How To Breakthrough To Business Growth With Purpose

How To Breakthrough To Business Growth With Purpose

Hello I’m Neil Lewis I’m the founder of
Media Modo and we help entrepreneurs navigate business liftoff and growth.
This video is one of six videos exploring the different aspects of The
Breakthrough Canvas we have used and developed The Breakthrough Canvas to
provide a tool to help entrepreneurs navigate their way through the various
stages of startup and scale-up growth. So the first of the six parts of The
Breakthrough Canvas is Purpose. Let me ask you a question. Are you driven by a
purpose to build this business, to create or grow this business? What we’ve
discovered is that obviously in any business, even if it’s beyond startup and
scale-up, the resources are always limited, money is limited and time is
limited but there’s one thing that startups have which is unlimited and
that is a sense of purpose and that’s why helping entrepreneurs connect with
their purpose powerfully enables them to drive forward their businesses, attract
resources around them and actually survive through the difficult times so
that they create something that’s unique is original and in many ways cannot be
competed with. So let me ask you a question what would your friends or
your family write on your tombstone? I was in Highgate Cemetery and I was
walking up the hill and I saw it on the right there was a tombstone which is
dedicated a dentist it said his name and then beneath that “Dentist” but below this
family had written as a joke his phone number. His family were telling us not
that he was a dentist but that he was such a dedicated dentist and so
dedicated to his clients and customers that he’d even answer the phone beyond
the grave. So the question is what would your friends and family write on your
tombstone? What are the two or maybe the three areas where when you look back
through your life you see these are the connecting points. Or if you are a
younger entrepreneur what do you want to create in your future, such that that is
then written on your on your tombstone? Because the crucial thing here is that
when you start a business, the business is never complete. It is in
progress. So people are not buying your finished product but in many ways they
buy your promises of what it will be. And this is why this
this saying from Simon Sinek matters. He says that “People don’t buy what we do
they – buy why we do it”. So if your ‘why’, if your ‘purpose’ is powerful, if it’s
connected to who you are, if it’s authentic for how other people see you
not just how you see yourself then people will support you. Whether that’s
by buying a product, by sharing your social media, or helping promote your company, or possibly by investing. They will recognise that you will see this business through
whether it is easy or hard. And all of us who’ve built businesses know that
businesses always have periods when they are hard and your sense of purpose and
your connection to it is what drives you, provides you with the the energy and the
fuel to get through those difficult times. And again an investor will look at
that and recognise that with that fuel you will make it. You will get to the end and that’s what people want to see. Once you’ve established your sense of purpose your business gains an energy it becomes more exciting not just for you but for
the team that are working with you helping to deliver this. It also gives
you the freedom to speak openly. You’ll no longer need an NDA, a Non-Disclosure
Agreement, because actually you want the world to know and because you have the
confidence that this is your purpose, that only you or your team have, you’ll
not worry about someone trying to copy your business model because they will
always be a second-rate copy of what you do. The other impact of that is obviously
that people will get excited and perhaps they’ll share your post and share your
marketing so your marketing becomes cheaper, you will reach customers faster,
your revenues will move quicker and overall the business will grow faster
and more smoothly. Hence that’s why we place purpose right at the very
beginning. The stronger your purpose, the stronger your connection with your
purpose, the more powerful your business is and the more successful it will be.
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