How To be Productive In Your Business   Be Focused Pro App Review

How To be Productive In Your Business Be Focused Pro App Review

XayLi: 00:02 Hey friend, so I’ve realized
that all the things you really don’t want to do in your business really only takes less
than 25 minutes. Actually, this is in life and in business,
so I’ll tell you why I came up with this and how much it has changed my life. XayLi: 00:41 I feel like we don’t respect
and not and whenever I feel overwhelmed in business, it’s what I really need to take
a step back and really just create time or the correct time for me to do things or to
get things done. And so I’ve used this app for so long and
they’re supposed to make this video for ever now, but it really, really helps me because,
um, it just really helps me to create a specific time for everything. And in doing that I’m able to just get so
much done and I don’t know what it is about me setting a timer. It just helps me to produce the way I should. Even if I have a lot going on. And I’m like, okay, no, I need to get this
done. And probably feeling overwhelmed about it. I just set that timer and I go, it’s the name
of this app is called be focused pro and the reason why I love it so much is because you
are able to create the tasks that you have. XayLi: 01:43 You can use it on your phone
and your computer. So if you get distracted by Instagram I put
it up and I will make the app down below so that you can try it out too. I do 25 minute sprints. Right. And I actually had an amazing mastermind probably
a year or two ago based on this concept and I’m like, I have to talk about it because
I used to do it in my personal life, like to clean my apartment or to just get things
done and I use it at work as well. So I use it in the office as well and it just
helps me to focus for 25 minutes on one thing. Not anything else. So I just zoned in, I focused and I get shit
done. I’ve got to say it like that because listen,
um, you know, there’s that time when you’re like, you have so many things to do, but really
zoning in for 25 minutes and not stopping is what really helps me just produce or just
to execute. XayLi: 02:41 So it’s called be focused pro. You can use it on your phone, you can use
it on your computer and it’s based on what you call the Pomodoro method. So that in itself, I don’t need to like figure
out where the main pomodoro came from and I hope I’m saying it right, but the method
is where you focus on something for 25 minutes and then you take a break and do something
else. Now I use this along with the productivity
planner and it completely changed the game for me. I was able to give more content done.. umm
schedule things even more efficient, like I was able to just do so much. So one thing that I would tell you to do is
just map out your tasks or whatever it is that you have to do or get done and input
it into the APP itself. So, so I’m going to link the planner down
below and I’m going to link the APP down below and you’re going to be able to use the both
of them together. i hope that makes sense. Stay tuned. New Speaker: 03:45 So I’m wanting to show
you what the APP is like from your phone. Right? So you’re able to add a task and the awesome
thing about it is it can sync to your computer and it can sync to your laptop, it can sync
to your ipad, whatever you use. It can sync. So obviously this is IOS, I believe there’s
an android effort but I’m not too sure about it because I have apple products so I’m able
to just hit, go and leave it to run for 25 minutes when that 25 minutes. Like when you do it for a few times. Well the breaks are longer but the usual break
between each sprint is what I called them is 25 minutes and it’s really, really, really
so super cool. So I’m able to also switch between clients
or whatever. I have planning for the week. I have emails like your usual business tasks. New Speaker: 04:39 That’s what I put into
this APP, so it’s called be focused pro. Like I said, I’m going to link it down below. I probably said that a few times as well,
but you know, I just want to make sure that you guys are able to get the most from this
application as I do here in the APP. I’m able to view all of my tasks. So this is all of my tests when I’m working
with a client, it’s a way to try, um, the amount of time that I spent on client work. Um, although I use something else, this is
just always at my fingertips. So I do it. Everything that I do in my business all the
time, I put it in here as well. If I’m launching a new product, I put it in
here as well. And so I focus for 25 minutes. New Speaker: 05:19 Um, let’s say today I say
I’m going to work on one project. Uh, I map out the amount of time that I’m
going to focus on it, but I, you know, if you say I’m gonna, do this for three hours
for me, that’s a lot. So I like breaking it down into, let’s say
I do for 25 minutes sprint, you’ll be surprised at how much you can get done in 25 minutes. So here you can also, this is where you get
to the bigger view of everything and then you can also track like how much time you
spent on your tasks themselves. Like you can see it by dates, it actually
calculates that for you. So let’s say you feel like you didn’t spend
enough being productive this week. You’re able to, you know, Redo that for the
next week. So you’re able to get reports and here you’re
able to change the time of, you know, let’s say 25 minutes is you want to have it for
30 minutes instead and you want to have longer breaks and things like that. New Speaker: 06:14 You’re able to switch that
up here, which is so super cool and you’re also able to put your phone to never sleep. You’re able to auto start your timer. Let’s say you wanted to start, as soon as
it stops, you can do that as well. So make sure and download the APP and see
you know, what’s available to be done inside of it. So definitely check out the be focused app
if this is something that you’re interested in. The next thing I’m going to show you is the
journal or planner that I use along with this. So one of the things that I really, really,
really love about this planner is that it actually shows you the concept of how to do
this or how to use the planner. It doesn’t teach you to use it along with
the APP. The APP is something that I obviously just
figured out that it can work perfectly with the planner, so, but it walks you through
on how to use, uh, the method and how you’re able to just be a lot more productive. New Speaker: 07:14 Like it has some really
good tips in here and even their email list has some really good tips. Like I said, I got it from Amazon prime, so
I can definitely link that below seat. They talk about the pomodoro technique, which
is what I use, but I just use that specific app, be focused up and using it for years
and it’s done me pretty good. So they tell you exactly how to do it and
what you do is you have your most important task of the day, which you can focus on and
like I said, you can break down the time so it has five slash 25 minute sprints, which
is what I love so much about this planner and you end up getting so much done because
you’re able to actually plan each day. So, um, for the week you map out your most
important task of the week, your five most, and then the secondary ones that can come
after and then additional tests. New Speaker: 08:08 And so these, if they don’t
get done, you can move them over to the next week, then you’re able to break down those
days, right? So you’re able to just get most of the important
stuff done. A lot of times we get so clouded in what we’re
supposed to do that, you know, we just don’t get it done. So this goes week by week and you’re able
to also just have a weekly review, you’re able to evaluate and it has lots of pretty
cool. Um, what’d you call this quotes as well. So definitely a game changer for me and like
I said, I hosted a mastermind based on this concept and everyone loved it as well. So you know, I just wanted to share this because
it made a huge difference in my business. Like I said, it’s called the planner and I
use it along with the be focused app and it’s based on the pomodoro method is really, really
good for productivity and yeah, if you have something that you want to share with us,
please be sure to do that down in the comments. If you have any questions, you can do that
down in the comments as well. And make sure you look up all the details
on inside of the description box. Please be sure to comment, like share and
subscribe to this channel if you felt like this was helpful and let me know what you
guys want to see next.


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  • The Natural Cole says:

    Thank You SOOOOOO Much for Sharing the Jornal. Today I sat down wrote 7 goals that I want to complete for October. Then I said I need to break down each goal into tasks. I have a terrible habit of starting a task, but then I'll venture off into another task instead of staying focused on the task at hand. I'm going to try this journal. This may be exactly what I need to crush my October goals. ​

  • Those 25 minutes sprints we did with you in the P&P Program were the bomb, it has helped me be even more productive in every area. Thanks Xay

  • Thanks so much for this! I'm always trying to find new ways to avoid distractions and to stay focused. I'm a doctoral student and will begin writing my dissertation in a couple of months and I'm going to try out your set up in anticipation of using it when the real fun begins!

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