How to Increase Productivity Exponentially | Sudhir Khollam – Prosperity Coach

Do you want to increase your daily productivity? exponentially? Are you focussing on work but your work does’nt seem to complete? You know what? Thats the exact challenge. You are focussing too much on work. If you want to know this secret, keep watching this video. Well, you heard me right, focussing only on work is not going to increase your productivity. In fact, it might decrease it, you know Work requires a lot of resources. What I have learnt is, these resources come from Food then it comes from sleep, then exercises so these are the foundations of you being able to work at your peak state. Focus first on what diet you are having. Focus second on How much sleep you are having and what quality of sleep you are having Can you improve on that? thirdly, focus on your exercising routine You have to have atleast a 20 minute exercise routine And then my friends you are ready to work at your peak state of mind. Hi, this is Sudhir Khollam Author of the book, Money Lessons from Mother Nature Entrepreneur, Investor, YouTuber And thank you thank you thank you so much for watching these videos if you are liking them, hit the subscribe button, hit the bell icon Share these videos to people whom you think these videos might really help.


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