How to Create a Task List inside of Notion

How to Create a Task List inside of Notion

Hello everyone, welcome back to another video it is Francesco here today’s video We’re taking a look at the notion list manager function We’re going to be talking about its features how you can use it and giving you a bit of an outline of everything So stay tuned for today’s video So guys it is great to be back again, I’m doing regular notion features It feels like just a quick announcement. You can get the new brand new notion PDF. It’s been out for about 24 hours now since we launched it yesterday. It’s over 500 downloads So check it out because it’s a free resource no signup needed and you can basically get an introduction to notion There’s a bit more information about the group recommended reading Q&A some useful information about blocks So if you know someone that is total newbie to notion that might be suitable for them You can also check out the skill show cast tomorrow Which is going to get a little bit of an update with additional classes also adding Another three or four to it. So check that one out in description below and they were guys Let’s dive into the lift side of stuff. Obviously for those who don’t know notion has added in a 2.2 update a list function They’ve also added a gallery function as well as a host of other tweaks I will be talking about the gallery function in another video because it’s in a very impressive function. I am personally very Interested in how this is gonna play out because it looks great and I see a lot of people in the group actually Using it in a fantastic manner. So in this video, we’re actually looking at the list side of stuff so I’m going to create a really basic area down here a new page to Kick things off to start demonstrating how you could be using this list on a daily basis? So I created a brand new page and under the list is really really simple You can access it just by using the slash and typing in list now You do have two editions of it like you do with all of the other interactive elements inside emotion You’ve got it inline so you can have it in this page, which we’ll be demonstrating with today or you can have it is a full page and that will obviously create it as a Standalone page which is obviously something that is pre created inside of notion Now what I would say with this new ListView is it’s very simplistic So if you’re looking to this to be your todoist replacement, I don’t think it’s gonna be that suited to it yet But I’m gonna show you a few examples of how you could use it in your daily routine The first is a task list and a task list can be created inside of this ListView. So I’m going to create that here So let’s give it a really simple title of task list and delete some of the pages that they pre created here Now, I’m just gonna go ahead and press new to create a mock page And as you can see this new page opens up now what I’m going to be doing here is I’m just gonna delete the actual property that are pre created here and I’m going to be able to add and what I’m going to do is I’m going to add a few Fields that might make it relevant to a to-do list application and then I’m gonna explain why I chose them all Okay, so what I’ve done is I’ve created four fields I’ve created due date up here. And that’s for the obvious of putting in a due date So, for example, I’m gonna say next Thursday ants the due date for this task. I’ve also added a check box inside this That’s the property trying check box so that I can indicate whether this task has been completed From viewing everything there now I’ve also got a context field that’s a multi-select property type and my goal with this is so that you can add for example Let’s say you’ve got inactive It’s an inactive task and you can even add something if you wanted to like I need to only complete this using the Mac Now I’ve also added a section called duration Which is the property type number and the reason I’m doing this is because let’s say it takes me 30 minutes to complete the task So let’s say this is reply to all emails Not sure why I’ve set myself a week to do this one. And if I wanted to I could add even more context below here now what I recommend doing is adding an icon because for example if you wanted to add a bit more detail you certainly Want to be able to see that because the listview as you can see is very plain on its own now You’re probably wondering francesco widely and all these properties in it income up so if I go to the properties area here and select all of these to be on You can see here that the due date for this task is November the 15th i’ve gone an inactive and matte and mac tag that i’ve added to it So for example in active low energy to complete and a Mac I need the Mac to complete this and I’ve given it a 30 minutes as well as a checkbox So you will be wondering why is this important? What I’m going to do is I’m going to add a few Tasks and I’m going to come back and explain why it can be valuable Okay, so here we go I added just a few simple tasks And as you can see in front of you I’ve got a bit more detail say for example If I want to do actually sort these based on their ascending due date I’d go up here and I’d press sort and if I press sort I can actually Click in the due date area and actually get them ascending So it seems to have worked you can see that the tasks. I need to complete first or has a closest due date is available at the top and on going below now something I want to say about due dates as well is if I click into this task I can still make a reminder available on this task So for example, you see if I click into the due date whilst I’m doing it And I’m like, I need to remind myself of this task if I click remind on day of event It will obviously remind me through the application, but other thing you can do is actually give an end time so for example if you wanted to set yourself a due date that lasted over three days or You wanted to include a time that’s specific to tasks then you can do so. So for example, I’m gonna say 9:00 a.m And I’m actually gonna get rid of the end date – if I set 9:00 a.m There you can see that a reminder is set for 9:00 a.m. There So, it’s quite a nice Visual way of organizing the tasks and I can see all the details like it’s gonna take me five minutes to complete When I get around to it I’m gonna take it off using the done set and as you can see it’s been ticked off now if I go to the filter section and for example, click filter Let me say I wanted to get rid of some of the cleared and complete two tasks out of this one so for example if I click to done and Does not contain that you can see that a filter has been created with all of the active tasks in there if I wanted to See all of my done tasks I don’t go to sort a that I go to a filter and go to is done I can see all of those completed tasks So this is a really simple outline of how you could create a simple list manager inside of this if You’re looking to replace another application and of course if you added views Much more different views then you could create a much more detailed section here if I go to for example, if I go to the calendar view I can actually see my full calendar in the next couple of days and what tasks I need to complete so that’s how simple You can use it. If I were to just get off this filter. I can easily do that the filter works in a similar way so for example if I clicked filter and would add filter and I went to like If I wanted to complete tasks that are only gonna take me that I’m let’s say I’m in town that offline. Okay, great I’ve got to visit the bank for a credit meeting so I can see all the tasks I need to do there I’m offline in so it’s a really simple way of being able to add a bit context and Organize the tasks in a very similar way to duyst but not to the full extent I will be