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  • I'm from California … My ancestors came to America from Scotland in 1870 …. With that being said …. The Bay area which is where I am from … A ton of wealthy Chinese immigrants and welll educated indians … The illegals which are mostly from Latin American countries are poor bastards living in vile conditions . Rundown apartment buildings, several families to a small apartment on top of that most are giving birth to 4 or 5 children … Anyways …. California will never be red because of demographics .. whites are now a minority here

  • Because the American Government Is Corrupt ! Paid Politicians by Big Tech and Corporations and The Democrats keep voting Democrat

  • It is far worse than just America being invaded by low IQ, high birth rate immigrants.
    I have just read a report that should scare the bejesus out of every sane westerner with it's implications.
    The world's population in 1950 was 2.5 billion humans and today it is 7.6 billion.
    What has happened during that period is Western nations have seen a marked decrease in their birth rates whilst third world nations have increased their rate.
    So, we have an average of about 1.9 children per couple in the west but, 6 or 7 in Africa and parts of Asia.
    Projections are that 10 billion humans will occupy the earth by mid 21st century a figure that I feel is lower than it will be.
    Now, these third world high breeding individuals are looking to flood into Western nations and some of these nations like Germany, France etc are welcoming them.
    Given that automation is reducing more and more manual low skilled jobs just how can they be absorbed.?
    The answer is simple, they cannot be.
    So, we will have millions of these low IQ high breeding people sucking off the social security systems, committing crimes and pumping out more and more children.
    It is inevitable that the living standards, wealth and safety of all the nations these people invade will be affected and it will be all downhill from there.
    Given that we already know the resources of the world are being depleted at an ever increasing rate you would think that priority would be given to stopping over population but, never a mention is given about this overwhelmingly urgent necessity.
    The stupidity of the human race is on display for all to see and we are proving masters of our own destruction.

  • Lol – another desperate deflection attempt by FOX. Too late! The real story is Donald Trump Jnr’s vulnerability to Mueller’s probe due to his own trump-style stupidity. I have my top hat and bowl of popcorn at the ready!

  • They are sad ignorant at best, criminal and drug dealers at worst but low people that want to be maids, construction workers, street sweepers , building porters, we don't need them, we have enough of them. We can't support them they ONLY take they give NOTHING.

  • YouTube "THE ILLEGAL IMMIGRANT SONG". . .Its a take on the "Immigrant Song" by the Rock Band Led Zeppelin with the lyrics changed. . .Its funny and truthful at the same time!!! ✌

  • Berlinda Moustafa says:

    Go to Walmart and try to get help good luck I went to Egypt I don't speak Arabic they expected me to learn Arabic since I was in their country

  • We are at a historical turning point, Rapid technological progress, particularly the rise of digital technology and artificial intelligence, this is transforming how our economies and Societies function. As a matter of fact, Unless we transform education systems to ensure more equitable access to quality Schooling, inequality will become ever more entrenched.

  • ashley schaeffer says:

    Business owners want cheap labor. Thats capitalism. Real americans adapt to changes. Technology/globalism is unstoppable. Frumptards always blame others and think the overpriced wall will work

  • hey if we secure our borders and cut all aid money we could probably afford to give everybody $5,000 a month. We have plenty of people here driving down wages which sucks but the rule should be you come in if your an English speaking high school grad

  • The problem with modern immigration besides the illegal aliens,they won't asymilate and they have no reason to. This was always the plan by the demotrash,if I can't have it no one can;is their mentality. Congrats,you have destroyed a once great nation,thanks communists.

  • What good is getting minimum wages to $15.00 if you let illigals in and they drive wages down with cheap unskilled labor that doesn't even speak American English.

  • We have a well-funded government with well-paid public employees and yet we have 22 million people inside our borders who shouldn't be here. How is this immense failure of government possible? Taxpayers should be enraged by the simultaneous high cost of government and the incompetence of government.

  • If this video had come out 40 years ago, America would not have been fatally wounded. Hint: Laredo, Texas is 97% hispanic. The American dream is OVER.

  • Christine Holloway says:

    I am a Trump supporter who has always cared about overpopulation. It's a quality of life issue .If you look at photo's of 30 years ago in California vs. now , formerly beautiful neighborhoods are FILLED in. We not only compete for jobs , but housing ,and other resources ,Water becomes allocated etc. etc. etc. I never had children , first because of concern about overpopulation,then because as a working class person in California I found myself being displaced by immigration. legal and illegal . I couldn't support myself much less children . My clients tell me they can't believe how cheap illegals are. I say how can we compete with that. They say you can't . Look at the video Crowdifornia . It says it all.

  • Why in the hell dont these asylum seekers rise up and overthrow the corrupt governments in their countries. Then they can build a decent country with a honest government. They can then build their own entitlement system.

