How to Get More Done & Be Productive! | My Top 5 Productivity Hacks

hey what’s up Stefanie the English Coach here
from in this video I’m gonna give you some productivity hacks that
will help you learn more learn faster stop wasting time etcetera so the struggle is real
right I don’t know about you but I am constantly trying to optimize my time get more done in
less time so I can have more time to have fun and just I have a lot of goals I’m constantly
working towards them so I need all the productivity hacks I can get and I’m constantly re-evaluating
how I spend my time and looking for ways to be more productive okay so I’m just gonna
give you you know 5 of my strategies if you have more strategies that you would like to
share and add please put them below in the comments hopefully this will help you I do
feel like I’m pretty productive and I get a lot done in the day I’m hard on myself also
so sometimes I feel like it’s never enough but ha I’m trying to work on that okay so
without further a due let’s get started the first tip that I have for you is to eliminate
time wasting activities now here is the deal I know we all need to relax right sometimes
you just want to turn on the TV you just wanna play video games you are like ugh I worked
hard today right but you have to ask yourself what is more important do I have a big goal
in my life that I have not yet reached and should I prioritize that above this other
thing that is you know relaxing and whatever but at the end of the day ti all comes back
to what’s more important when I first started building my business I knew for a fact that
I didn’t have time to watch movies I didn’t have time to watch TV I didn’t have time to
do any of that fun stuff I had this huge goal in front of me that I really really wanted
right I wanted to create what I have today and I did it but again I made sacrifices you
will have to make sacrifices to get where you want to be but once you get there then
you can you know go back and spend time doing those things you really like doing so for
example time wasting activities is not just watching TV and video games and all that stuff
that’s kind of obvious right we just go to that when we are bored we check social media
one of the time wasting activities for me was cooking now I love cooking I can spend
4 hours in the kitchen and it just didn’t make sense for me to spend that much time
cooking when I had all this work to do so something had to give right so I gave up cooking
as much as I love it and I didn’t really cook for a few years like whatever I would make
would be very simple nothing elaborate because cooking takes a lot of time and it’s one or
the other right I can’t do everything I’m not superwoman so productivity hack number
1 look at how you are spending your time and really evaluate should I be doing this is
there you know something better I could be doing and if you say oh you know what but
I need to relax like you can relax in other ways let’s say you are trying to build a business
okay I’m just using this example because is the easiest one because it’s what I know a
lot about if you are trying to do this instead of going home and watching you know TV after
work you can go home and listen to audio books about how to build a business right really
get yourself thinking and learning about this other things that’s pretty relaxing too and
it will take you closer to your goals okay the next productivity hack combine activities
whenever possible for me I love going on walks for like an hour okay but if I just go on
a walk and do nothing else then I feel like that’s not productive enough so if I go on
a walk I either problem solve during the walk which is I think about all the problems I’m
facing either in my personal life or my business or whatever and I really actively think about
solutions and when I think of solutions I play scenarios out in my head I go okay if
I do this what would happen if I do that what would happen what are gonna be the consequences
of this what are gonna be the consequences of that I literally play everything out in
my head and that is such a great strategy it’s like the right choice becomes super obvious
it’s like you just know what you have to do next and I get a lot of great ideas when I
go for walks and I think the other thing I like to do when I’m walking is I listen to
audio books I love audio books and I specially love Blinkist because I can listen to really
important books that teach me a lot of things I need to learn in a very short amount of
time so if you are interested in learning more about Blinkist I will leave a link below
it’s a great app I use it all the time also when I paint my nails I watch tutorials or
I watch documentaries or I do something that is productive okay so I’m not just painting
my nails and I don’t know doing nothing I’m painting my nails and I’m being productive
at the same time okay my next productivity hack is to plan each day the night before
I have a to -do list on a white board it’s always on my wall it’s right behind my computer
I can see it at all times and I regularly update this to-do list I erase things when
I finish them I add new things I always know what I need to be working on first I put a
star next to the things that are important and when I go to bed at night I already think
about what I’m gonna focus on the next day so that when I wake up the next day I wake
up with a purpose I know exactly what I have to do I knock down those things and then the
next day I do the same thing but this is how I systematically plan what I’m gonna achieve
and then I achieve it because it’s all plan out it’s not like I’m just waiting around
for things to happen I’m making things happen so if you don’t have a to-do list I can’t
even fathom people not having to-do lists to me this is so essential but I know a lot
of people watching this don’t have to-do lists if you don’t okay definitely definitely make
one so that you can know how you should be spending your time and you can you know keep
yourself accountable okay the next thing I’m gonna suggest a lot of people are not gonna
like it I don’t care this helps me so much delete all social media apps from your phone
you are gonna be so surprised by how much time this helps you create now I did this
about a month ago and you really realize how addicted you are to social media when you
do this because I would open my phone 50 times a day going oh yeah Facebook is not here you
know oh yeah YouTube is not here it’s crazy but if you just get rid of it you’ll realize
oh my gosh all of a sudden I have more time when you have more time you can do more of
the things that you want to do or that you should do etcetera the only app that I have
on my phone is Instagram and this is because I put stories on Instagram and I need the
app on my phone in other to make those stories when I make them however I don’t have the
Instagram app on my home page like right when I turn on my phone I don’t see Instagram right
there I kind of moved it out of the way you have to like swipe a few times to go find
it because I don’t wanna make it easy for me to access it because then I would check
it all the time unnecessarily and speaking of that on my main account on Instagram @TheEnglishCoach
I unfollowed everybody because I don’t wanna open up Instagram and start consuming content
I need to produce content for the people that are following me my next productivity hack
is to keep your schedule light the more things you put in your schedule the more things you
commit to the more stressed out you are going to be so I don’t commit to very many things
during the week actually most weeks I have a completely free schedule and I just do my
work at all times of the day okay morning afternoon night whenever I feel like it it’s
a very very relaxed schedule because I don’t want to stress I am so against stress I don’t
believe stress is good I mean it ages you it gives you anxiety it’s not worth it so
I’m anti stress I don’t like stress I don’t want stress and I do everything to avoid it
so again one of those things is keeping your schedule light don’t overcommit and then you’l
have lots of time open and available to do the things that you really want and need to
focus on okay and my last and final productivity hack for you today is to get lots of sleep
your brain and your mood depend on it okay have you ever been moody we all have now if
you are moody that can be a lot of things maybe you are hungry maybe you didn’t sleep
well maybe you didn’t get enough sleep I don’t know there is so many different things that
can affect our mood but what I know for sure is that if you get enough sleep you are more
likely to be in a better mood and you are more likely to be able to control your moods
okay so get lots of sleep your brain needs sleep also to be able to process everything
that happened to get you ready for the upcoming day your brain needs it you will think better
you will come up with better ideas you won’t feel as stressed you will be more relaxed
okay there are so many benefits to getting plenty of sleep when I was in college I would
get 4 to 5 hours of sleep a night and I was working 3 different jobs I was a full time
student and I was an athlete okay I played water polo which is a very very physical sport
if you know about it uhm and I did weight lifting to train for that it was crazy so
I was doing way more than I’m doing now and I was doing it on way less sleep okay so more
activities on less sleep that was a recipe for disaster I developed insomnia I develop
anxiety I would get panic attacks it was awful we don’t have to live like this we have more
control over our reality I think than most of us would like to admit uhm back in college
I realized that was a very unhealthy way to live
I quit a couple jobs I was also on the swim team I quit that and in general I just quit
a lot of things and that’s when I learned to not overcommit I would love to be able
to do everything but I can’t right you can be really good at a couple things or you can
be just okay at a lot of different things I prefer to specialize in whatever I do so
less is more my friends and with that I’ll go ahead and wrap up this video this video
was a lot different than what I usually do on my channel usually I talk about English
but I do want you guys to know that I actually teach a lot when it comes to professional
and personal development in my private course Connect & Communicate if you want more information
I would go ahead and link it below also if you want a guide on practicing your English
with native speakers go ahead and download that I will link it in the description uhm
it’s the most popular guide on my website it will show you how to meet native English
speakers online and start conversations so you can practice and improve your English
that’s it and I’ll see you in the next video bye


