Do you wonder what it would be like to travel
first and business class on those long haul flights? But its just to damn expensive? This
video is all you need to fly business class and first class every time. I have been traveling
the world in business and first class for the past 15 years. And today I want to share
my strategy for luxury travel with you. But before we get started here are a few preconditions
that you have to meet. No. 1 You have to be willing to pay a little bit more than for
coach and economy class on your first few flights. No. 2 You need a good amount of flexibility
when it comes to travel dates. No. 3 You will need quite some patience in researching the
flights and waiting for the right flights for you. And finally No. 4 you need appreciation
for luxury travel you need appreciation for traveling first class and business class.
So lets get right into it. Here are the 4 basic strategies for traveling first and business
class for cheap. The first strategy is buying points, miles and utilizing credit cards.
The second strategy is flying from cheap airports and utilizing error fares. And the third strategy
is sponsored traveling and earning airline status. Lets jump into strategy number one.
Most airlines have a miles program that wont only let you collect miles by flying but subscribing
to news papers, getting credit cards and others. Some airlines even let you buy miles in bulk
at a heavily discounted price. The miles you collect and buy can then be redeemed for flights
in business class and first class. Finding the right program for you heavily depends
on where you live and where you want to travel to. The best resources I can give you to find
the perfekt match are “The points guy” “One mile at a time” and “The travel hacking cartell”
I will link all these websites in the description down below. I subscribed to their rss feed
and use “feedly” to always stay up to date with the newest deals and tricks. I encourage
you to go to “One mile at a time” and check out the best credit cards section. Also google
a frequent flyer forum for your country here you will find the best deals for your country.
Generally “Flyertalk” is the best place for a world wide view and deals from the USA while
for example “Vielfliegertreff” is the best for Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Many
milage programs require you to be signed up for quite some time before you can buy miles
at a promoted price. therefore milage programs you should sign up for right now are: “Lifimiles”
from Avianca Airlines, “AAdvantage” from American Airlines and “Milage Plan” from Alaska Airlines.
Strategy number two is flying from cheap airports and error fares. Every few months seemingly
out of nowhere there is a new airport with unbelievable business class prices. Usually
the prices stay this cheap for few weeks if not even for a few months. Currently Dublin
is one of the cheapest airports to buy transatlantic business class tickets. A few months ago it
was Copenhagen and Oslo. These airports make it possible to travel transatlantic on business
class for below 1.000 dollars. We made good use of this and traveled from Copenhagen to
New York for 900 USD. We where traveling Lufthansa and earned a ton of miles, these miles we
then used for booking reward tickets. Error fares are probably the cheapest way to travel
on business and first class. But they are also the hardest to get. Error fares usually
come from data that was entered incorrectly into the ticketing system. A misplaced decimal,
a wrong currency conversion or maybe just a typo. Error fares disappear very fast. Usually
airlines and ticketing offices notice the mistake and correct it within hours. That
is why it is so important to always be up to date. But how can you take advantage of
error fares? The best ways to find error fares is to constantly search through booking sites.
But only a few of you will actually have the time to do that. The second option is to get
involved in the forums that I mentioned before. Contribute with trip reports. Answer questions
other users might have and just be involved. That way when another user finds an error
fare – he will be more likely to share it with you. You can also subscribe to threads
within the forum that way you will get a notification on a daily basis – what the new posts in this
thread are. If you subscribe to the premium class thread in this forum, you’ll get daily
updates of new posts and changes within this thread. I personally refresh these threads
on my browser a few times per day to see whats new but not every body has the luxury of having
an internet connection all day. Check out the link in the description below for the
most popular thread for luxury travel. This way I travelled from Oslo to Miami and back
in business class for only 528 Euro and you muss not forget I earned so many miles while
flying. The last strategy is sponsored traveling and airline status. If you have a company
that pays for your tickets and you are permitted to use the miles personally you have to work
out the right strategy for you. Depending on how much you fly for work you might never
have to pay for a private ticket again. Again here I would recommend “One mile at a time”
or “The points guy” to find out which program is right for you. If you enjoyed this video
hit the thumbs up and subscribe to this channel for frequent updates that I share on here.
Alright guys thank you for watching this video. If you have any questions drop them down in
the comments below and I promise I will answer every single question. I will be uploading
videos on how to book reward tickets and some more details on collecting miles on a future
video so be sure to click subscribe button right now. I’ll see you guys in the next video.
Bye Bye.



  • Andreas Kranzl says:

    A well done video.
    For me it was interesting how things have changed since my last flight years ago when I decided that for me a live worth planet in the future is more important than a nice trip to somewhere else while not knowing the treasures in my neighbourhood.
    However, that's a personel decision.
    Still I am interested if you contribute to our lifeworth planet by compensating the CO2 emissions caused by flighing?
    Maybe you could record also a promotion video on that to share your experience in how to keep our whole planet a nice place to live.
    Looking forward to your answer and a life worth planet.

