How to Be a Better Co-Worker

How to Be a Better Co-Worker

How to Be a Better Coworker. Work can get pretty grim if your boss hates
you and you don’t have any office friends. Here’s how to get on everyone’s good side. You will need A good work ethic A considerate
nature and humility. Step 1. Be good at your own job. If you’re efficient, you reduce the pressure
on everyone around you: be early, don’t let paperwork pile up, and respond to emails and
calls promptly. Step 2. Pitch in wherever you’re needed—especially
if it’s “not your job.” Nobody likes a prima donna. Step 3. Keep your voice down, especially on personal
phone calls. There’s nothing worse than having to listen
to someone in the next cubicle describe a scaly rash or coo to a new love interest. Keep your cell phone on mute or low—with
a generic, non-obnoxious ring tone. Step 4. Don’t stink. No, literally: just because you can’t smell
the effects of your early morning jog or your favorite perfume doesn’t mean everyone else
can’t. Go easy on the scent, no matter what it is. Step 5. Go ahead and gossip. Research shows it’s a valuable way to start
and cement relationships. Just keep it reasonable—not petty or mean
and not over email. Step 6. Be considerate. If you take the last cup of coffee, make another
pot. Save strong-smelling foods for home, especially
if you work in tight quarters. Don’t leave a jammed copy machine for someone
else to deal with. Step 7. Leave your bad moods at home. Everyone has problems, and no doubt some of
your colleagues have worse troubles than you. Step 8. Be polite to everyone, especially those who
are lower on the office food chain. It’s the right thing to do, and you never
know when you might need them on your side. Step 9. Don’t go home without asking if your colleagues
need any help, and join in the occasional social gathering. And if someone’s had a bad day, buy them a
margarita. Did you know Three in four workers reportedly
suffer from stress—and most list a troublesome coworker as the main source.


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