an income business day
and so I’m taking the weekly to dues from the top there under author business
or personal the events are in triangles and the to dues are in circles and then
I put them down below on the day as I go throughout the week and so for today I’m
focusing mainly on my author website bootcamp tutorials basically one of my
side hustles is to run a course for authors to learn how to create effective
websites and newsletters for their platform so you can see on Monday I have
that taking up most of my day I’m also going to connect with my patrons because
patreon is one of my business side hustle things as well and I will be
scripting as some author Tube videos hopefully and one more thing I need to
do is email my betas and just update them on a few things so we’re gonna go
throughout the day and see what happens see what has to shift and hopefully this
is just helpful for you guys to see my process and maybe you
learn something and adapt something for your own schedules as far as where I
work I’ve set up my office with my husband so that it is a place that is
creative and fun to actually get work done and it is separate from more
personal space in the rest of the house although I will change things up and go
to the couch at some points but I really love how we’ve just set up this space
there’s another area that I can go says well and if you want to see even more of
the office and how I organize that I actually did a whole office tour video
that I’ll link below and in the cards if you want to check it out oh and one last
thing I wanted to mention that I do every morning is spend about a half an
hour to an hour just committed to updating my platform and responding to
things so YouTube Instagram patreon my Facebook group all the things and the
biggest reason I put aside some time in the morning to do all of this at once is
one for consistency sake because we know it can be hard to be consistent on
social media but if you give just a little bit of time every morning it’s
not so overwhelming over time and the other thing is we all know that it is so
easy to get sucked down the social media rabbit hole during the day and not get a
lot done so what I like to do is set an alarm for that hour where I am just into
social media I am talking to people connecting updating things and then I
move on and yeah I check in a little bit here and there during the day but I
really try to commit the rest of the day to again working on my book or working
on my side hustles so what you’re gonna see right now is me just going through
some of my social media accounts and doing a little bit of updating one of
them is Pinterest and I know a lot of writers don’t even think about using
Pinterest but something I really love to do besides reposting my images for my
blog post is taking these really gorgeous character inspiration and world
building inspiration pictures and making some boards so that when I’m writing I
have some inspiration there so feel free to access those if you want along with a
bunch of my other boards here that again has a lot of writing advice but for the
most part in the morning I just spin a couple pins and move on but it just
helps keep my account active and people engaged I also like to tweet or at least
retweet once a day I’ll do a story sometimes it relates to
my Twitter post like you see here I also go through my youtube comments and try
to respond to as many people as possible and I’ll do the same with my Instagram
and Twitter messages I also check in with my wonderful patrons in our discord
group and you can see we’re talking about goals in our goals thread because
we do that every Monday to check-in about how we’re doing keep each other
accountable and you can see all these other fun topics that we talk about as
well I answer questions and it’s just a really great supportive group that I
love so much and now that I have it done at this point I just sort of circle in
at the circle there and now I am going to look at my schedule and here we are
right on schedule to start doing author website boot camp just to give you guys
a little more insight about what you’re looking at I host a author website boot
camp course in this Facebook group here and Facebook actually allows you to
separate things into units which is really fun so you can actually create
lessons people can check off the different lessons as they do them and
you can do live streams and video tutorials and so this is how I’ve chosen
to host my bootcamp course right now and it’s a lot of work about a lot of fun so
what I need to do today is just to record some more tutorials for unit to
win our second week of a boot camp and make sure that everybody has all the
material that they need so that they can create the author web site of their
dreams and newsletter and so much more okay guys it is three o’clock and I was
supposed to have started working on authorship videos by now but author
website boot camp is like so much more time-consuming
then I anticipated I mean I’ve done this whole boot camp
before but Facebook is giving me issues and livestreams
are giving the issues on there and I’m just I’m falling behind which honestly
typically happens and it’s okay especially because I think you guys saw
that on Friday I think I have some extra time so I’m thinking maybe I will move