  • Making it happen Vlog says:

    A new Travel-Hack Video is in the making – Let me know which topics you would like me to talk about!

  • Hee Sing Sia says:

    The more people who takes advantage of this the more expensive the points will be. Don't even mention sponsored miles. Tell me how many people get that

  • Charles Jacques says:

    Great video! I'm traveling alone from BTR in Southern US to BKK or Chaing Mai Thailand for first time in Nov- any tips before or after the trip?

  • Is this easier to do with trans Atlantic flights? I fly to SEA every year, sometimes twice a year since 2014, but foolishly I had only started collecting points with Korean Air in 2015, and Aeroplan Miles this year. I prefer flying west over the Pacific than east trans Atlantic. I think the number of cheap airports, and promotions are more limited when flying west over the Pacific, or am I just not looking in the right places? I've checked your links to the forums and most of the posts are for trans Atlantic flights. But then again I have only had a few minutes to look over it.

    PS, I fly out of Montreal YUL and Toronto YYZ to my destinations.

  • Wow! I've been travelling long haul / round the world trips for the last 5-6 years. I'm very lucky that my husband can afford to pay for business class travel, however trying to use all the AVIOS miles we've collect is hard as British Airways will only let us use around £50 per trip from Scotland to London (my husband has family there and travels to London every 4-6 weeks for a few days also he has to travel for a committee he is on and it only pays for international travel, not domestic. There is one other way of getting an upgrade from economy to business is to ask when your about to board your flight. I've managed to get an upgrade on a long haul flight many years ago, my husband like it so much that he now buys business class flights, and it REALLY does help if you do your homework on ticket prices.

  • Echt ein heftiger Preis nach Miami….und ich hab mich schon über 330€ Hin und Zurück nach New York gefreut ^^ (Economy natürlich…und Air Berlin)

  • Making it happen Vlog says:

    People are loving my Cape Town videos go check them out here

  • Your 4 methods isnt cost effective and wastes a lot time searching on the internet. 33dolllars per 1000 miles? Thats almost 200 percent of what is the true price.

  • Really nice! I just did a trip around Europe which was unbelievable! I put videos on my youtube but a camera just can't capture the experience!

  • Sounds like a pain in the arse looking for business class tickets this way. I flew Emirates to Dubai last year and initially bought my ticket economy went to the ticket desk at the airport and simply asked for an upgrade and got it for 170 quid. Paid 400 originally for economy. Can be hit and miss but worth a try

  • another way is some airlines offer you the option to upgrade at checkin for 500-800$. Sometimes you can bid on seats like on Austrian airlines and KLM.

  • Patricia Armstrong says:

    Very well done! Very informative. Thank you and yes… as they stated below you are very handsome. And I am 68 years old and I have seen many!!

  • SergioMartelli says:

    One very important thing you did not mention: Dress well.
    I used to work at the check in counter for AeroMexico, and every other day we'd have empty First Class seats that we were free to give to Coach passengers, provided they had the right appearance.
    When I had to choose, I'd give it to a Mexican national (dark or white), or sometimes a foreigner.
    I'd refuse to give it to an American (of any color) for two main reasons (1) They expected it, sometimes asking in an arrogant way if they could get one, and (2) 99% of the time, they'd be dressed as slobs: shorts and sandals mixing with people in suits in First Class? I'm sure if you paid for such a ticket, you wouldn't want to see certain unpleasant sights.
    As long as the Mexican national or foreigner was well dressed, and their manner was pleasant, I'd give it to them. ….
    Lesson: Don't look or act like a slob. Dress well – not necessarily in a suit. See how the man in the video was dressed. He'd qualify.

  • Yoshiko Miura says:

    Thank you for the very useful information. About the mileage programs, airline companies change the services (rules) regarding earning miles and keeping elite status. Are American Airlines and Avianca for Oneworld and Star Alliance still the best?

  • norwegian polar bear says:

    there are some false claime in this video.norwegian air shutle dont have business class on any of its flights,they offer premium okonomy seats only as best opption.

  • Josélina Aygretto says:

    Norwegian business is not business class.. Norwegian is a budget airline and their business seats are like economy seats but at the front of the plane..

  • Davide-Yashar Zannerini says:

    Thank you! Is there any website with error fares I could use? Subbed and really liked! Please reply! Looking forward to your response

  • you dont need to be Rocket scientist to get a discounted business or first class seat on a plane. when you arrive at the airport with your economy ticket, go straight to help desk, ask how much for upgrade, you will get a massive discount immediately. that same flight will fly on time with empty business or 1st class cabins or they take your money.. job done, easy. you don't need to know waffle this fella is on about. I have used this option every time I fly for the last 10 years, works everytime..

