How to Create a PROFESSIONAL LinkedIn Profile in 2019 (STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!)

How to Create a PROFESSIONAL LinkedIn Profile in 2019 (STAND OUT FROM THE CROWD!)

That there are more than 300 million users on LinkedIn on the monthly basis and 40% access LinkedIn on a daily basis today I’m here to teach you how to put a professional LinkedIn profile to make you stand out from the crowd if you’re looking for the best career strategies and Coaching consider subscribing to my channel. I have a new video every Tuesday If you’re stuck on creating a professional LinkedIn profile, don’t worry I’m here to help if we haven’t met yet. My name is Holly I’m a certified career coach I have helped thousands of technical professionals from mid level to executive in Finding the job that were meant to be in and to not feel stuck in a dead-end job LinkedIn being the number one platform For employers to search for top candidates in filling their job openings I’ll walk you through a couple of the highly recommended step to make sure that your profile Stand out in front of everyone else. Let’s get started Here are my six tips in creating the perfect LinkedIn profile tip. Number one. You guessed it, right? It is your photo. Just think about the first impression when you meet someone on the virtual reality There’s no difference people wanted to have a feel of who you are a base on your photo They can tell Oftentime what your personality would be like and it will give them a chance to see who they will be work You can easily grab an iPhone iOS and I’m sorry I can only talk about iPhone if you go to the portrait mode right here. Let me give you an example You can actually zoom in and take a very crisp photo that make it the quality of your iPhone portrait mode will generate a headshot very similar to DSLR the whole purpose to have a headshot is To increase your view and expand your network with like-minded professionals That can potentially help you land your next job Do you ever wondered why recruiters employers are not responding to job application? Well, here’s why We believe that the headline title of your position has a lot to do With the number of reach out that you receive. Let me give you an example if you are a software engineer that really doesn’t tell a whole lot of what type of Engineers you are if you are a front-end engineer Say it. You’re a front-end engineer If you’re a back-end engineer call it like it is you are a back-end engineer and maybe you are a technical program Managers say that your technical program manager So that alleviates a lot of the confucian for the employer’s to wondered what you can bring on the table And what is your strength? Because just using the engineering background, for example, it can mean a number of things if I looked at the LinkedIn profile I’ll be able to tell what kind of coding that you produce so if I have hundreds or thousands of applicants I don’t have time to spend minutes looking at each and every profile to figure out what code you use it’d be Specialized and make sure that you mention what your niche is. I would love to hear what challenge you’re facing right now We’re creating a LinkedIn profile. So leave me a comment and let me know tip number three your summary Your summary should be a concise highlight of your career who you are Who you’ve helped and how did you help and here’s an example using my own personal LinkedIn to give you an idea of? What a summary should consist of Tip number four your work experience unless you work for Amazon or Google Basically a brand name employer It’s very important to consider putting a one-sentence letting your audience know a little bit about the company that you’re working for Here’s a couple tips regarding work experience. Make sure that you use first-person Yes Generally on a resume I would not recommend using the first person But on a LinkedIn profile it is important to highlight what you have done now aside from using the first person on your LinkedIn profile You also wanted to consider talking about your career highlights that are relevant to your role Here is an example if you looked at my LinkedIn profile You know that I am a career coach and strategist I’m the founder of my own business, but prior to that. I’ve been a recruiting leader So even if you looked back in my career projectory, you can tell the type of projects that I have oh and what was the execution of the project that I was Responsible for and you wanted to talk about what is it? If you keep your work history straight to the point enough information Where the recruiters or hiring managers know exactly what who you are What you’ve done and what is your achievement? What is your outcome? And that’s what will get their attention that’s what will get my attention tip number five add a link or media to your work experience and Let’s reflect back on to my LinkedIn profile as an example Recently, I have produced two videos Specifically for job seekers or professionals who are not fully satisfied in the role that they’re in So if you looked at my work history You could tell that I’m branding my youtube channel and giving a brief description of what I’ve created for Profession most LinkedIn profile that I have come across Does not have a linked or any type of media into the profile So this is a great opportunity ambitious professionals for you to Differentiate yourself from all the other job seekers who are going after the same role as you are. Tip number six ask for recommendations You have to keep in mind that when individual either it is a employer or someone that you wanted to network with They don’t know you so it gives a sense of who you are what you’ve done and how do you build relationship with others so I would highly recommend that you ask your former leader or direct manager that can tell a little bit about the great work that you’ve done and what are some of your accomplishment and Why are they recommending you? If you are a people manager, I would absolutely recommend that you get recommendations from your direct reports So that’s giving the employer an idea of what your leadership style is on top of that get Recommendations from an executive that you have reported into you or have done business within one one way or another gives the employer a sense of What are the scope of the projects that you’ve built and what are some of the ROI that you’ve done as a leader? I also have a bonus tip for you You can customize your URL and let me where I’ve been telling you how to customize your URL. Let me show you how so if you go to your profile, if you go to your setting you can easily change by doing this and Don’t forget to hit save Now that you know the step by step in creating a LinkedIn profile that helps you stand out from the crowd If you’re interested in joining a tech community with like-minded people to collaborate and share ideas I also provided weekly tips on Strategies in helping you land your next job the link to my facebook page is in the description Well now that you have an employer reach out to you and you’re really excited for that on-site interview. What do you do? I’ve actually created two of my videos. First one is 60 second elevator pitch The second one is using the star Which is situation task action and results Both of those video combined will help you conduct a step-by-step process into creating a Story to share with the interviewer so tell me about yourself or what do you do? It’s the number one any of you questions. Make sure you nail it by watching the two videos. The link is below in my description Until next time thanks for watching


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