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  • Just what I needed. I am working on doing a giveaway to grow my channel. Soon though when I gain a good number base to start with. 

  • Hello Tim! I've been trying to find those professional lower thirds youve been using I like how you have the picture added for example youtube in box and the name on the right.
    Looking for more professional lower thirds to spice up my channel. Thanks for this video as well!

  • Sabrina Faith: beauty & lifestyle says:

    can you talk about how to use tags / titles to get your video to be the most searchable? people say tags aren't useful anymore and I've searched youtube and all the videos are old and aren't helpful. it seems that the best thing is watch time, likes and views but if you're a small channel like me- you can't get a lot of likes or views and therefore can't compete with the larger channels.

  • My question is more on how to deal with the first wave of popularity. Lets imagine I'm me…. I have almost no subs so I'm not monetized, my views are on a yearly basis, not daily, and I all of a sudden have a viral video of my toy schnauzer lip syncing Frozen behind me to the radio as Punxsutawney Phil sits in my lap and drives my car on a shadowy February 2nd? Do I lose any available revenue from those views? If I start monetizing does the income start at that point or can the previous success be recouped or do I have to be set up for that before it happens?

  • Instagamrr - It's all Pun and Games! says:

    One thing I've noticed is plateaus can depend on how you grew. If you grow organically through search, your plateau is likely to look different than someone who advertised and then stopped advertising. In the former, your traffic usually just trails off and you grow slower. When you stop advertising on the other hand, your subscriber count can actually go negative far easier. I'm personally not sure how to overcome the latter.

  • I'm currently using Snapchat and using it a vlog platform. I usually upload my snapchat  stories onto youtube. I might be soon adding a bit of drawing and other animations into the videos. Something new to use on my snapchat and also there isn't  too many people i know who upload videos from snapchat to youtube.  For me i find  this a learning experience on trying something new.

    I see a bit  of views but not a lot of subscribers.I'm also trying  to figure out what  days are the best  to upload my videos and also what time to upload them. 

  • Hi tim with my channel I started with the beginner but as they grow the channel needs to move also so I'm moving into an intermediate audience plus I ask my family community on Facebook what they would like its a balance of reinvention and listening to what my subs want to see, so more work for me lol

    Thanks agin time wise words as always


  • Knights of the Drunk Watch says:

    As a NewTuber I am working on making "evergreen" videos. Right now it seems like internet challenges are my best viewed. I am still working on finding my audience and what type of videos I am good at.

  • Stay in touch with the innovators of youtube.  Those who post free content, not monetized, but regular and consistently tend to be the most passionate about what they do.  I'm always looking at finding new ways of displaying information. Every video I post is radically different from the video before it.  There's a biblical theme to it and it works for me.  Also, I'm desingning a new lightweight camera stabilization device that vloggers can use with just one hand, should be able to achieve ultra dynamic shot ranges from foot level to way above head height in 2 seconds with smooth transition.

  • LiverpoolTruly says:

    Awkward because I'm watching this video and I haven't even grown enough yet to actually see a slowdown in growth! Helpful for when the time comes though! 😉

  • The Mental Health Herbalist says:

    thanks Ⓣim – the key is to stay ahead of the curve, like you say, get the principles right. Great interviews and great ideas, there for young youtube channel like mine Ⓣom

  • PinkKittyMusic says:

    Hi Tim, Can you please do a video about how to keep yourself anonymous on Youtube? I know you already did a video on privacy but what about all the social media that is linked to channels and the visual image of yourself? How do you keep your social media related to Youtube and personal separate and how to keep the 2 identities from crossing each other? Love your videos, I learn a lot from them so thanks.

  • I've mentioned it before and you did just in this video that searchable content is extremely helpful.

    If you notice your channel growth slow down, stop, or even go negative it's best to look at your stats and see what you have done recently that is different from while you were growing constantly. Take that information and adjust your videos and schedule to match what seemed to work before.

    I am in a weird situation right now where my subscriber count is growing about 20 each day but my views are going down and it's because I have videos from a long time ago still getting people interested in my channel but those videos aren't the bulk of my channel. I'm kinda in a writers block when it comes to that type of video so there is nothing I can do but keep thinking of ideas and waiting for inspiration to hit. As long as I keep content coming out then everything seems to be fine and my channel still grows

    I've also noticed through friends that if you don't post consistently, even if all your videos are high quality, you will lose subscribers.
    I know someone who was growing very quickly then stopped posting videos, he didn't lose and subscribers until he posted his next video nearly 3 months later… It's almost as if they realized they were still subscribed to him and decided to unsubscribe.

    So to sum it up…
    Post searchable content, be consistent, check your stats during slow times, and always try to improve your channel… Just think to yourself "how can I make this even better?"