talking and doing a video of to doest versus notion very soon So hopefully that will give you a bit of an outline of everything Okey-dokey. Let’s try something else Let me just keep this here but take rid of let me just go down here and create a new list and what we’re gonna do now is create a Contacts or sales list for leads that might be helpful So if I simply add sales contacts to the list and begin my process of doing and deleting tasks I’m not sure why I do actually get rid of those first three pages just routine So what I’m gonna do here is I’m going to create a few more different context points And then I’m going to come back to it and we’ll talk about the reasons why I chose the property types Like we did Ok, so I think I’ve done everything So as you can see here, this is a bit of an outline If for example you you wanted to use this for a simple sales CRM to some extent I’m no salesperson, but this could be useful for you again. You could build out to whatever you like So this is only frameworks from my side so for example You can have a last update and the goal last update is to actually see last when you edited this and that’s last edited time in the property type very easy to be able to add because once you go in and out of these You can actually see a good outline of when you were editing these and of course we can go to updates so for example If you your team working on this and you invited team members you’d be able to say who came into the document and who went Out I think we have something that a sales Application might find valuable so last check-in and I’ve actually given that last edited by and put it to myself and Also, I’m going to add a company. So for example, let’s make up a company Aero space a1 Weird company name and you can also add the sales value. So I just added a simple number property here So for example, it could be worth 40,000 pound and then I’ve also got first call So that’s the initial call that I’ve done the second call and phone number as well. So let’s add just a fake phone number Ok, that looks bad, all right, I’m also going to add a property of what stage they are at So, for example, I want to add at the moment there a lead because I haven’t ok So I’m just gonna make this one a multi-select. I’m gonna add that there a lead because at the moment nothing’s happened I want to just go in here and actually change the color That’s something that you should do If you’re looking to really get involved in this and you want to be able to indicate stuff, so let’s make up a fake name Robert Bryant and Let’s add a icon too. So let’s say Robert Bryant is a It says aerospace company. So I’m going to put his a perspective So you can see here if go into the sales Section, let me just bring this one down. So you guys can see it You’ve also got at the end of you can obviously see who’s been assigned to it but if I again go to properties and check all of these different sections open As you can see it’s a little bit Clustered. So what I would recommend is just maybe necessarily getting rid of a few of these things so if I went to take away last update and There we go. So here’s just a short outline. What we’ve got here is we’ve got who’s assigned to it we’ve got the first cool check box what company they’re with and The number of the phone and also what staves they’re at and the value of the call So this could be a useful way to actually visualize who’s doing that out of naturally if you’ve got a busy area Which I’ll be adding in a second to demonstrate some of the filters and sorting you can filter it down So let me add a few more Okay, so I’ve added a few here and as you can see it’s starting to build up here and it was really weird when I Was actually creating this Sunnydale’s one and I added cheese. My stomach just went like a little grumble. I’ll tell you why Maybe I’m hungry. It’s really early in the morning So I don’t know why so you can see here that I’ve created obviously the core areas that you would want to create if I for example Went to properties and maybe got rid of phone number because that might not be valuable But added the second call to here Then you can start to see a bit of an idea of the status of these So for example, I’ve called John Doe and Sally already, but let’s go into detail on the salting side of stuff so for example If you wanted to you could go to sorted and add a sort. For example, if you wanted to see all those people that you’ve maybe that you’ve last checked in with and ascending or descending Then you can see an outline if who was contacted in this case It hasn’t really changed that obviously worked with more in a bigger list if for example, I wanted to value or sort it based on the sale and the And if I put the lowest first you websi the lowest to highest So if you wanted to sort it based on that so if I go up here to the you can also do a filter and a filter could be useful for Example if you wanted to only see the values of companies that were above maybe twenty nine thousand and you were looking to really focus on the clients there bring you in the most money you could easily do so if for example You wanted to see which calls were actually second calls were not done Then you can actually jump in there if you want to see what first calls were not done you can see Or what first calls is not done. Then you can see for example the status of the met So this is a really simple sales contacts list and you could get started with it And what we’re going to do now is create a habit tracker inside of this tube. So hopefully that is useful for you Another thing just on here Sorry You can go to and create a table view of this if you wanted to and that’s obviously still accessible And something that you can do So if you did want to change your mind on whether this list view was good enough, then you can obviously jump to table view Okay back to habit tracker now. So we’re here. I’m gonna add all the properties and then we’ll jump back So here we are I’ve currently there really simple checkboxes for all of these for Monday all the way down to Sunday This could be your seven-day view and give you an indication of what tasks you didn’t complete or what Actions or habits you want to do? so for example if I go up to properties and obviously assign all of these you can see a bit of an outline of what I actually need to do and If you wanted to you could be able to add an additional field for the category that you wanted in So for example, if this one would be health slightly So if I just went up to here properties and assigned it to health, there we go so if I wanted to I could track the status of The actual habit that I’ve got going on and this is a good way to be able to click in and go okay I actually had no chocolate Monday Wednesday And Thursday, so it’s a good indication of the habits you’ve done now if you wanted to you for example for example could go to filters add a filter and choose a category and Actually filter it down based on category, but as you can imagine This is something that probably I need to spend a bit more time on I’ve got a video coming on about how you can use Habit trackers, but this is a really simple example Anyway, guys, hopefully you found this video useful. Let me know in the comments what you thought of it Was it useful for your daily routine? Maybe you’re starting and thinking whether the ListView is beneficial. Let me know in the comments What do you think of the list? Naturally? I will be exploring this section more and deity’s out into detail So, please do let me know if you have any questions or queries. I’m happy to answer any one’s eyes Please do check out the news room PDF and also the notes from school chat class apart from that. Have a great day Keep productive and I’ll see you guys very very soon Cheers


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