How To Be More Productive as a CEO

How to be productive. That’s what I’m gonna share
with you guys in this video because a lot of people,
they want to feel energized. They want to feel charged in life. They want to feel like they’re producing and contributing to the world. But I don’t know about you, but sometimes you go through your day and you’re like, “I didn’t get anything done today!” And then you got to work nights, you got to schedule your weekends. Or you just feel like
you’re actually not making forward movement in your business, right? Where you’re just kind of going sideways. And I totally get that feeling
because when I was building my company, Sphere, I had
about a dozen employees, and we were growing, but
we kind of plateaued. And everyday just felt like this crazy, putting out fire days that
at the end of the day, I would look at my task
list and I was like, “I didn’t get anything done.” Right? You’d start off with this
optimistic feeling like, “Oh, here’s all these grand projects “I’m going to move forward.” And at the end of the day, you’re like, “Crap! Again, another one. A loss.” So what I want to share with
you you guys is my strategy. These four key areas to
just be more productive, because to me it’s not
about To Do Lists and Tasks. A lot of people think it’s about, “How do I prioritize and
write down all of my To Do’s?” Yes, that’s important, but
that actually’s not how you’re going to generate
true productivity. You know, what I want to start off– The number one thing you need to nail is have a mission for your life! Right? Most people can’t be productive because they don’t know where they’re going. What is the focus? Why do you get up everyday? And not just for the business,
for your friggin’ life? Why? Right? Have that mission for your
life because that will give you the energy, the focus, the permission to actually say, “No” to things, to stay on track, to complete a project, to really focus on the right things. So having a mission for
your life is number one. Two is planning. So, once you know kind of
what you want to get done, actually sit down and say, “Okay, “what am I going to get done this month? “This quarter? “This year?” Have a plan. You know, if I ask you
to show me your plan, and you don’t have a
plan or you had a plan that you wrote six months ago
but you haven’t revised it, that’s a problem! That’s essentially when
you work a day and you feel like you didn’t get anything done, it’s because there was no plan. You didn’t plan the day. Because if you planned
the day and you say, “This is what I need to get done,” then when people come to interrupt you, you can say, “No!” So that’s the second thing. Have a plan. The third, and this is the most critical, it will change your life,
is if you have a project, schedule it! Schedule your day. Look at your day and your week
and design the perfect day. Design the perfect week. Incorporate the different
pillars of life like friendship, and family, and health, and spirituality, or whatever it is for you. Just make sure that
it’s part of the design. When you have it part of the design, then it’s not a hard
thing to actually follow because you know that it’s on purpose for what you’re trying to get done. So, schedule it. If you’re working on a project, it needs to be in your calendar.
You know? Show me your calendar and
I’ll show you your success. I just know that for a fact. If you were sitting here,
I’d ask you for your phone. I’d look at it. I’d go, “I don’t see the plan. “I don’t see the schedule. “I know what you’re trying
to get in your business. “It’s not here.” Do yourself a favor and
put it in your calendar. The fourth most important step in all this on how to be productive, is
share your mission for your life with people, with anybody. If you have a plan, if you
have a mission, if you have a vision for the five year
strategy for your company, share it! Share it with your employees. Share it with your spouse. Share it with your brother. Share it with your family. The more you talk about it, the
more it becomes top of mind. The more every time you
sit down to actually plan, it’s just part of that ingredient. And to me, that is probably
the biggest game-changer from a productivity point. You’re like, “Dan, this
has nothing to do with like prioritization, and
A, B, and C priorities.” No, this is not. This is not big rock, little rock stuff. This is just pure mindset
to get productive, to produce, to contribute to the world because that is your responsibility. You’re here to produce and contribute, so be sure to share your story. I want to hear it. I want to ask you guys, if you
have a mission for your life, leave a comment below
and tell me what it is. I want to hear from you. Practice sharing that story even if it’s a three word sentence, just leave it below. Leave me a comment. If you know somebody who
needs to see this video, feel free to share it with them. I’m going to ask you to
subscribe to my channel, and as per usual, I want to challenge you to live a bigger life
and a bigger business, and I’ll see you next Monday.


14 thoughts on “How To Be More Productive as a CEO”

  • Love this video. I have a section on my personal website where I share my mission in life which is to inspire 1 million individuals around the world to accomplish incredible things (personal & business).

    Here it is

    I shared your video within my tribe and actually opened up a discussion about having a mission in life.

  • never thought about having a mission in life….with my experience and what I love doing as a human being, I can say that I love to make people happy, make them feel good, make live better. I have always done and I guess that this is it ☺

  • I feel like I am being very productive throughout the day. I do many of the things you talk about, but I still feel like I didn't do enough. I am creating a business on my own and feel like I'm at the point where I need more hands to help me get things done.

  • Miranda Casiano says:

    This is an awesome video! My personal/business mission is to finish my MBA and health coach certification training. These two educational programs will help me take down the pharmaceutical industry that is maiming and killing people with their inferior products.

  • Rose Kaiser Alex says:

    Thanks, Dan! I'm on a mission to leverage my tech experience to help people around the world live a happier, healthier life : )

  • I love it. Show me your calendar & I'll show you your success. Brilliant. But not to overlook how critical it is to know what your real purpose in life is. Thank you Dan!

  • my skill is drawing ,my passion is my culture , my dream is to promote my culture through making clothes and change the future of my birth country and make people's life easier there and everywhere else in the world by creating beauty , I am in computer science engr program and I have no interest in learning coding I learn it for security, money and to have that image of an engineer . Sorry I am not that successful but this is my story

  • Alfawzia Nurrahmi says:

    Thanks, Dan Martell, for sharing your insights! I have started practicing scheduling my day along with my internal business team (consisting of 5 girls–including me) after attending a Business Workshop in April 2016, we call it PPG (Personal and Professional Goals) Check in and Check Out. It's similar to what you mentioned in your other video, Daily Stand Up (?). 🙂 And the result is amazing. We have way clearer vision, direction and we become more solid from time to time.

    I keep watching your other contents. Thanks for being so generous in sharing with us.
    Love from Surabaya, Indonesia.
    ~ Alfa

  • Hi Dan, love your work. My life's mission is to restore a tribal/village mentality that puts the well-being of community first – and in the process help individuals be happier, healthier and more fulfilled. As I've become more successful I've realized I must plan my days and weeks and that's become my keystone habit for 2017. Thanks for the 90 minute chunk tip and for encouraging me to clean up my calendar / not leave empty gaps in it while I have a giant to-do list! Incongruent. Thanks brother.

  • John Sundberg says:

    I know what I like to do in life (which is family and running a business – to help "streamline everyday tasks" (Yes I like that)) … however … that does not feel like a "mission" — I think I need to figure that out,

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