  • @Video Creators  In the early stages of developing a channel (I'm a YouTube newbie) and determining which videos contribute to the greatest level of engagement or even basic growth, I try to apply a similar strategy or logic to my own channel as I would to a client's advertising/marketing campaign (which is grind out an assortment of content, analyze, reapply what works, and then keep expanding)

  • Jenna no Manga says:

    As I am a very small youtuber I allow myself some fantasy I have my sims 4 videos that are with my real family in them but I know it is probably out of place for my channel it is just my thing haha

  • Yeah, simply changing the video name and thumbnail has helped me significantly. There's a video I have that's two years old that is still getting thousands of views everyday. All that happened was that I changed the title to something more searchable, and now people are finding it easier. You tend to learn more and more the longer you do something, and YouTube is no exception. 

    And I also think there's a difference between persevering and stubbornly pushing something that's not working. In order to persevere, you need to be willing to change and adapt in order to keep moving forward. Don't just make a video series that obviously not working and continue to push that out wondering why it's not working. You have to be willing to make changes to your content according to who your audience is and what the analytics say.

  • Video Creators says:

    If your YouTube growth is slowing down and people are unsubscribing, here's 3 reasons why, and 3 ways to fix it.

  • Do you ever think you get more views based on when there are a lot of advertisers during that time? My biggest views were when I was getting presidential campaign ads.

  • Family Of Hope Vlogs says:

    Thanks for your channel Tim. Thanks for all the tips 🙂
    Need to talk about how to avoid people who are unhealthy fans. Maybe like Stalker status. Im sure popular youtubers deal with this often.

  • The Freedom Theory says:

    Great tips! I noticed on my new channel that remodeling videos and how to videos are a hit! I am planning to have a set schedule for how to videos and remodel videos. It seems to be helping so far and for a small channel I am pleased with the retention:) Thanks for the amazing tips as always! 

  • Any tips for growing a Short action/ vfx/ short Film based channle/ seems incredibly more difficult in comparison to videogame channles, or vlogger channle witch is what youtube seems to be mostly made up of nowdays.

  • I'm at the start of my growth process (two weeks in), so I've not had the growth to experienced a slow down, but it is something I think about.  I did get sick last week which caused me to lose 4 or 5 potential days to do recording, and while I'm not 100% I just had to get back into recording to not lose too much momentum from my first week.

    I only recently posted on one of the gaming forums I'm a member of announcing my channel and I believe I have already see a few new subscribers as a result of it.  I waited until I had about two dozen videos posted so that new viewers can get an idea where I'm heading with the channel.  It's too easy to post a few videos and then disappear.  Now I'm getting close to 31 videos posted, though some have been strategically scheduled so that subscribers get regular videos in their feeds every day, rather than being bombarded by a chunk of videos and then nothing for a few days.

    As a gaming channel, my initial strategy has been relatively simple.

    1. Do a variety of regular content that will appeal to a broad segment of the potential gamers who might be interested in watching.  I kicked off my channel with a First Person Shooter game, a Driving/Racing game, a management/tycoon game, and a real-time strategy/builder game, and will eventually be getting into a city builder.

    What I didn't want to happen was to become known for doing one particular type of game and building an audience around that, which would make it hard to branch out into other areas of the gaming world without potentially losing a chunk of my core audience.  While I may only have viewers who watch my channel for one or two of my series, they shouldn't expect me to devote all my time to just one or two games, and will then expect that I may do random or otherwise off the wall series.

    2. My channel isn't just about my gameplay, but getting the viewers involved as well.  This is a variation of the usual collaboration with established Youtubers suggestion that is made, and is a method I hope to engage and draw out audience participation, by getting them involved and invested.  I setup a Group "SB Gaming Online Play" group on Steam where those who are interested in being in an episode can join and if they have a reasonable quality microphone for voice chat purposes, they can participate.

    Whether it is to drive around the island of Ibiza in Test Drive Unlimited 2, or shoot hordes of monsters in Serious Sam, if they want to be in an episode, they can be.

    I know that there will be a point where growth will slow down.  Fortunately there are plenty of games I can play and lots of potential opportunities to draw in new viewers.

  • I've found that having a content strategy and planning in advance and shifting to daily content has spurred my growth considerably. Having searchable content is definitely key but you have to have a certain level of diverse content, not just in terms of the subject matter, but also the lengths. by mixing short form and medium for and long form content a I've seen a lot more traction as well as engagement. I'm up to over 3.5K new subs a month and 25K subs total.

  • Evan Carmichael says:

    Another great one – always love the mashup ones with different perspectives @Tim Schmoyer … and woot to @The Josh Speaks, @xoxo cooks, and @***** 🙂 #Believe  

  • Evan Carmichael says:

    I try a new series… just like you have a regular tues, wed, thurs with the same themes… the structure is wonderful but can also lead to stagnation just doing the same things over and over and over again. So I'll try a new series as a test for a few weeks and see if it sticks. Variety is the spice of life 🙂

  • Tim, I always enjoy reading the comments on your vids.  Great info down here…  Thanks for reaching out to the vidcon folks for the different perspectives on dealing with this and other topics.

  • Hey I know Adrienne – Great Video Tim! I am too knew to have any growth problems so far I have been lucky and have had a steady climb – A couple of shout outs have helped me grow the channel. I think collars and shout-outs can pump some instant life into a dead channel.