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  • The English Coach says:

    I really should have mentioned this in the video, but I forgot! I deleted my social media apps from my phone but still use them on my computer… and this is a strategy I highly recommend!

    That way you can plan your "computer time" in advance, stay focused, and be intentional about what you research, create, and consume. If you have all these apps on your phone, you will likely waste HOURS every day mindlessly scrolling through videos and newsfeeds whenever you get bored.

    Sorry if that caused any confusion!

    I still use Facebook and YouTube, but I use them strategically to build my network and run my business. Essentially, I used them to stay focused on my goals. The internet is just a tool… the way we use it makes all the difference! It can either waste our time or help us build our dream life 😀

    Anyhow, I teach my students how to use social media strategically to meet native English speakers, practice their English, build their professional network, start online businesses, and reach their goals.

    For more information about my course Connect & Communicate, go here:

  • I get it :
    1. Set priorities
    2. Try to multi-task
    3. Get organized
    4. Diss social media
    5. Try to set a reasonable pace
    6. get enough zzz time

  • Guilherme Almeida says:

    Great video Stefanie….
    I'm from Brasil and your videos help me a lot.
    I appreciate your videos because i think that's really easy understand you.
    I think that i don't make effortless because i hear the american's accent a lot too (i really like USA, hahaha) .

    Thanks for your tips and keep going your job because you help more people that you imagine.

  • Doctor Azusa DDS says:

    All of your videos inspired me a lot and I just launch my YouTube channel in English. It is one of the biggest challenge for me but I believe this is very effective practice way to improve my English!

  • Hello stefaine. From Morocco , i have recently been following you on here and you are an amazing teacher i really like the way you tell what to do and what not to do

  • Leandro Navarro says:

    I've improved my English a lot, and you've been by my side for about 1 year. Thank you, I look up to you. Besides, I saw you are or were in Mexico(Instagram), so I hope you decide to cross a couple of countries and come to mine, Costa Rica.
    Regards teacher!