  • Why aren't we speaking about the REVERSE DISCRIMINATION occurring where less qualified job applicants are getting hired over more qualified workers simply because they speak FLUENT Spanish and adequate English (not the other way around)… which of course is the bilingual result immigrants are taking full advantage of…think about this because it's VERY REAL!

  • Half of the undocumented immigrants in America are using unused social security numbers in order to appear as normal workers. This means they are paying income tax like a regular citizen even though they will never get many of the benefits of that, such as social security, medicare, etc. The other half of undocumented immigrants are working underground jobs for cash wages (almost always below minimum wage). This lower half usually does the hardest, most unpleasant jobs that no American wants to do, for only a few dollars per hour. This helps Americans to have fairly inexpensive vegetables and food, and so you can say that the lower half is also paying taxes in a way because their effective hourly wage is less than what it would be if they were being paid minimum wage with regular taxes – and all of those cost savings are then passed onto the American people.

    In addition, because undocumented immigrants are all afraid of being deported, they commit crimes at less than half the rate of regular American citizens. One traffic stop, and they could be deported. They have to be careful not to draw attention to themselves. So, they do the worse jobs, for very low pay, and half of them still pay taxes, and they commit crimes at a lower rate than average Americans. Their children also assimilate into American culture very quickly and eagerly learn English, because, like all teenagers, they want to fit in and be cool at school. So, what's not to like? Don’t buy into the propaganda. They aren't taking anything away from us, or making us less safe. They aren’t taking away any jobs that you or any other American would ever want to do. They commit such little crime that they are actually making us safer, and everyone is benefiting from them in countless ways that usually go unnoticed.

    As far as the caravan goes, they won’t arrive at our border for another 2 months. They are walking from Honduras. They are not going to try and force their way into the country. If they wanted to do that, they would definitely not come as a large group. They are planning to go to the border and ask for asylum, and that’s it. If asylum is not granted, then they will turn around and go home. It’s that simple. But we can always use some more workers to work long 12-hour days in the hot sun, hand-picking vegetables for just a few dollars per hour. These are jobs that no American wants to do. Without these people, our vegetables and food would be many times more expensive, because you’d have to pay regular Americans $15+ per hour or more to do such undesirable work. It would bankrupt farmers and make food prices skyrocket. And if we do ever run out of crappy jobs that nobody else wants to do, then the undocumented immigrants will just leave our country and go back home.

    As far as the automation goes, the solution is simple. A universal income is what will allow us to transform our economy into a machine based economy, with everyone benefiting from the fruits of that labor. This way, having machines replace jobs will be a good thing, rather than a bad thing. Everyone will work less and less until nobody has to work at all. The machines will generate more abundance than we already currently do with people working. To me it seems most optimal to have about 30% of the abundance generated by the machines going to the people who are creating the companies, coming up with ideas, and implementing things. But the lion's share of the abundance being created (about 70%), should then be equally distributed to all, in the form of a universal income.

    This income would increase as the abundance we create as a society increases. With this set-up, the more abundance that a company creates for the world, the more they get paid. In this manner, companies and CEO's would have an incentive to actually increase your abundance, to increase your universal income, because it would then increase their own income. In our current set-up, companies have an incentive to simply exploit people and decrease the abundance of others. If we don't implement a universal income, then eventually only the people who own the machines will have any money, and there will not be any jobs left, and there will be no way of getting money to all the people who need to buy food and products. It is like the blood in your body. There must be some way to get the majority of the blood to the majority of your body. Yes, the brain can use a lot of the oxygen and resources (20%), but the lion's share of the energy still goes to the body as a whole.

    If you create a system where blood cannot flow to all parts of the body, then the body will die. You don't want stagnant pools of blood sitting around either. You don't want anyone simply hoarding huge piles of money that become a monetary black hole. It is the flow of money that creates abundance, just as blood flow in the body determines the energy abundance given to body cells. This is also why a healthy sized estate tax is essential to prevent monetary black holes from forming. In anyone who has over, say, $5 million of estate, then half the money above and beyond that amount should be given to children and heirs, and the other half should be returned to society and to taxes. That way, even if it has become a huge black hole, at least half of it gets taken away in each passing, thus keeping its size limited. It's fair because half goes to the heirs, and half goes back to society. It perfectly balances out individual rights with the greater good of all. Each one gets exactly the same amount.

    With smart regulations in place, we can maximum the abundance that society creates as a whole, and everyone can live the life of someone who currently makes perhaps $100,000 per year. This universal income can be increased to any size. The only limit would be the amount of machine we create to do the work that we used to do. Even the machines will be making the machines. We can also still have multimillionaires. But nobody will be obscenely rich, and nobody will be poor. And because there are no poor people, there won't be much if any crime, and no homeless people, and the streets will be cleaner and much safer. Since people don't have to worry about basic survival anymore, people will be free to pursue their dreams and life passions. The will be able to start businesses, pursue the arts, philosophy, science, and other higher things.

