How to Avoid Distractions and Stay Productive at Work | Business Owner & Cloud Worker using G Suite

How to Avoid Distractions and Stay Productive at Work | Business Owner & Cloud Worker using G Suite

– What’s up, guys? Pete Moriarty here, and
I’ve just wrapped up a crazy amount of travel running training and doing our quarterly
planning session with my team and I wanted to talk to you about avoiding distractions at work. (relaxed electronic music) Once a quarter we sit in a room and we work on strategies to
grow and improve the business, we work on customer feedback, and we look at, okay,
what are we gonna work on for the next quarter and
how’s that gonna fit in to our yearly goals? Now, it’s super important
any time you’re working during the day in the business
that you’re not interrupted. If you’re interrupted once it
can take up to half an hour to sometimes even 40 minutes for you to get back into the flow of business and you wanna be doing
that deep work, right? We wanna be doing that nice, well adjusted and focused work, which
is gonna be our best work. But to do that we need
to avoid distractions. So, I’ve got some tips for you here, I’m gonna run through these one by one and help you out on making sure that you can keep nice and well in your zone, let’s call it, cool. So number one, disabling notifications. This is probably the most important one. And you can start with your mobile phone by switching off all notifications
that you’ve got there. And when you switch off notifications on your phone, something funny happens. You start using it less
and less which is great. So, I pretty much leave
mine on Do Not Disturb for most of the day. I’ve tweaked the settings a little bit so phone calls can come
through from important people. But, pretty much it stays on silent for the rest of the day which means that I only use my phone when
I actually wanna work on it. Now, the latest version of iOS, with Apple’s new phones
and Google just announced the Pixel 3 as well, all have features to monitor how much time you’re
spending using your phone. And on Android, I actually just downloaded an app called Quality Time, which sends me a push
notification every day and it tells me how many minutes I spent on my phone the day before and how many times I unlocked it and what I was actually
doing when I used my phone. And I love that because it’s
a great little bit of feedback on how much screen time I’m
actually spending on my phone. Another pro tip that you can do to cut down on distractions
from your phone is actually switch in your
accessibility settings, switch the whole phone to black and white. So, my whole phone is actually
on black and white mode so you can see here it’s in grayscale which is a bit weird, but what that does is it reduces the amount
of dopamine and cortisol that you get each time
you pick up your phone and you work on it. You wanna make sure that you
switch off all notifications on your computer as well,
so that means email pop-ups, dings, buzzes, instant messages,
all of those, kill them. What that’s gonna do is that’s going to, hopefully, help you
focus on the task at hand and not drag you out of that task and into something that someone else is gonna pop up and annoy you with. Now, with things like managing email, if you’ve read The 4-Hour Workweek, you would know that Tim
Farris recommends having a scheduled time to jump
in and check your emails and we teach that as well as part of our inbox intensive course. Now, for you, you should be doing that with anything in your
business, whether it’s chat, whether it’s checking your online banking, whether it’s checking any of
those other time wasting apps like news websites that you like to go to, you should be choosing when to use those not have them pop up and ding. So all notifications, kill
them, get rid of them. You can jump into your settings on your phone and completely disable them. Okay, number two, schedule
Do Not Disturb time. So, if you still wanna
receive, maybe, text messages during the day and you still
need to receive phone calls on your mobile, that’s fine. But I would recommend considering using the Do Not Disturb schedule. And what Do Not Disturb
does is it effectively completely blanks out your phone. That’s a really nice feature,
it’s on iOS and on Android. If you go into settings you
can actually schedule this. So I schedule mine from
seven p.m. ’til seven a.m. So basically, during those hours, my phone won’t make a peep. Now, of course, I can check
it, I can click a button or I can pick it up and it’s gonna show me if there’s any
notifications on the screen. But basically, after hours, I don’t need to be bothered
with any emergencies and I don’t really want my phone buzzing, interrupting my family
and my personal time. So, number two tip is to schedule
some Do Not Disturb time, it’s gonna make sure that
