How To Build A 7-Figure Client-Based Business

– So, as we start, I’m
a huge fan of YouTube and I’ve learned so
much throughout the day, but I’m actually starting a service where I’m actually starting a service. – Yes. (audio garbling) – Yes. – There’s a lot of titles and descriptions and SEO keywords and, so I’ve been, started a service, and I’ve seen great results for the clients that I have helped so far. How can I get more clients
that are always successful or know how to make good content but don’t know how to
market their YouTube? – How do you charge? – Usually, it’s per video or I charge them like a video package, so right now, lets say if they
purchase a 16-video package, I charge 1200.
– Okay. – And I do everything,
I upload the videos, I Photoshop thumbnails that get clicks. I do the analytics just
to make sure it’s getting. – How much revenue do you get there? – 2000 last month. I’m just getting started.
– 2000 last month. I’m gonna give you a motto right now.
– Okay. – If you run with it, I think
you can hit seven figures. – Really?
– Yeah. I’m gonna give it to you right now, okay?
– I’ll hear it. – Number one, don’t charge per video, don’t charge per packages. You only do three boxes.
– Okay. – Three different level
of either, it could be, it could be 3000, 5000 and 10,000. – Wow.
– Per month, that’s it. – Okay.
– Okay? Three packages, depends on what they want and how many videos and all that. I don’t wanna charge per video, and I only want a retainer, and you only sign up
people every 12 months, so minimum 12-month contract.
– Wow. – Number one. Number two, you target people who are running a lot of Facebook ads that you know are spending a ton of money. – [Trainee] Yeah. – So, if they’re spending
10, $20,000 a day, your 10k a month is nothing.
– Yeah. – So then, they’re already
spending that kind of money, you know they’re serious. You go to them and say,
“Hey, Facebook is a bitch “because with all these
algorithm and stuff like that. “Your YouTube sucks, right? “Let me help you with that,
and I have three packages, “three, five, 10.” Probably, people would buy the five. Right?
– Yeah. – Yeah, you just, sell the five over. – 5000 a month?
– Yeah. – For someone who is spending five, 10,000 a day on Facebook, 5000 is chump change.
– Yeah. – So, you need to change this so you’re more comfortable
with the pricing. – That’s my salary grade, yeah. That would be life changing income. – Yup. I think I would recommend go through HTC, ’cause I see the
hesitation of you closing. – Yes. – You need to know how to close, man. – I don’t. – Yeah, you need to know how to close, how to present your offer, and how do you speak with
conviction when you ask people for that kind of money, right? Yeah, $10,000 a month. – I’m gonna get that built.
– Yeah. So then you go through, but three boxes, don’t go too crazy,
and 3000, 5000, 10,000. You wanna sell the 5000.
– Yes. – The 10,000 is just a–
– Yes. – It’s a contrast. So, you basically say,
how, on average they say, they say 10 readers, so 3000 get you, I don’t know, five videos, and 5000 get you 15 videos, and then like, 10,000
get you like, 50 videos. Some crazy number.
– Yeah. – No one’s gonna buy the 10, but they’re all gonna buy the five. – I think that’s right.
– So you wanna sell the five. So, when you have that retainer model. – Right. – And then, later on, you add your, your pay. So, you’re doing organic. You add your pay component so you can help them run ads on YouTube. – Or if they want to
do an Instagram video. – They could, they could,
but I think focus on YouTube. YouTube.
– Yes. – I think running a
YouTube agency is good, and then you can charge to pay, then you just charge 15% on that spend. You spend 10,000, you
charge 15% on that spend. – I think it will pass on quite well because I recently made
for like, Evan Carmichael. – Who’s my friend.
– Yes. Even I’ve been through James
Moyer’s school recently, Video Lab. – [Dan] I think it’s a
very good model, I love it. – Yeah.
– Retainer. – Thank you so much.
– You got it.


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