some book stuff maybe to that day and maybe just do some more of these
tutorials tomorrow and then I can work on some author tube stuff or maybe I’ll
just get all of the tutorials done today just make the push and get it done and
then I will just work on author tube stuff tomorrow morning and then book
stuff tomorrow afternoon let me show you what I’m what I’m talking about although
so here you can see that I’m supposed to be working out on there too and stuff
but what I’m thinking is maybe especially cuz Friday’s like pretty open
right now and flexible maybe I will either make the push to just make all
the author website tutorials stuff through the end of today and then start
author tube stuff in the morning tomorrow try to get through some of that
in an hour – and then work on my book the rest of the day or I could do author
tube stuff now and then push some more website bootcamp stuff over here take a
little break from it have a fresh mind tomorrow and then do book stuff so we’ll
see what I end up doing I also need to make dinner which you can see here I
have dinner happening but I have not put in where I’m going to be making it
and this actually appointment might not be happening today anyway so maybe I’ll
make it there but yeah I just tend to be working on the computer a lot so part of
what I try to do during the day is to set little alarms for myself so that I
get up I make sure I eat I walk around sometimes my wonderful neighbor and I go
walking together which is really nice take a little break sometimes they move
to the couch or I just moved to the kitchen or some other place to sort of
clear my head as well so I might just need a change of scenery at some point
soon but yeah I’m going to try to get a little bit more done here we’ll see what
the rest of the day brings gotta make dinner and then I still think it’s been
a really productive day I just I like a little variety
and I think when I’m doing the same thing for like too long and sitting for
too long it’s not healthy so yeah we’ll see where the rest of the day takes us
god come on loading bar this is the frustrating thing when a lot of your
work is dependent on internet and technologies so this has just been
taking way too long to load so I think what I’m gonna do is actually hey apples
this was part of my lunch Stella sort of snacking on that I am
still working on tutorials obviously I’m going to email my beta readers well this
thing is loading and hopefully it load soon and then I might yeah I need a
change of scenery do some scripting for some YouTube videos or maybe I’ll just
push myself to finish the tutorials but we will see what happens it is 4 o’clock and no this is not the
same buffering wheel of death but it is for
the second tutorial I’ve been trying to upload and I’m just done guys I’m just
done and I’m moving on and do something different so I’m going to goodbye all right for this last stretch of the
day I’m totally gonna Park myself right here with my awesome lap desk and we
gotta open some windows because it is really in here here we go and we’re gonna open up these as well
you guys get to see a fun backyard with my rock wall but yeah that’s the
backyard I love looking at it and let’s get some
more work done alright guys it is a little past five
which is when I like to end working sometimes it doesn’t happen well let’s
see how we did first of all the last hour I planned out some videos for June
possibly July some about what I’ve learned from doing beta readers how to
build your author tribe / community which a lot of people gave me some
questions from Instagram so that’s sort of helping me figure out what I want to
talk about there obviously this date and a life vlog and I want to do a separate
one more about my Google Calendar I think and then I also do this really
cool thing about how I while I’m reading my TBR list of books I’m actually
studying story structure at the same time by using the save the cat beat
sheet and I use sticky notes and I have a whole process that I thought it’d be
really cool to share so I did make some progress on my author Tube stuff if
you’re wondering what I’m using I’m using Evernote and yeah I just organized
my different scripts in this author Tube video folder and I sort of organized it
by month but I can’t like just organize it by month I it has to be alphabetical
order so I have assigned letters to each month in alphabetical order so that they
show up and actually sort of group together so like May was H and June is G
and it’s like really sort of silly but Evernote is really easy to keep all
these little notes together so that’s what I use so yeah so let’s look at the
day I could have started my day earlier like I planned and maybe that would have
been a little more helpful so maybe tomorrow even though tomorrow is usually
an earlier day because Ben leaves earlier so we try to do sort of get
ready together and have breakfast together still and all that kind of
stuff earlier so tomorrow’s can be an early day but let’s see so I did have
of just catching up with on my platform I did some patreon stuff and I’ve sort
of checked in with them throughout the day too and then I did a lot of author
website stuff today sort of had a working lunch around 1:00 and then I’m