  • Roberto Chavez says:

    I am from Argentina and now living in Denmark. You don't really know how much your video help me to improve not just english, myself! Thank you!!!

  • I love what u said about cooking,actually lots of women have wasted lots of time cooking,washing,cleaning etc

  • Really really I don’t like the many cute-off adv in this video – that cause coufusion and I really don’t like it , thanks !

  • As always you made a brilliant video. I would like to mention my techniques here how to get more done in the real life. Some of them you already said in the video.

    1) First at all, I want to say necessary things before my technique. I just reviewed everything what I've done in the past and present and asked this questions dozens of times, What did I gain while playing that game, doing this etc ? And then I figured it out what was going wrong in my life and why ? This is the first and most important issue for me to tinhk clearly.

    2) Second and the strongest stuff that I have to overcome to stay alone. I really have a lot free time for now and I just stay true to myself and review all cards I have in the hand. I repeat this to myself, this isn't a uniquie feeling just for me. It happens to all people on the earth and if I overcomplicate it for me everything will suck in my life. Again I thought that once, how can I change this as an oppurtunity. I mean, I'll always have time with myself in the present and future. If I don't build a way that I'll be able to do anything at anywhere, I might waste most of time while thinking or complening why I'm alone or why I have nothing to do.

    3) I don't know you guys but overthinking is still something that I couldn't overcome it. But I promise you I'll handle it asap.

    4) Things I mentioned above was necessary to write. Because if you don't know what stops / procrastinates you then you just struggle. Now let's get to work ;

    5) I have some strong goals, and time never lies you. I always live in the moment and what I do this time, it will affect my tomorrow. I remind this to myself as much as I do. I try to do my best in the moment and I don't wait anything or anyone to do something.

    6) In 2019 I just made a calendar where I wrote some daily rules to do. When I complete a day full, I say that, tomorrow I'll be closer my goals to reach. I sometimes skip or don't do anything but you believe me or not it forces me anymore to do. Every morning I look at my goals, and I see how I make them smaller to eat easily. It makes me believe I can do it. I'm now %40 close to succeed this year some of them. Of course there's deadline for them.

    7) I used to watch a lot of movies and serials whole time but now I'm procrastinating them for 1 month. I'm student at university, I look at my lectures and ask this question to myself which one is more important ? Questions at the exam won't probably come from films.

    8) We Turks really love spending time in the kitchen and as you mentioned in the video it can waste your time. But you know what I've been doing in the kitchen since I started learning English ? Yes you're right, I open your incredibly videos when I'm alone or I listen to podcast about cooking and use them. The best way of learning is learning by doing. I've some new words for dishes.
    And it makes me one step forward than other men 🙂

    9) I've made English a big part of my life and I take notes in English. I watch tutorials in English and it really helps me understand concepts. My listening, writing skills develop each other pretty well.

    10) When it's okay for me I listen to usefull stuffs while walking or running. If I use transport to go somewhere and it's more than 15 minutes, I pay attention you and other English teachers.

    11) In my opinion the best of learning is learning by doing as I mentioned above, I started to translate videos to my mother tongue. I watch videos several times and I better learn than once or two listening.

    12) I learn English and Russian at the same time on my own. I said this once, let's be realistic man If I don't have any oppurtunity to get to know other language learners or to meet native speakers, how can I learn effectively ? I wrote necessary notes on the wall and when I pull up my head from laptop, I see genitive case in Russian. Just two minutes I read quotes, words and slangs then I go ahead.

    13) It's obviously to take you forward when you plan for tomorrow at night but I say that, life is unpredictable and things usually happen as you don't expect. If I have a plan, I'll probably know where to start and what is priority.

    14) I didn't delete social media on my phone or I didn't move them somewhere I can't see easily on the phone. I several times considered that, when I log in on social media, news, post, photos always distract my focus and I spend most of my time using it. But now I'm trying to limit myself and in 20 days I got really great results.

    15) You mentioned stress is something like you don't like but I really love my stress. Because when it comes out it encourages me to do something that I don't dare to do in normal stitation.

    Of course there're some things I don't want to say them. Figure it out what suits you, your life as well. Do research for you !

    That's all I've for now. Thank you for reading. Have a great day you all !

  • Shahriyor Abdukodirov says:

    I need your help. I don't know how to pronounce the word ''Literally''. I have already developed an American accent but i don't have any idea how to pronounce this word, which is used so much by natives.

  • Hi Stef! Good job with the channel and all the activities you've been doing.
    When it comes to this video, I just want you to know that, for me, it's totally an English Video, because we need to be productive, if we want to study, for example. And also, I consider all of your videos classes, because at least the listening skills we are practicing, once you speak very well and are focused on advanced learners.
    I want to thank you for such a great material and for helping people all over the world.

  • I haven't received any challenges yet by email.
    I would like to know what might be preventing it from happening.

  • Robert Aleksanderek says:

    hello .you are talking about social media but you are on Fb , Instagram etcSo you are wasting your time too:)

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    *I native speaker spanish.

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