  • I am curious to know how the awards miles are calculated … I am a 1k Member on united and it says "As a special thanks for your extraordinary loyalty, your Premier 1K benefits go way beyond the flight itself, starting with 11 award miles for every dollar you spend when you fly with United.*" i just bought a ticket for $2322. But i dont see 25,542 miles added to my account ???

  • hey Making it happen Vlog, do you know something about the loyalty systems of airlines, from all 3 major alliances? For example which one from each alliance is best in redeeming points (even collected on partners airlines flights), which one has the best reward scheme etc. At the moment I have cards from few airlines, but want to reduce it as this way I think it is ineffective. The main flights I take are Quito-Vienna, but generally I travel all over the world, that's why I ask about all free alliances. I would really appreciate your help here 🙂

  • Michael … I’m an early subscriber of yours from Ft. Lauderdale. Always enjoy your vlogs and Nellie I enjoy her laugh and her secret smile (she’s thinking … oh Michael you’re such a dweeb at times. ?). Keep up the good work! As far as flying premium, my favorite carrier is a Lufthansa. One of my sisters lives in Zug, Switzerland. She always remarks how refreshed I look when I arrive the next day. She wanted to know my secret, so I said the next time they come over, I’ll fly them on Lufthansa instead of Swiss. Little did she know she and Hugo would be flying Senator First Class. When I picked them up in Miami, I said … Gee you look so refreshed flying all day … it must be Lufthansa! And laughed like hell. Btw, Norwegian Business Class is nothing more than Premium Economy and their “meals” are nothing more than upgraded snacks IMHO. ?

  • Maxim Mustermann says:

    Ich hatte euch nach Lufthansa gefragt ob es möglich ist … (ist es nicht).Kann ich es aber mit Emirates oder mit Etihad machen?Falls ja würde es mich sehr freuen falls ihr mir ein bisschen helft.Grüße,Max

  • This guy tells you that he accrues full mileage while he pays for highly discounted tickets. He cant be more wrong!!! Airlines like United have implemented a system where you have to qualify for PQM (premier qualifying miles) + PQD (premier qualifying dollars), which means you have to not only fly a lot but have to spend a lot too. Go online your self and check out United's Frequent Flier program. That being said, not sure if other airlines have updated their system yet. Long story short is who has time to wait around for a good deal? When you have to go, you have to go. What a bunch of useless information this guy and rest of them are giving.

  • Hey Ihr, ich hätte da mal eine Frage. Ich habe für dieses Jahr bislang zwei C Roundtrips mit Qatar Airways gebucht. Innerhalb dieser sind auch ein paar First Abschnitte ( Kuwait – Doha, Muscat – Doha) welche in R gebucht werden. Da diese zusammen alle eine ganz stattliche Meilensumme mit sich bringen, würde ich gerne in ein OW Meilen Programm eintreten. Ich habe mir mal provisorisch ein BA Executive zu gelegt, aber beim Spent Miles bin ich fast umgekippt. Es ist zwar toll zum Status bekommen (nach den Flügen hätten wir den BA Silver Status – kommen hoffentlich noch ein paar mehr gute Angebote dazu), aber das Meilen ausgeben lohnt sich fast nicht, da man meist noch eine sehr hohe eigenen Summe bezahlen muss. Welches OW Programm nutzt ihr denn?

    Miles and More ist mit seinen Miles Specials wohl unschalgbar oder ?

    Da ich mit meinen 19 keine größere Lust verspüre 3000 Euro für den Flug auszugeben – wohl eher auch nicht kann – interssieren mich Redemptions natürlich um so mehr :))

    Würde mich freuen von euch zu hören : – )



  • How do i book and find cheep way to fly to the phillippines? Also how do i plan out a trip while i am there like book hotels and such. If i dont have a credit card.

  • Why do you want to know? says:

    I'm traveling to the Philippines for the first time. Ill be traveling from Toronto Pearson International Airport. Its my first time flying in a very long time. What should I do! I'm from the US, I'm flying out of Canada because its less expensive than flying out of the USA. What should I do?

  • Sweet tips! Thanks for sharing. My BF and I will definitely try some of these strategies for our next adventure. – NT

  • Woher weißt du welcher Airport aktuell der „günstigste“ für business Flüge ist? Bietet kayak die Möglichkeit den Abflughafen offen zu lassen?(Mir ist die Funktion noch nicht aufgefallen^^)

  • Brooke Snodgrass says:

    Not sure I can use any of this info but I love his accent and just looking at him. What can I say? Older white woman who enjoys eye candy!

  • Courtney Curlett says:

    Hello I loved your video ideas and I found them very interesting when it came to the travel Apps . I am Going to be traveling with my boyfriend and I was wondering if you had any more tips when it comes to traveling to an island thanks if so..??

  • Philip Cariño says:

    Been looking at your old videos, Mike looks very formal here! Great to see how you both evolved into what you are now while in Manila. Good job!

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