How Works

How Works

meet dave dave has tons of really great
ideas for his online business he’s a smart guy but there’s just not enough
time in the day to get everything done he likes the idea of outsourcing to a
full-time assistant but companies charge over $1,000 per month and that’s over
Dave’s budget he’s tried outsourcing with oDesk and Elance but the constant
turnover is wearing him out then dave comes to online jobs pH where he finds
resumes of thousands of educated people in the Philippines looking for work
online he can screen them interview them and use online jobs tools to assure he’s
hiring a quality worker he ends up hiring a really talented webmaster to
help him Pauline works full-time for Dave and
does just about anything Dave wants him to once Dave contacts Pauline online
jobs dot pH steps out of the way and lets them be productive together no more
costs no more fees Dave’s excited Pauline works from home and goes to work
immediately building Dave’s website since he continues to work full-time
after completing the site updates are now easy and Dave doesn’t have to stress
about it anymore Pauline now spends most of his time
doing SEO and marketing for Dave’s rapidly growing online business two more
things that Dave no longer has to worry about Dave so excited about his business
growth a few months later he goes back to online jobs dot pH and finds
programmers content writers designers telemarketers and all kinds of other
talents begging to work full time for between 250 to 500 dollars a month
paying his remote workers and ensuring their productive is easy with the free
tools online jobs dot pH gives him dave soon realizes he’s working a lot smarter
in his business nowadays he cut a couple hours out of his workweek and spends
them with his kids who are thrilled to have more time with their dad come join
Dave and the thousands of others who trust online jobs dot pH for hiring
virtual workers browse resumes or post your job today it’s affordable and it’s
easier than you think online jobs dot pH work smarter to get your day back


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