How Millionaires Plan Their Day – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 22

How Millionaires Plan Their Day – Millionaire Productivity Habits Ep. 22

– Millionaire time management
secret number five, the last one, that is
scheduling versus scripting. Scheduling versus scripting. So, my days are not just scheduled, they are fully scripted, and there is a difference. – [Narrator] The King
of High-Ticket Sales, World’s Highest-Paid Consultant, Media Celebrity, Multi-Millionaire Entrepreneur, Acclaimed TEDx Speaker, International Best-Selling Author, Dan Lok. – Scheduling, very often
it’s what other people want you to do. Scripting, it’s intentionally. Here’s what I want to create, here are my goals. I need to script my day,
so that it would happen. Big difference, big difference. So you don’t just shoot
a movie with an outline. Too much is at stake. Nobody would give you money to produce a movie without a script. Does that make sense? Yeah, nobody would do that. So don’t run your life without a script. Don’t just, “Oh, I kinda
have an idea what I wanna do. I kinda do liberal scheduling.” Even now in September I’m blocking, next years VEG, it’s all blocked out. I’m scripting what I wanna do, right? So even if I’m doing any
kind of, let’s say if, now I’m just teaching, right? But if actually I’m
doing selling from stage, if I’m selling something, you bet it will be scripted. Every single story, every
single line will be scripted, if I’m selling. Because I want the script to
create predictable results. I don’t wanna wing it. I know that this presentation
would convert 20%, it would convert 20 to 25%. I don’t deviate from that, it’s scripted. I don’t just come off, you know, talk about good morning, hello everybody. No, if I’m selling, I want
certain results, I do that. I’m teaching, I don’t care. I can go without a script, I just go. Whatever comes from my heart, right? Very different, but if I’m
selling, I want certain results. I have a script. Your time, if you want
results, script it out. Script it out. So here’s one of the
hidden secrets of people who consistently achieve
peak productivity. Make inviolate appointments with yourself. Please write it down. Make inviolate appointments with yourself. I call that time blocking and with an end time, not just whatever block of a time, it’s time blocking. So you block out your time
every day to work on your stuff. Now, how many new when you have
an appointment with others. Nine out of 10, most of the time you will honor those
appointments, you showed up. Yes, so why not make those
appointments with yourself? Make an appointment with
myself, you know what, this much time I’m gonna
work on my marketing. This much time I’m gonna work on talking with my most important clients. Block out this time,
I’m gonna go exercise. You honor appointments with others, why not yourself? My mum makes appointment with me. My mum makes appointment with me. Every Sunday, 9:00 p.m. to 11:00 p.m., she would call me two
hours, I block out the time. She would call me from Taiwan, and we talk long distance for two hours. Sunday. My mum sets appointments with me. Jenny, my wife, sets appointment with me. She’d say, you know what,
if she wants to do something ’cause she has access to
my account there, right, online, it’s connected. She would just block out the time. (audience laughing)
And say, “This evening we are going there or to a movie, we’re gonna do something fun.” She would say, “Husband time,” or “wife time,” right. And sometimes a smiley face. (audience laughing) Well, it’s tough for me
to kind of delete that or, right, right?
(audience laughing) And I would say well, can I reschedule or something like that, you know, but that’s
how I run it, seriously. That’s how I do it, and it’s great. This kind of new game
going on, it’s great, but she sets time, because if she doesn’t
put it into my calender, it’s not gonna happen. She knows it’s not gonna happen. You can’t just be, “Oh, how can we do.” Everything I do is so scripted that I will have my day so packed. If she doesn’t block it out,
it does not happen, okay. So Bill Gates, Bill Gates has
his schedule appointment book in six minute increment, six minute. I have mine in 15. So whatever works for you. Maybe a 30 minute, a six minute increment. That means average meeting, six minute. If you more time, it’s
six, 12, on and on and off ’cause guess what,
those minutes cost a lot of money for him. Very smart, very smart. That’s someone with
self-respect, value the time. (inspirational music)


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  • I learned that scheduling is often what others want from me while scripting is writing the story for how to get a certain result.

    How did you sell your mother and wife on setting appointments with you? I can already hear my significant other or parents saying, “Aren’t I a priority? Why do I need to set an appointment with you?”

    I might say, “I know that recently I’ve had a lot of obligations, so I want to make sure that I protect that time for us. Otherwise, it will never happen.”

