100 thoughts on “How To Have Sustainable Channel Growth Long Term (Without “Hustling Harder”)”

  • You really are amazing. You inspired me to create my own YouTube channel and I applied everything that I learned from you. I am now close to success because of you. Thank you.

  • Wow it’s so great that you have a YouTube employee! Great content and very helpful! I have a question. Does the YouTube algorithm take into account if you upload at the same time every upload or just the same day every week?

  • Money and Life TV says:

    I certainly have found that posting more than once a week is usually not necessary to grow your channel. I've grown my channel by posting 1 video per week 95% of the time for the past 2 years. It is much more sustainable. I have also learned that thetopic you post is extremely important to growth. Some videos will do FAR better than others. Quality over quantity is what attracts new viewers for me, and producing videos around topics my audience actually cares about.

  • Passive Income Tom says:

    Great information! 👍 For everyone they need to find their balance. You can post daily and it may work out or it may not work out and burn out happens.

  • Pahla B Fitness says:

    There are ABSOLUTELY times when I have more to give and sometimes when I have to put it all on autopilot for a little while. Thanks for talking about this important topic!

  • EcoCentric Homestead says:

    IMO, I don't think I could keep creating just to create content. The content has to be something I love or something important.
    Set schedule? I don't have one because I would be extra, unnecessary, stress.
    And I don't pay attention to other creators schedule. I just watch their video when they get around to putting it up.

  • Sailing followtheboat says:

    Sorry, but we were producing one to two videos a week and growth was slow but steady. Because we live on a boat we're not always online so sometimes we stop uploading for a month. When we return to our weekly schedule our numbers drop off a cliff. It takes another month to get back to where we were. Now we're going to be offline again so this time we're working our balls off to have content we can schedule for that period, so now we're working harder than ever, editing non stop for days and days. The youtube algorithm is absolutely geared up to regular content. If you take a break, your channel will be penalised and your numbers will suffer.

  • Felicia Brown-Hudson says:

    I started YouTube to document a journey and got popular in that "niche". It is difficult when you get popular in a certain niche but have so much more content to offer. I love making content and sometimes get discouraged when working so hard and no one is watching. As a small YouTuber, should you make videos for views or make videos you love? If making videos you love, any suggestions on how to get the views? Thanks, any feedback would be greatly appreciated. Also, thanks for this video. I was sitting here mentally beating myself up for not editing and uploading the footage that I've had for 3 days now. This video showed up right on time.

  • silentfinesse dmw says:

    I mean if you wait on the process shouldn’t it take longer? Don’t you have to grind in a way tho and will Smith didn’t burn out😂

  • The Mitch Zone says:

    I work very hard on the videos I produce for my Channel. Very often I don't feel very up to it. I upload occasionally, because there's a lot going on in my personal life, much of it isn't at all good or happy; quite the opposite. As a result, I'm often feeling the opposite of happy. Which makes me feel even less willing to go thru the extra hard work to make highly edited videos–only for just a few people to see it anyways… I only have like 156 Subs, currently. I have a VERY long way to reach my goal of 1k Subs. Which is what I need to be able to get my content monetized. However people just aren't discovering my Channel. Some of my videos may not be super epic and high spirited (bcz of me often being tired or in an awful mood, but still forcing myself to record anyway), but they're very well put together. Especially considering when I was new to YouTube (on my Channel) 5+ years ago. I've improved a lot over the last few years, but still not many people care. I've legit seen kids' YT Channels of extremely poor, amateurish quality videos that still got thousands of views. My Gameplay vids are much more professional looking than those, yet I only get an average of 15-30 views. On great days, I'd get 60 to 70+ views, which makes me very happy. On bad days (which are very often), I get 5 to 10 views at the most.
    My tags for my videos are GOOD, so why can't people ever discover my content?? 😓

  • manwhosaysnii says:

    I really needed this video today, since in this week I'm questioning myself if I should keep up my YouTube channel or not!

  • Impressed that you have 41 comments and not a single lamer. Wow.

    I've taken 6 months away myself due to my spouse being hospitalized and inrecovery — now thinking about "restarting" but in a new direction due to the changes in our life. Do you have a past video on expanding or changing direction of a channel?

    Btw – thanks for being that guy.

  • I think that initial hustle is actually quite valuable for me, learned how to do things a lot faster but yeah definitely in the longer run to sustain the channel i changed from a 3 times a week posting to once a week….best decision i ever made, felt the energy and creativity coming back 😀

  • Destinations Chronicles says:

    Yes, drip it out over time. Learning to do this. I have been sitting on a video for a couple weeks, just holding on to it till I need it.