  • I can honestly say that the most important thing, from my experiences is, consistency. I used to upload 1-2 videos a day for almost 5 months straight! I was getting so much attention, I have hit a massive writers block/content dryness block lately, and it shows. So if I was to pick one thing, I would say upload as much as possible.

  • I started watching videos about how to improve my videos (and found your channel along the way, instantly subscribed!).  I've increased subscribers since I made some changes to my channel, and to the way I shoot and edit and generally present my videos.  But I'm still a tiny fish with big dreams, and keen to learn!

  • Hey @Video Creators , I catch up with all your videos but still I am a bit confused on How do i keep my type of Audience Engaged (My Channel is basically a PC Tutorial and Graphics Channel) .. I know I have been inactive for several months now, But I am planning to return in April… So any tips to refresh my channel as I return back ? Thanks 🙂

  • Furball Fables says:

    We'd like to know how to break into a different kind of audience.  We know that other content similar to ours has this audience (a younger audience kids, families, tweens) but we don't see it in our demographics.

  • Here is an option for decisions about variable content.  Lol, …just hear me out.  There are "Elrond" fans and "Agent Smith" fans, just as there are "Magneto" fans and "Gandalf" fans.  Not all of these fans always overlap.  Hugo Weaving and Ian McKellen never seem to shed a tear over that, now do they?  If I am trying to watch "Elrond content" and you throw some "Agent Smith" in one day, then expect to have a varying amount of views on that video.  Its only natural.  The solution is to start a second channel dedicated to that particular content and audience.  Just an obvious option here.  You don't have to paint yourself into a "one channel" corner to please a specific demographic.   Its kind of a common sense approach.

  • One thing very interesting I have noticed with my channel recently is my audience comes from several different genres people look for. Like my Let's plays videos on different video games tend to not do as well as when I do a news story which does better. But it gets interesting because I have non gaming videos that are actually Fan made trailers I make using other Youtuber's content. I would get permission on Twitter and it would help expose their channels more as well. Those usually do well because the audience that likes those videos come check me out as well. I network and build a fanbase with the audience that enjoys the same kind of stuff I do. I help others on other social platforms as well. But what makes me wonder is how many are sticking around for everything I do or are just for a certain thing?

  • I don't know if this was ever specifically discussed; but has there been any thought into trying to have YouTube or vlogging in general appeal to older audiences so that older on-camera content creators have a chance for success? At this point, I think, the YouTube audience is by far the very younger viewers. Which means big success can only come to young on-camera content creators. Am I wrong?

  • Hi Tim I love your videos. Very helpful 🙂 I have started my own channel few weeks back. I recently bought Nikon d5200 and shooted latest video with that but when I edited the video my macbook pro died on me! Can you please let me know what system configuration you use? I have only 4 gb RAM.

  • Binge Watchers says:

    I'm still at the point where I'm experimenting and trying stuff, but posting consistently definitely seems to be doing the trick. I can already clearly see which type of videos do better on my channel, and hope I can keep them fresh and fun in the future. I can't give advice from the creator side yet, but from the viewer side, small changes make a huge different. I can be bored with a channel and then for some reason when the host starts making video standing up instead if sitting down I'm somehow rekindled. It's weird but it makes a difference (not specifically the standing up thing) 

  • Ginger Entertainment says:

    how do I make my videos more searchable content? I do vlogging frequently, but also some other videos, like intro effects, skits, humor stuff, used to do lip singing but I think I will shy away from it since it wasn't going well.

  • Being a Small Channel, we continuely strive to get better at what we do, going to our channel and going back in time you can see the shift between then and now, and how hard we aork to bring the best we can everytime, eventually we hope to reach a number of people and have a good usual following 🙂 i dont really wanna be "Youtube Famous" just happy on youtube

  • Another YOUTUBE ch says:

    I started my new toy ch here and i have about 193 views total on my 4 videos. LOL We will see how it goes. :]

  • Thanks for all your videos! I've been stalking your videos for that past few hours and a lot of it has been really helpful. 
    I'm trying to figure the direction to take with the content in my videos – I feel like I shouldn't have to tailor what I like to do to what other people want to see. Shouldn't I just put up whatever I want? 
    But I also feel like that attitude is the wrong type of attitude to have on here.

    I'm also a girl – so there is a lot of pressure on being a "beauty guru" – and while I like beauty/skincare topics, I don't always want to talk about that. I may want to vlog about a trip, or talk about something that happened recently in my life… etc.

    What are your suggestions for people like me who have varying interests but don't want to have multiple niche channels?

  • Mystic Sword Gaming says:

    Thanks for the tips and sharing. As usual, I get some good insight and ideas from watching your vids along with reading some of the associated comments from other YouTubers as well. Keep up the good work.

  • Tango_Echo_Alpha says:

    This is definitely happening to me – I'm stuck just over 100 subscribers, then I gain a couple but then lose a couple. I just can't move up from where I am.

    I've had a few people who produce similar content say that I need to focus on newer games, rather than older ones. Not sure what else I could do other than to continue just creating content to build up a library of videos people will find in search…?

  • my channel is stuck 🙁 39 subs most of my channel views come from other sources that I promote in and then I don't want to be spammy so I stop posting and my traffic literally stops.

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