    All of society will rise to a whole new level, with innovation and ideas like never seen before. Eventually after enough time, the abundance created by a system like this will be so great that everyone will be able to live the life of a millionaire, and there will not be much incentive to become more abundant than that. Nobody will be greedy anymore. Everyone will finally be able to just relax, and we will realize that there is enough for all (and that there always has been).


    I work for a manufacturer in a small all white Michigan town , but I'm surrounded by people who barley speak English. One guy from Afghanistan, another from Congo, another guy from Palestine, another one from Thailand, all immigrants, the list goes on and on. I feel like an immigrant in my own country.

  • Billions of people want to migrate to the US or just visit or study there but getting the residency or visa is so darn complicated and difficult and these caravan migrants want to walk right into the US? What makes them special?

  • "We have more jobs than we have people." "We don't have any jobs for these immigrants." Pure propaganda. Apparently, all of these jobs being created are for doctors and lawyers?

  • Over population is better than under population. Lack of growth causes economies to fall and hurts military. Good future soldiers and workers.

  • English is not just important in America. It's a global language. It's mandatory in Chinese schools and other schools around the world. Without English, ones options are pretty limited, regardless of whether or not you are an immigrant. Of course, I am an English as a second language teacher, so I am biased.

  • Benjamin Carvajal says:

    I think the Trump needs to do operation Wacker what back 2.0 again and Deport the 22 million illegals and all the anchor babies

  • America is on a slippery road downwards. I have seen your country changed over the years. When I went their for vacations I felt safe, everything was clean and a good vibe all over. NYC was an amazing place to visit, last year when I was there I couldn't believe it was the same city and people that I've seen a few years ago. It was quite dirty, smelly and each cab driver that we encountered were immigrant and so were the majority of shops except for high-end shops. I did not feel safe to go out in the evening there. I saw the same decline and more immigrants in other parts of the country that we visited, sort of a shabbiness and different societies. Very disappointing.

  • Now THAT is how you conduct an interview @Tucker Carlson! Respectful of what the guest says and with-out interruption or butting in. I know it is hard for you or anyone to do when the guest is a way out out liberal Democrat but one thing to keep in mind is that looney liberal Democrat is there because he/she was invited as a guest.

  • Hey look, racists gather for a story of lies in order to hate on minorities. Not because they are Alphas, but because they are evil and weak and so they pick on those fleeing violence and poverty.

    Disgusting Nazis. 🤮🤬

  • You Republicans need to get your facts straight. Obama deported more immigrants than any other president. He deported 2.5 million immigrants. And I remember everyone was saying Obama was going to take our guns and institute shariah law.

    You guys get to excited. There distracting you so you won't focus on real issues.

    No Democrat wants open borders. Were just saying this is a non issue. The caravan is not getting in. We already spend 42,000,000,000 on the border.

  • I guess the only solution for the US is to euthanize the lowest 20% of its population. Not the immigrants, but the obese, lazy, unemployed welfare leeches that are in the US now. That would clean it up a bit. At least the immigrants have more energy and can produce more for less pay which is good for upper rich fat cat types. That way the rich can get richer in a cleaner less populated environment without having to pay taxes to support welfare types. Hmmmm … is this the American Dream? ……………………………………………………………………….. (Sarcasm.)

    Reality… the world is overpopulated and everybody else in the world wants more just like Americans now have. High numbers of immigrants to the US can't be stopped, and it will just get worse.

  • Q why is the fake news media continually expanding resources to DEFAME, DEBUNK,and cast as a CONSPIRACY for. as they A NOBODY WHO STARTED ON 4CHA? Clinton 2018, Seth Rich, author Brad Thor, Monica Peterson, Michael Hastings , Breitbart and many more. The Clintonista's are the Bonnie and Clyde of politics who lack the empathy of the original pairPresident Trump Needs To Shut Down Government, Until Democrats Fund The Wall Build It Bigger, Wider, Longer, with anti digging technology. every 2feet Gob Bless And Protect the TRUMPS. And All service people at the boarder. MAGA WWG1WGA Q+ .

  • Hahahaha usa ruined a beautiful stolen land. Why do u care what others speak at home? They are not your slaves. Havent even built the wall yet and i dont think it will be built. What bs.

  • Thank goodness for imigration. Americans are having fewer children. We need people to pay social security and taxes. It is great to teach children more languages. It makes them more marketable.

