How To Create A Vision board That Works | Law Of Attraction

How To Create A Vision board That Works | Law Of Attraction

Are you looking for a way to activate the law of attraction and Learn how to create a compelling vision for your life using a vision board so you can achieve your goals Then join me in this video training on how to create a vision board that works Welcome to Jessica Anne TV And if you’re someone who enjoys learning tips and strategies around personal branding productivity and living a life by design Then hit that bow to receive notifications and subscribe to this channel So you’ll be the first to know when I release a new episode Each week on Wednesday before we dive into how to create a vision board that works I want to define clearly what a vision is and why is it? important now most people get quite confused between purpose and vision So let’s quickly clarify the terminology So purpose is to know who you are and why you are here to acknowledge how your gifts and talents add value in a way that is meaningful to you and contributes to the world Vision is based on three elements purpose values and direction So knowing who you are where you’re going and what activities? You’re engaging on your life’s journey so your vision guides the journey from where you are today to where you want to be and creating a vision board is a powerful visualization tool and Tactic as us humans work very visual creatures so when we set our mind on a goal our Subconscious mind will work to try to aim and achieve those goals Hence, having a clear direction is the first place to start a vision board is a tangible That represents your goals your dreams your desires and your life’s accomplishments so in my previous video on how to set goals you would actually want to achieve the first step in this process was to create a vision and intention and End the steps. I advice that you’d need to clearly define What do you want to accomplish and why it really matters to you Then focusing on the six key areas in life, which is your finances career and business Personal life such as your hobbies what you enjoy doing in your spare time? health and fitness business and personal relationships and finding contribution I would like you to make a start by writing out a list of excess rational goals You have top 100 things that you’d like to do experience and achieve over a lifetime Then once you have your list of intentions prove endless back to think about the year ahead Now here is where you’ll create a vision board to help you visualize Focusing on the year ahead So when you get to the end of the year How will your future self and life could look and feel like if you were to achieve your goal? So if you haven’t watched this episode, I’ll leave a link in the description below as I highly recommend you watch this before completing your vision board So why is a vision board important and how does it work to allow us to attract and achieve our goals? so our mind responds actively to visual stimulation, so when we create a vision board We’re essentially using pictures texts and images that represent our goals to create a sense of feelings which stimulates your emotions our emotions re vibrational energy that activates the law of Attraction and there are loads of books and videos that discuss the law of attraction that you can check out for deeper understand but right now let’s Get started in video 2 on how to create a vision board that works So firstly I would like you to gather your tools Grab out the key planner or head to the key panner dot-com to download a free sample Or if you could also simply grab a piece of card Something where you can see it on a daily basis and preferably in the morning and at night Hence why I like to use the key thinner then start collecting images texts and drawings that Serves as a representation of what you would like to accomplish and later in this video I’ll demonstrate a digital way of creating a vision board for those who prefer a clean and neat Uncluttered board that they could simply print out so head up on google Google, images or magazines to find pictures that create a feeling for the example if you want to express more Joy, peace and happiness in fine images that convey this message Other images would represent any experiences and positions you would like to attract into your life Such as your ideal home car, perhaps a beachside holiday Perhaps it could be a photo of your huge on a body of a fitness model at health and fitness is your breakthrough goal For you this year? Whatever it is be specific I would like you to add words Quotes and declarations to inspire your thoughts and to create an emotion to help you visualize When you achieve your goal at the end of the year once again asking yourself what does my future self and life look and feel like a couple of top tips of life to leave you with before you can’t often create your vision board networks as remembered your vision board is a visual representation of your Great true goal That you’re like to achieve. Yeah, and you might have more than one so if you haven’t Watch how to set goals You actually want to achieve and I highly recommend watching this before starting your vision board also as I mentioned earlier your vision is made up of three elements and there is purpose values and direction so I highly recommend downloading a free sample of the container as the first section asks you thought-provoking Christians to help you gain clarity and who you are? What are your values and what you set out to accomplish? So when there is an alignment between your goals your vision in the action plan your commit to taking is when your created a vision board bet I Myself create two vision boards one for personal achievement and when I do every 90 days to focus more on my professional goals So that would be for business career and finances If this is something that you would like to do then do try it and remember there is power and clarity and simplicity So do not over complicate the process So what are you going to do with this board each day when you wake and each night before you go to bed meditate and visualize Using your vision thinking and feeling as though it has already happened now before I get off Let me show you another method you could use for those digitally savvy people by using the tool called handbag Welcome to a quick tutorial using canva Now this software is my preferred method to create a vision board and that’s on as it’s quick easy And it will allow you to print it out So you can have your vision board either in the key planner or wherever you would like to keep it Now let’s get started firstly. You’d want to pick your page size you can upload your images or use the Image canva has already by searching the topic of the image and the search bar to the left So you’ll also be able to add text quotes Declarations and affirmations, which is why I love using the software Simply drop place and resize accordingly To then have a vision board. You can save download and print to keep where you’ll see every day One thing I like about using canva is you’re able to make your vision board look and feel less cluttered I don’t recommend over cluttering your board with too many images to me a cluttered board as a cluttered mind always aimed for focus and I myself prefer to add feeling words and images of the rewards that I want to purchase once I’ve accomplished my goals Like everything taken the knowledge and do what works best for you canva tutorial end Now there you have it now That you know how to create a vision board that works head on over to the key panakam Click on the Kidder at the top of the page to enter your details in a digital sample of the key pin That will be waiting in your Inbox now I massage. Did you enjoy this video? yes, so let me know by liking it below and hit that subscribe button and I’ll be honored if you share with your friends your family your colleagues your business network or anyone, you know seeking to live a life of intention and create achievable goals and Remember don’t just live the life design your vezo so you can live the lives that you want to do Thank you so much for watching disappear on TV, and I’ll see you next week on another episode where you’ll learn my top 10 steps to go from idea to Completion I did have five now


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