finishing up author tube sort of scripting so that possibly tomorrow oh
this is gonna be hard you know what I might have to move and just do more
author Tube stuff on Wednesday so that I can get this book stuff done the other
option I could also do is just switch these two days even though technically I
don’t really like doing that I could put more biz stuff on here and then more
book stuff on here but I definitely need to finish up those tutorials so we’ll
see tomorrow or maybe later tonight I’ll adjust this schedule to see what I
should maybe prioritize how I can get these other tutorials done and work on
my book and get the scripting done so for now I think I need to start making
dinner and actually Ben has a call tonight for some of his work stuff so if
he’s working on that possibly I might work and catch up on some of this or I
might just take a break and like read a book or do something just relaxing so
I’ll let you know I’ll vlog a little bit of that if I end up doing something if
not I will see you guys tomorrow for the good morning everybody day 2 today is
supposed to be a book day but I am like I said last night going it to move some
of the bootcamp stuff to this morning so I can get that done and then focus throw
us at the time on my book and then I will probably do more book stuff on
Wednesday even though that’s mostly a business day so you guys can sort of see
that like I have a basic plan and then sometimes it just gets shifted and
that’s okay but last night Ben did have a video call meeting and so I did like
half resting half sort of prep for a YouTube video I’ve been wanting to show
you guys a video where I show you that while I read a book I actually study
story structure because I take the save the cat or see the camera it’s a novel
structure of story beats and then I preset where they’re supposed to be in
the book based on the percentages when they’re supposed to show up and yeah and
then I read the book and sort of take stock of when those beats are actually
happening and if they’re happening in the right place and how that affects the
pacing and how that affects my enjoyment of the story and then I’m studying story
structure at the same time and this is actually Jessica Brody’s book her newest
book sky without stars and it is actually a why a retelling set in space
of limas so I’m really excited about it I started listening to the audiobook a
little bit last night as I read the book at the same time that’s sort of like a
weird thing I like to do and there’s an audio book but yeah so that video and
how I sort of break that down I actually have like a whole Excel spreadsheet that
presets all the times for you so I’m excited to share that with you but yeah
I should really get going I’ve already done some platform stuff it’s almost 8
o’clock I got to finish up just checking in on my different platforms like I
showed you yesterday and then I have my to-do list so I have to finish these
tutorials obviously and then I can’t read backwards so I’m gonna be working
on round seven of my beta chapters I emailed my betas yesterday and we talked
about actually having stuff due on Fridays so I
more time to send them chapters and they have more time to send me their
questionnaires you can also see that I’ve starred these two things because
they are really the priorities today what I will do if I have any extra time
which I probably won’t but if I do I might record one to two author Tube
videos that will happen tomorrow if I don’t get to it today and I also need to
run the dishwasher and do some laundry which I will do in between things and
just get it going so those are my main things that I want to do it is now
reflected in my calendar and yeah I am just gonna get started and take you guys
along for the ride see what happens okay so it is about 11 o’clock I went a
little bit longer with the tutorials they’re still not done I’ve gotten most
of them done they’re still not done and now my internet is going crazy so I’m
gonna let it sit and we’ll let my computer rest a little bit I’m going to
have an early lunch I’m probably gonna take a little YouTube break and watch
some YouTube videos that I have to catch up on I got to throw in the laundry and
then I am I think I’m gonna go on my patreon discord group see if anybody is
around that would like two words sprint with me I’m gonna get into my book start
writing in that little section over there you can see all of my lights that
I love to put on especially on a rainy day like today and I’m just gonna sit
there and do some sprinting and writing work on round seven that I need to get
to my Vedas by Friday so I have like three chapters that I send them every
week with a questionnaire so they can get some feedback and yeah so let’s eat
and then let’s get some writing done all right so it is almost three o’clock
I’ve been writing for about three or so hours I’m only about halfway through the
chapter the first chapter of three if I need to edit by the end of the week but
it is still progress definitely sprinting I’ve been using Google timer
to sprint about thirty to forty minutes at a time and a little while ago I
started sprinting with one of my patrons JJ and that is always fun just getting
into the spirit with some gifts and just really trying to encourage each other as