  • Wow this was helpful. Before I would schedule clients but not think to schedule my lunches so I would often go without eating. I always tried to just fit eating someplace, hardly every worked. Now I know to actually schedule myself in my day. I never thought of it that way. Thanks so much Dan!

  • Thanks for explaining the difference between scheduling vs scripting- putting it in context made it much much clearer. Thanks again.

  • Just realized I used to script my day at college during intense full days, and everything would get done, including my personal time and leisure time, versus on summer break where small things would be left unattended. Going to script the rest of the week now, and make sure I accomplish every daily assignment EVERY DAY. Thank you so much for your teachings, I am truly blessed for being in the HTC family.

  • haha, besides the helpful information, I found this video the most entertaining out of the whole playlist. The shared calender with wife and family, everything is so meticulously structured, increadible.

  • If it’s not on the calendar it doesn’t happen. I have been wondering about your fascination with triangles. My theory is that triangles are powerful foundational structures. They also emphasize the Pareto principle, with those items of the greatest value at the top.

  • Bradley Palmer says:

    Script your day out, make inviolate appointments with yourself with end times.

    You honor appointments with others, so why not yourself?


    60mins working out everyday

    60mins on marketing or self promotions

  • online marketing ads says:

    I learned that I'm not doing NEARLY enough. 6 minute increments? 15 minute increments? Yeah I need to pack my day more.

  • Dan, You give the most sincere and thought provoking advice. Thanks for taking the time to encourage and enlightening us all.

  • harish shahi says:

    i don't understand the term, "six minute increment". what does it mean?

    is it the time slot of a meeting to someone or a time gap between two meetings? or something else i don't get.

  • Tarren Tyree says:

    Scheduling VS Scripting, Scheduling is what other people want you to do, Scripting its intentionally script my day so that it will happen.

  • Tuomas Aro-Heinilä says:

    Hi, awesome stuff you are sharing shifu. And I want to ask you something about the blocking your time.

    This seems like one would be valuing the time spent on something more valuable than the results. Wouldn't it be better to just script your day with productive things to do, do the things and be proud to have done those things. It's like in filmmaking. You do have the script and you do block out time for the shoots and edits, but after you're done shooting, you don't sit there thinking let's film more, cause we blocked the time for it.

    I believe it's more about scripting your days to get you to your goals. And if you always have spare time and energy at the end of that, you can make more ambitious goals that take more things to do.

    What do you think about this?

  • another interesting video…MANAGING "TIME" as a limited RESOURCE…USE it SMART to REALIZE your GOALS and MANAGE YOURSELF. I have learned that MONEY, SUCCESS, BUSINESS goes FIRST. FOCUS your WHOLE DAILY TIME on ACTIVITIES, which help YOU to make successful business in a direct (time for your customers) or indirect WAY (time for yourself)….make sense…

  • 1.a. "Script your day" Until now, I only knew to set goals. Now i know more that i can draw up tonight and implement tomorrow to take my game higher.

    2. Make an appointment with self that won't be violated. Block out time.
    3. Schedule out (15 minute) increments during day.


    Hey Dan, here is the thing, i kown what to do, but i leak of will to do it, fells like ok i have to do something i kown how but went the times comes to do it some force dont let me , can you give me some advaice.

  • هنفرق معاك says:

    Mohamed From Egypt , thanks for this great effort, real motivation, pls write what you say on the screen to make it more easy for us whome doesn't have talent in English language as me , massive thanks for changing my mindset to better

  • Christopher Evans says:

    Dan I am enrolled in your HTC program, Season X, and reviewing these videos, and very grateful for the wisdom you share and trying to take as much of it as I can to heart. Can you address time management in the capacity of having children. You mentioned adults, and I believe adults and spouses are more understanding, but young children often require time that is harder to set in a rigid way. I look around at the world and don't see an appreciate for the time invested in their children. How does someone like yourself or someone like myself who is trying to script their day appropriate block out time or manage time responsibly and also accommodate the very really need for being available for your young children. I worry about treating my family (specifically my children) like just an aspect of business, since I in my heart I view them as the most valuable asset I could have been gifted. Having said that I also understand your profound wisdom in budgeting time and planning it in advance and not allowing distractions. How do we reconcile investing in our children and keeping them the priority the deserve, and also trying to keep our schedule from becoming too fluid.

  • Jackie laroga says:

    Now I know why they created a planner and why Starbucks thought it is a good idea to giveaway to people potentially will have money for fancy coffee

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