How to Get a Job : How to Look for Jobs Online

How to Get a Job : How to Look for Jobs Online

Hi, my name is Pat Goodwin, with,
and today, we’re going to talk about how to look for jobs online. There is such a vast
of information out there on the Internet, and as you begin to look for a job online
you would probably fall into one of several categories. You would be a you recent college
graduate, you might be an executive level individual, or you might be someone who specializes
in specific types of work. You can look on the Internet in areas of specialty. There
are numerous sites for college careers, such as,,, If you were looking for an executive level job you might look at,,, which is in a retained search firm’s website or you might
look at The Ladders, and those were, those are particular websites that focus on senior
level candidates that are a hundred thousand above, and have typically a senior level client
salary. If you’re looking for jobs that don’t particularly fall into those categories then
there’s Monster, there’s Craig’s List, there’s Career Builders, there’s Hot Jobs, there’s
Nation Job, Career Journal, many, many, many websites that you can take a look at that
might help you; is a really good one, Jobster is a good one,
And as you begin to look at websites, you’re going to find that friends are going to recommend
you to a website. is a new one out there, and as you begin again to explore
for jobs, and you can take a look at all the websites and how to look for a job online
you’re going to be overwhelmed with the information, and that at time that it takes to apply for
a job online, So, in order to do that effectively you need to have your resume together; no
misspellings, crisp, clear, organized about what you’ve done in your career. It needs
to look extremely professional, so I would encourage you to make sure that you spend
the time on the resume that you’re going to post. Know how to write a cover letter so
you can post the cover letter online as you are posting for jobs online. Once you focus
on posting for jobs online you may find that you narrow your search to just specific companies
and their career site. You may also go ahead and post online at one of the bigger search
engines, because oftentimes, the companies actually pull resumes from not just their
web site, but from the larger websites, like Monster, or Dice, or Career Builders, so posting
your resume more than one place may be important. I would encourage you to get an e-mail that
is extremely professional. Make sure that your phone number is accurate, make sure everything
that you post is accurate, and so, when you put up a an e-mail address you want to make
sure that e-mail address is extremely professional as well. You will have a lot of fun looking
for a job online. It’s overwhelming and there’s tons of information, but at least be selective
as to where you post, and good luck. And that’s how you apply for a job online.


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