How LiveHire helped Amicus create an exceptional Employer Brand | LiveHire

My name is Zoe Sharon, Employee Experience Manager at Amicus interiors. Amicus Interiors specializes in commercial office interior fit-outs. We actually asked our people when they start in the first six months to tell us about what it’s like to work at Amicus and there’s a consistent theme that the people is what makes us unique. It’s a candidate type market and if you don’t communicate promptly with people you just lose them. When I first joined Amicus it was only a few short months in that we did adopt LiveHire. LiveHire really helps our employment branding and it’s so important because it helps us find candidates who are the right fit for us, and more importantly shows candidates that, yes, we’re the right fit for them. We use LiveHire to show Amicus’ employer branding in a number of ways, firstly by the look and feel. I was able to understand who Amicus was as an organization through LiveHire because of the branding. We can add our own logos, we can add our own design, we can also attach videos about us and what we do is well to really personalize our branding within the LiveHire platform. When I was on the platform the position itself had been worded quite well to whatever this was. And we also can communicate in the style that’s right for us. We text messaged a lot via the system and that was quite a friendly and informal way to communicate with a potential new employer. We don’t have to use automated templates, we can write in a communication style that does reflect our brand and also our values as well. I’ve known Amicus for about a decade now. I knew a lot about Amicus, but the LiveHire platform allowed me to delve more deeper into the business and gave me a lot more information in terms of their methodology. The way that we went through the recruitment process definitely made me want to work at Amicus. I got a sense of it being a really friendly organization, a very welcoming place, and a place where I could also develop and grow in my career. It really showed me that the recruitment process was very integral in the company and that was very important for me because I really did want to fit in from the beginning. Because LiveHire helps us to showcase who we are as a company and who we are as a brand it means we attract candidates who are looking for companies just like us. My experience with LiveHire through the recruitment process was definitely a positive one. You know, I would definitely recommend it as a platform for other organizations to use.


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