  • The Honest Life says:

    Thank you for this! I tried the “hustle harder” on a different channel and gave it up so quickly. Now I’m posting twice (ish) a week, slowly growing, watch time steadily increasing and I’m ENJOYING it and not beating myself up OR quitting when I don’t meet my weekly goal. While I want to be monetized and making money off this (who doesn’t?) it’s not my only focus. It’s cool to hear that that is ok and I might still eventually get to monetization because I’m not burning out or giving up 👍🏼

  • As a video creator, let me ask you. Did you record this using multiple audio sources and had to switch/sync between several because of background noise?

  • Getting Older Keeping Active says:

    125 subscribers and it looks a very slow build up for me. Think is l aimed at older YouTubers and it's the young ones who subscribe.

  • Guiding Echoes says:

    "Take care of yourself there so you can be there for the people who need you."

    Brilliant video. I loved this so much. Thanks for this Tim and Rachel!

  • Best Brands Perfume says:

    Sometimes I push myself to the limit, and wonder why? Are we addicted to "views". Small You Tuber here just hit 5k subs after 20months and VidCreators helped me with that.

  • Apps that Rule says:

    Love this Tim! I just kick back and post videos when I’m ready. Usually shoot for once a week. If not oh well. It’s worked out recently, YT is pushing all my videos out to suggested now along with the search behind it. Mind you I’m a very small channel with a small library of videos, but it’s working! Baby steps is my thing.

  • I was trying to “hustle harder” because my channel isn’t growing. I maybe get 5 subs a week and it was getting frustrating because I am making good content and I’m really proud of my travel videos. Now, I’m working more on quality. I haven’t noticed any difference yet, but I’m hoping it’ll work

  • Yeah I remember the first time I felt negative pressure to upload something when I didn’t really feel the quality was up to snuff. I think we just need to be honest with ourselves and find a system and rhythm that works for us and the goals we have

  • The Enthusiasm Project says:

    It’s a tough balance. I’ve been working to schedule weekly videos in advance. That way if I have three or for videos lined up, then there’s wiggle room for breaks and all the variables of life.

  • Mohamed Shaalan says:

    Thanks Tim for this video. I have been posting videos for more than 4 years (weekly video) and I have now about 300 videos.
    If you are not interested or you don''t want to post content of no value just for the sake of posting as Rachel suggested. Should you quit or do what?

  • Gratitude Journal says:

    Great advice – Just started channel & I upload just once a week but I’m ahead because I’ve uploaded 2 in a week and scheduled so if I do this now and then I’ll end up having time off too 👍😊

  • Digitize Productions says:

    Hey Tim! Can you tell me, YouTube channel is a property of it's creator (owner) or it's a property of YouTube itself. I mean just like credit cards which is a property of bank not it's owner.

  • Steezy Dunnit says:

    Great video as per usual, my man! Thank you! I've been starting to feel a little burned out between livestreaming gameplay & trying to be consistent on YT. So, thank you 🙂

  • Michael Minneboo says:

    Great interview and good stuff. I am planning on doing VEDA this August for the fun of it, but probably move back to my regular upload schedule in September. Just to avoid burn out

  • It’s amazing how much the foundations of long term success in the fitness stuff that I teach relates to pretty much any avenue of life you want to do well with. Yes hard work is important but it doesn’t matter how “optimal” something is if you can’t stick to it long term cause it’s not sustainable. Great stuff.

  • Imo and Izzy Vlogs says:

    I does feel hard to hold back and publish on alternative days when I’ve got a few videos stacked up, but it really does make sense, as you say.

  • It’s like YouTube do NOT see us in the algorithm as we’ve been on YouTube over 4 years, our channel is in great standing but they will NOT push out our videos and we also loose 5-8 subscribers everytime we upload. We have screenshots from years of this. It’s just not right!! Something is very off and makes NO sense!! We’re getting so tired of holding on!!

    O yea and with theee channels, we have over 1400 videos out as well…. 😣😣

  • Exploring China with Patrick Freeman says:

    Thanks for the continued encouragement 🙏🏻. I’m in China trying to make it happen and even though you are thousands of miles away your videos give me gas to push through. I hope to use your coaching services soon👍🏻👍🏻

  • Wow I love this channel very cool with interesting videos, I can't wait to see the next videos. Please this coming Sunday is my birthday and I want u guys to show me love by checking my videos out. God bless you all, I love you all

  • LeQuantum Tech HD says:

    I'm new and need a lot to learn.
    It will all come I know it.
    Like every business get true the struggle
    and continue. Never give up

  • Must Be Marisa says:

    I've been everyday vlogging this week and I'm burnt. This video actually came at the perfect moment … I'm literally holding back tears lol sometimes having strangers remind me that I'm allowed to take a break is such a relief 💞

  • My Nontraditional Life says:

    I do not need niche down for the sake of sustainability, although I want to improve my storytelling on my channel. I used to batch film, but I find it better now to focus on only filming one video at a time. I was expecting a little more growth related tips though and less about sustainability.

