Today I want to talk to you about what
you will need to sacrifice in order to find success now I think we all know
that there are certain things that need to be sacrificed on our way to reaching
our goals but they’re not always the things that we expect so if you want to
learn more stay tuned. hello my Charmed Ones and welcome back to my channel for
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shop comm so what will you need to sacrifice in order to find success and
this can be success in any area of your life really first I want to talk about
the things that you will not need to sacrifice and a lot of times I think
these are the things that people confuse with the things that actually need to be
sacrificed so the first thing you don’t need to sacrifice for success are other
dreams and goals right so do not make the mistake of thinking and that just
because you get one thing doesn’t mean you can’t have another thing in life and
that you can’t actually approach more than one goal or reach you know more
than one level of success at one time a lot of times in life if we keep our
options open the universe has a wonderful way of delivering to us
everything that we want even two seemingly opposed goals can be reached
at you know about the same time so you will not need to sacrifice one goal for
another that’s not the way success works the next thing you won’t have to
sacrifice in order to reach success are your relationships now you have to be
more intentional about your relationships because of the way you’ll
be spending your time but for the people in your life who love and respect and
support you are going to be cheering you on every
step of the way you just need to make sure you let them know that you are
pursuing your goals right now so you will be changing around the way that you
spend time in your life and anyone who cares about you anyone who is a true
relationship in your life will absolutely respect that
now don’t be surprised if during this process Low Energy or toxic people in
your life start to fall to the wayside now you’ll know who these fools are
because they’re going to be the ones who are complaining standing in your way or
trying to tempt you off of your path let them go I know it might entail having to
set some boundaries and they can definitely find ways to pull at your
heartstrings but these sorts of people will suck your energy and they just
don’t deserve your time as you are elevating yourself through your life you
should feel just as bad about letting it these people go as you do about flushing
shit down the toilet we all know that we don’t think twice about that for real
there’s also a quote that I really love that really speaks to this situation as
well and it says the higher we soar the smaller we look to those who cannot fly
as you elevate yourself to a new level in your life anyone who’s not also
flying high with you is not really going to start perceiving you differently and
honestly I can understand how it could be annoying for some people to always
have to be looking up to see you so just wish them well and move on you
will find other people at your level it is a whole new world up here and the
final thing you will not have to sacrifice on your way to success is your
self care now I know a lot of people think that this is the first thing that
needs to go if you are trying to be successful but actually that’s a mistake
your self care should be the first thing that you actually intentionally level up
on your way to success because you’re going to need yourself to be in the best
condition possible energetically emotionally physically in order for you
to bring any goal to fruition now what is it that you actually have to
sacrifice for success first thing you need to actually sacrifice to find
success are excuses to be a successful person
you need solutions not problems so you’ll need to turn yourself into a
professional problem solver for your life sacrifice number two is bad habits
as you start focusing on your goals your life will automatically start feeling a
little bit more full so bad habits will just slow you down so try to identify
them one by one and kick them out sacrifice number three is indecision a
successful person gets that way by learning to make decisions and sticking
to them now not every decision is going to work out but if you don’t make
decisions you aren’t actually moving anywhere towards your goal even if you
make a mistake quote-unquote right at least you’re still moving and I don’t
know about you but no matter if I make a left out my door or right out my door or
move straight ahead I can still navigate myself to the path
but if I sit at my doorstep I will never get anywhere and the fourth and final
thing you’ll need to sacrifice for success is short-term pleasures for
long-term results you’ll need to sacrifice immediate gratification for
long-term results this is really the most important sacrifice that you’ll
make and again there’s a great quote that I love that says entrepreneurship
is living a few years of your life like most people won’t so that you can spend
the rest of your life like most people can now this doesn’t just apply to
entrepreneurship but it applies to success in general as well you need to
get focused and intentional now and it will pay off in the long run we all face
choices throughout our days that give us an option of having something that we
want right now and feeling that immediate gratification or waiting a
little bit longer making it in making the sacrifice making the investment of
time or energy so that you get a bigger payoff later successful people make more
of those long-term decisions and make those instant pleasure decisions more
strategically the truth is on your path to success you’re going to have to
sacrifice late night parties so you can wake up rested and refreshed because
exhaustion will lead you to poor health and that will cripple your ability to
succeed you’ll have to sacrifice bad habits so that you can form a more
productive routines that’ll help you keep all the areas of your life
balance it’s not success if you win in one area of your life just for the rest
of it to go up in flames you’ll have to sacrifice how you spend money on
yourself instead of buying yourself something fun and frivolous you’ll need
to invest your money into yourself or into your goal you’ll have to sacrifice
fear and excuses because success happens in the nail not in the later and you’ll
have to sacrifice indecisiveness because success is a choice that you must
continue to make over and over again to be successful you can’t defer the tough
decisions you have to make them act nail and move on so that is what you actually
have to sacrifice for success and if you can do that you can achieve anything you
can imagine I hope you found this video enlightening and inspirational I would
love to hear your thoughts on what you have to sacrifice down in the comments
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13 thoughts on “HOW TO ACHIEVE SUCCESS”

  • Alexis aka MissTrenchcoat says:

    What do you think needs to be sacrificed for success?

    Also on a side note, I’ve filmed this video on a new lens and I think it turned out great! Let me know what you think of the video quality! Make sure to set your quality in one of the HD settings to get the full effect ?

  • My Royal Life says:

    What you said about taking care of yourself is so important. For me, I’m struggling to find the balance of challenging myself a little bit, and taking care of larger health issues. I can’t remember if you have a video on this or not, but do you have one on how to balance trying to achieve a top 3 or a top 5 in a week when you’re sick, especially if it’s a long term thing? Thank you for your awesome content!

  • I have a confession to make here. I was just wanna learn more about the word "Charming" in Pinterest and I was stumbled upon your graphic in Strange & Charmed account… finally I was brought here into this eye opening THING. Thank you so much for good vibes shared, this is a nice of you for the world. Love you, Alexis.

  • Your advice is always encouraging, even if I don't feel like I have the energy… Could you talk about being productive /positive with mental illness? I have inner borders that keep me low and I don't know what to do about it…

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