  • Virginia Campodonico says:

    LIES, the people who come here are ignorant
    even big hotels have automated dishwashers
    assimilation never happens
    no people from central America come with college degree, they stayed in their countries

  • It’s crazy how a lot of high income people think that poor people and working class people aren’t worth anything that we should just be paid off. I’m from the low income communities and when people have nothing better to do they end up doing stupid stuff that gets them in jail. If they’re busy as in they’re going to work 5 times a week then people don’t have time to commit crime. That’s a fact, trust me.

  • Automation is the future! restaurants are gonna be more Automated in the future to! Self check out kiosks and cell phone placed orders are the hot new rage! You will also see less Waitresses in the future! The millennium's don't even tip these days! They don't understand the concept of tipping the pizza man or giving a Waitress a 15% 20% tip! The prices in the future will be work into the product, labor, plus+ delivery. Tipping will be a thing of a the past!

    The other thing I predict is you're going to see less money going into Medicaid & Social security. Because how are they going to mandate taxing a robot for Payroll taxes! They just won't!

  • I'll take 3k a month to stay home and let an immigrant do my job. Got plenty to do around the house and could also use a vacation.


  • Gerarde Fairclough says:

    The reason why businesses turn to automation is because of your minimum wage laws and your welfare. If you are too expensive to hire, in accordance with your market value, demand for you will drop. If it is cheaper overall to use machines rather than labour, guess what? Business will turn to automation, and good for them. They are taking care of their company. It is not their fault that they turn to automation when authoritarian leftists and conservatives want to impose minimum wage laws on companies. You, the people, cannot use the government to tell a CEO or a manager of some kind how to run his business, how many hours employees can work and what wage they can be paid. 
    With respect to the immigrants, I don't agree with Trump that these are trouble making invaders. He knows that but he needs to say those things to keep his voters. Just because he says he wants to "drain the swamp" doesn't mean he is not one of those politicians now that will say what he needs to say to keep his voters loyal. He has created a Trump Club that he now needs to keep it going as a movement. The only way to do that is to keep talking like he did during his election campaign; with punchy words that stoke emotional reactions. Look, if you obliterated public property, that is, you privatise everything, the only decision makers on who gets to say who enters the country are those who own the private property and not some "collective people". If there is no room for anybody, border control can respond to the wishes of the private property owners and block them at the border. Those who have money to stay in accommodation can stay and pay for the accommodation. There would be no welfare so they would need to find work. You would reduce the number of people that would actually stay. The rest would have to turn back somewhere else until new jobs for low skilled people become available. By saying that you don't want "invaders" coming into your country, you are denying private businesses the right to choose who they want to hire, and at what price, as discussed earlier.

    I would also add that Oren Cass sounds like someone representing the Labour Party in the UK. My impression of what's going on in America right now is that you have appeared to vote for a left wing politician who wants fairness in term so global trade and fairness for workers. I thought you would have been better off voting for someone more in line with libertarian values.

  • Mr420wholesalers says:

    soon the USA people will sneak across the border and lay trip wires and home made land mines on known coyote trails , so they will start a war with these immigrants , cause the USA will spend a minimum OF a THOUSAND DOLLARS EACH just to send them home, and the people that need medical care will not get it because they will be denied cause theirs no funding cause of these people and those people with terminal care needs will end their live on these people because of their cause of them not getting help,! do the math they won't spend money on the USA people if they spent it on the illegals , the people that will die if they don't get care who have been denied care from lack of funds will mas shoot o blow them selves up on these people for what they have planned , in stopping American from using that money to make America great again !'m not a TRUMP guy, but I have heard talk around the shelters and missions about them planning such events to soon come from VA hospital VETS that treatments were cost from funding, and where is that funding being used on YOUR ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS, SO SO SAD, ! will these people ever stop draining are VETS HOPE 1

  • as a New Zealander I have always wanted to live the american dream! I love america and it's culture! Contradictory to what everyone says, americans are actually not arrogant at all. They nicer and very much more open than cough cough britain cough cough. I want to start a business up there and help keep america and prevent labour countries like China to take over!

  • Robots cannot do skilled trades such as electrofitting. Only shielding and welding for now at least. Service tasks cannot be programmed cause it changes on the fly.

  • I find it very ironic that Rutger Bregman harangued Tucker over supposedly being a puppet of billionaire elites who just want him to shill their will when all the billionaires want open borders, just like Rutger calls for.

  • but there are 1000s of jobs that are being lost to automation..just look at your local supermarket..
    1 cashier who monitors 3 self check outs but still gets paid as if they were running one..if minimum wage is $8 × 3 registers should be making 24 per hour..
    So why cant that person make the $15 that people are fighting for..
    Cause it's to protect Corporate profits.not help average Americans be able to pay their rent.

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