  • Ginger Roots Media says:

    If you are going to make yourself miserable, then you won't last long. Be forgiving of not constantly grinding.

  • Dieter Melhorn Fishing says:

    Wow….she delivered a lot of comments that sound like they were directed at me….LOL! She delivers great points that I have shared with other creators in my niche. I still love you too Tim…..

  • Anya Gupta Music says:

    Thank you for this! it sucks making a cover every week which takes like 14 hours for each one and not getting the results i want !

  • These videos are like watching the West Wing. Its all very lovely and charming, but the reality on the ground is nothing like the happy smiley world we see here.
    This week I got hit with a Malicious Copyright Strike by someone just so he can get my personal details and doxx me. I now have to chose between accepting a strike or moving home. THAT is the reality of youtube. I DMd customer service and they refuse to manually watch the 4 second of the video to confirm its a BASELESS claim. YouTube is sadly stacked against the creator at every level.

  • Best Brands Perfume says:

    Does it hurt your channel doing a brand deal for a brand new brand that no one has ever heard of even though its relatable to your channel?

  • Its tough, especially in niches like legal Cannabis cultivation. Channels like mine (@cannabislifestyletv) get demonetized, hidden from suggested videos and search, even completely terminated.

    Personally, I'm annoyed with YouTube and wish Vimeo had more search power so I could leave all things Google behind. The burnout comes from the platform moderators, for me.

  • AbsoluteHorse says:

    Thank you so much for this advice. I've been watching your videos for a while now and was inspired to create my own channel and videos. I would love any advice/support, keep up the good work 👍🏻

  • Lifestyle Brown says:

    Sooo many good words of advice here. I've seen the same thing happen with people in sales roles… go hard for a few months or even years – to the detriment of their health, relationships and general well-being… and then burn out and disappear. It is a foolish plan! Some people really don't pay attention to the hare and tortoise story! 😉 I pulled back from creating two vids per week for this reason.. it was too much workload and pressure because I'm not full time (yet) on YouTube and I run my own business (my main income), and have family requirements. Plus I realised I needed to step up mybquality game. It was a wise choice because now my vids are 10x better than what I was pushing out each week, and therefore my watchtime and view counts are far greater on these vids. Sometimes we need to pull back and rethink our strategy in order to make leaps and bounds forward. Thanks for the great vid guys! Love your work.

  • Andreas Yiasimi says:

    This is valuable advice and an insight to what HQ looks for 👍 Sensible schedule is so vital to secure sustainability as I understand it. Another brilliant video Tim, thank you 👌

  • Gaijillionaire says:

    I would like to see your thoughts on the balance of creative satisfaction versus popularity. It seems like there’s an irony in that when YouTube is a hobby many channels really put their whole heart and soul into it and once things reach the point where a channel is so big it can literally put out anything and make more money than a 9 to 5 ever could, the quality falls through the floor because they just don’t care. They have an automatic response base that will watch and comment and share for them. But you’d think when someone has unlimited free time to make a video and it potentially will reach millions they’d put more work into it. But it never seems to happen

  • William Medina says:

    I get it – I do. But there has to be something happening. I like what she said about dripping content out. Social media needs constant feeding but I can't feed it daily.
    ie. I went on vacation and had lots of ideas and videos. But I am dripping a video once a week because l don't know what to do next – I am not a travel vlog and I don't go on vacation every other week.
    I also heard others say to find ways to repurpose videos.

  • Vanessa Golbright says:

    Hi Tim, I am just starting out and I was wondering if and how does channel location affect discoverability and monetization and also if it's possible to charge channel location once you move to a different country.

  • Bennett's World says:

    Does anyone know how long monetization takes? I have been waiting 6 weeks and was told that YouTube wont tell you if your not approved. I'm at a loss as to what to do. All my content is original. Any advice would be appreciated.

  • You tube really is luck our it get the f#@% out. You can be consistent and get nowhere you can have growth and get nowhere but get lucky and you can be set. It's 90% luck and 10% perspiration.

  • The lesson on uploading regularly but not over committing is one I'm definitely learning. Daily was too much, 3x a week is much easier.

  • DadBod Fitness says:

    Really appreciate this. I have been really feeling it lately. My wife and I run 3 businesses and have 3 kids and I have barely been getting a video out each week let alone doing anything else to further my channel/business. Our kids are little and require a lot and I'm usually running off 4 hours of sleep which makes me an awful parent/husband and I'm really trying to focus on how I can make it sustainable. I'm trying out shorter video formats to save time in filming and editing at least in the short term until I have more time to dedicate. Really good to remember this cause I am in it for the lifelong haul and I want my channel to be impactful. Thanks for all the content Tim!

  • The sustainability thing is incredibly important. I've been a chef for 13 years and being able to transfer that knowledge and talent to youtube has been a blessing.

    I could do this for years to come.

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