you are kept non interrupted by your phone. There’s a Facebook plugin
called Kill The Newsfeed and it’s in the Chrome Store
so it works on Mac and PC. And what that does is it actually kills the Facebook newsfeed. Now, I don’t use Facebook
on my mobile phone, I recommend deleting
from your mobile phone, but you’re probably gonna wanna check in on your computer from time to time. Now, this little plugin, and I’ll put a link to it right below, allows you to actually
receive notifications, post in groups, and
everything that you wanna do on Facebook, if someone tags
you you’ll see a notification and you can respond, that’s all cool. But, it disables the newsfeed. So, you don’t have that ability to endlessly scroll through Facebook, you miss out on any of the ads, you know, if someone tags you in something important you’re still gonna see that. But basically it stops you from that endless time wasting
scrolling of Facebook. And I highly highly recommend that, I’ve been using that for
a couple of years now. And it completely kills off the newsfeed. So it gets rid of that addictive quality without you completely isolating yourself from friends and updates and family, and other people who might
wanna be working on Facebook. Number four, now this is for the addicts. If you are already an addict,
if you have that news site that you go to or maybe it’s or maybe it’s Facebook or maybe
it’s your internet banking to look at how much money is
or isn’t in your bank account? If you are an addict of
something on the internet, well, you can use a plugin
on your Chrome browser to actually block websites. And it forces you to have an on off switch before you go to that website and before you’re able
to actually access it. So, I use this if I find
myself procrastinating and going back to a certain website or two to waste time and keep myself busy rather than focusing on the task at hand. And so, yeah, this plugin is wonderful. You can just switch it on and off. There’s varying levels of difficulty to disable it when you wanna
access those sites again. But you can choose those
when you set it up. What I’ll do is I’ll
pop a link down below. Number five, this is one of my favorites, if you have an Android phone. And this is one of the
killer features of Android, unfortunately not yet on iOS,
and you are using G Suite. Well, with G Suite you can set up something called Android For Work. And what Android For Work does is it actually sets up a separate, let’s say, sandpit for
all of your business apps. So that the business apps
are in a separate container from all of your personal apps. And if you have a look on mine here, so you can see up the top row, my business apps all have a
little briefcase next to them. So, those business apps there
are all of my work apps, and all of my personal
apps are separate to those. Now, with one button I just
slide down from the top and I bring up my tool tray, I can click on a little briefcase and what that does is it
actually turns off work mode. And it disables all of my work apps. Now, I really love that because
it means no notifications, I’m not tempted to open up my email. I have to put in my PIN code
to actually disable that once I’ve switched off work mode. And that’s really brilliant if I wanna have a switch off weekend. Now my team, if there’s an emergency, of course they can give
me a call on the mobile if they really need to
get in touch with me. But if I don’t wanna tempt myself to jump into any one
of those business apps, just to check email over the weekend, or just to check my notifications
in instant messaging, I can completely kill all of those by switching off work mode. Unfortunately that one is Android only but a great feature of Android For Work. Anyway, I hope these tips have been useful and I hope that you can be just that little bit more productive with all of these. They’re, of course, very useful and a big part of being
productive is making sure that you have the right apps. If you have, for example,
10 different apps that you’re using for all
different things in business, if you’re using WhatsApp
or Facebook Messenger for messaging your team, or maybe you’re still using text messages or phone calls, or right now if you’re using your mobile
phone for absolutely everything and you’d like to get
off your mobile phone, then you might consider working with some of the tools that we provide. One of those is G Suite, so the
suite of Google applications which helps you get everything done online from any device at any time. And another application that
we provide is called Dialpad, that is a cloud based
business phone system which lets you take your
business phone with you wherever you are on the
mobile, which is pretty cool. If you need any help or you would like to get
in touch with our team, head along to, and we’ll be more than happy to help. Take care.


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