How to Have a Productive Year | Journal Ideas!

Hi everyone, Happy New Year, I hope you all
had wonderful celebrations or if you’re like me, a very relaxing transition into 2018. I actually fell asleep last year and woke
up the next, but this year I was determined to stay awake! With this new year, I have so much that I
want to accomplish and share with you, so I am feeling a little overwhelmed with all
of the goals that I want to achieve. And I know some of you have mentioned that
starting a new journal or sketchbook is always daunting because of the what ifs, and It’s
so similar to beginning the new year, except, the days will pass no matter what. At this point the entire year is blank and
all of my thoughts of how things should be, where I should be in my life, or what I want
to do is just floating around in my head making it really hard to focus. So here are a few journal ideas to help cleanse
our minds and then re-focus in order to accomplish our main goals this year. I want us to make 2018 the best year yet! So let us let go of all the thoughts and past
experiences that are stopping us from being our best selves and living our best life. And since I’ve fallen in love with my January
Setup and have received so much love from all you for the setup, I am going to continue
the winter lights theme into these few journal pages and hopefully make them just as magical. I am going to let go a little bit in these
pages as well and draw very loosely without any need for perfection, just to get my thoughts flowing. So you are more than welcome to follow along
and we can do this together. The first exercise is called Reflections. On this page, write down your top 5 to 10
accomplishments, no matter how big or how small they may be. And it could be a mental, spiritual, or a
physical accomplishment such as becoming more patient or being more aware of your actions
and how it affects others. So for example my first one is that I was
able to let go of all of my negative emotions and forgive those who have hurt me in anyway. I’ve been learning that holding grudges
even the slightest dislike for something or someone, only affects the person who is holding
it and it’ll eventually continue to get heavier and heavier. and In order for me to
achieve my goals, I have to let go of the past and look towards the future. Make sure to take time to pause and reflect
on these and really acknowledge them. Next is a message to yourself. What advice or thoughts do you want to share
with your future self based on all that you learned this year. So for example, I wrote, Dear me, do not let
anyone determine your happiness. Be in control of your thoughts and feelings. Do not give others or things the power to
make you feel anything but what you want to feel. Be kind to others and most importantly, be kind to yourself. You can achieve everything you set your mind to. Love me. It does sound a little weird to write this,
but I love this exercise because it forces me think in a different perspective. I feel like I give others my best advice and
rarely do that for myself, so this is the perfect exercise for that. Read this as many times as you need during the year as a reminder to be better than that you once were. The third exercise is called Cleanse. This is the place where you dump all of the
things that didn’t work out, wished you had accomplished, all of your fears, weaknesses,
and disappointments. Sometimes we go through these emotions and
we don’t let them out, instead bits and pieces of them burden our mind and continually
stop us from moving forward. This is the place to let it all go and write
them down. Make sure to pause between each one and really
think of the emotions connected to them and then let them out onto the page. On the next page we are going to list our
top 2018 Goals. Underneath each goal write, in a short sentence
or two, how you plan on achieving that goal. So for example, my first goal is to be productive
and responsible with my time and to try my best to maximize it. Underneath that I wrote: Check my cell phone
less and remind myself to stay focused. This exercise helps with determining the smaller
steps you’ll need to take in order to reach the larger goal. Similar to writing a set of simple instructions for yourself and it’ll help the goal feel a little more achievable. The fifth and final exercise is called Visualize. Try to envision yourself, this time, next
year. What have you accomplished, how do you feel,
and basically who are you? I visualize that I am a healthy small business
owner with a positive outlook and an incredibly patient and kind heart. Healthy in terms of being in control of what
I eat and how I eat. I know that there is so much that I will need
to overcome during this year, but that visualization is where I want to end up. So take your time and really try to picture
yourself, this will hopefully be the summary of your story at the end of the year. If you haven’t noticed I’ve been skipping
pages in between each spread because this Moleskine is ghosting and bleeding pretty bad. Since I want to use this notebook because
I received it as a gift, I’ll just go back in and double stick tape the pages together. For the rest of the book, I may use it more
like a sketchbook with pencil because it seems so wasteful to keep taping the pages together,
but that’s something i’ll figure out later. As I go on through 2018, I am going to flip
back through these pages to remind myself of where I came from and where I aim to be. I am strongly determined to conquer this year
and I really hope you can conquer yours! Thank you so much for all of the love and
really, for listening to my thoughts, I know they can be very thought provoking and deep
sometimes, so thank you so much! Remember to follow me on instagram if you
want to interact with me a little more or for any updates. I love sharing little snippets of my life
with you. Cheers to a wonderful new year and I’ll
see you next time, bye!


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