we write and edit we’re actually both editing right now honestly I’ll probably
just keep sprinting until Ben comes home to try to get as much progress as I can
and we’ll see how far I get and then we’ll close up this vlog hey guys it is
actually no longer Tuesday but I did get more done on that day that I want to
update you on I also got to the end of the week so I just want to show you a
little snapshot of what my schedule looks like in comparison to what my
ideal week is catch you up on what I got done and what I didn’t and yeah this was
just a really fun vlog to do I actually don’t do vlogs very often at least not
yet so if this is something that you enjoy definitely let me know in the
comments and give this video a like if you’re enjoying it if you’re getting
something good out of it but let me update you and we’ll wrap this up okay
first before we address this whole crazy mess let’s look at Tuesday and how that
wrapped up ended up writing till 5:00 p.m. so I got about five-and-a-half
hours of writing slash editing time and I did actually make a full pass through
through all three chapters that I needed to send my data is by the end of the
week so I got like basic edit stone I still had some things like parts of
scenes I wanted to change or add and I still had a good amount of work but at
least I made it all the way through those three chapters and then what I
ended up doing is making Wednesday still mostly a business day some business
stuff on Thursday but then I spent the rest of Thursday and most of Friday just
like working on the book and writing and eventually getting my beta as their
chapters by the end of Friday so that actually worked out really well for my
sanity is just focusing on a little bit more on business on this front end and
then more on writing on the back end of the week so that really worked for me
but as you can see the real-time schedule as opposed to it the preset
schedule is very different but just to encourage you guys like that’s totally
okay as long as you start with a plan and start with just assigning certain
times to get the things that you need to get done done you can always adjust and
then take stock of how long things take and adjust your expectations for the
following week which is basically what I do and as you guys saw during the week I
just really like updating the different times and seeing where I spent my time I
love color coding you can see really clearly how much time I spent on
business and income stuff and how much I did on writing and one of my goals going
forward is to really try to increase the time I’m working on my book while still
maintaining my side hustles and maybe making them a little more automated and
making them things that I have to put a lot of active time into week after week
my biggest goals for my book right now is to finish up this beta round in time
to do some editing so that I can actually submit to pitch Wars and/or
author mentor match depending on when the dates are is super excited for the
potential of working with a traditionally publish or agented author
through one of those programs getting some help to really hone my book and
make it the best it can be so that I can start querying and get it published
someday and you guys can actually read it which would be fabulous I also still
want to just publish this book and I know traditionally publishing is going
to take a long time so I’m also considering self-publishing I think that
would be really fun too so I will see what happens let’s just also look at
bullet journal real fast and just you can see that I got most of the stuff
done that I needed to get done I put this marker here because I only got one
YouTube video totally edited and posted but that is okay but yeah overall I feel
like this setup is still really helping me with the bullet journal and the
Google Calendar and by the way if you guys need help with your bullet journal
I do have a few videos that I’ll link in a playlist in the description and if you
have any other questions about either of these tools I’m definitely thinking of
doing more tutorials on how I use them so let me know that’s something you’d
like to see anyway guys thanks so much for watching and if you want to check
out even more videos about writing and about productivity and author platforms
definitely check out one of these two videos and we’ll see you there


26 thoughts on “How I PLAN MY DAYS as a Full Time Writer | Productivity Vlog”

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    This was great. I am so encouraged by this as you mention taking time at the beginning of the day to honor God and how you track your day but life can happen. I would like to connect with you on how you manage to write fantasy and still keep it God honoring. My novel has some stuff in it that are definitely against the Bible and need to take that out since I want to start working on it again after years of it sitting untouched. I am encouraged to add more to my google calendar and try to get a set schedule set for myself for working on my books. I already keep a color coded calendar for my appointments, I just have to add more to schedule out my life. Thank you. I really enjoyed this video.

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