How To Maintain Productivity When Working From Home

How To Maintain Productivity When Working From Home

(upbeat music) – Working from home is one of, I think the greatest pleasures in my life and it’s a great
opportunity for many of us, I do think you’re gonna see this trend as it’s already started
of more and more people working from home or from
alternative work sites. And so one of the challenges
is if you’re at home, you can do a lot of other things
that are not work related. So three tips for you on
how to work well from home. One make sure you’ve got
that designated workspace. Now I’m not saying you need to like build an addition on your house or to convert an entire room, but what you do want is a space that you know is working space. So when you enter in that space or you use that section
of your dining room table, you’re in work mode and all you do in that space is work, because our space absolutely
influences our behavior so we want to know where the work sign is. The second thing that I would suggest is come up with some type of
schedule for yourself at home. Now one of the big
benefits working from home is you don’t have to adhere
to maybe an eight and a five but what you do want is some
kind of rhythm for your day and a schedule around when you do work and when you’re not working because one of the things that I’ve seen with so many of our
clients who work from home is that they work all the time and I don’t want that for you either ’cause our goal is you work
simply so you can live fully. So clear schedule, when I’m
working and when I’m not working and then the third tip
is be really thoughtful about the distractions. Because on some ways I think there are so many
more distractions at home than there are at work. So know if you’re easily
distracted by piles of laundry or dishes or a room that
needs to be vacuumed and close the door, close your eyes and just focus on work. (upbeat music)


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  • I do struggle with stopping work when I work from home. Since there is no commute, I find myself using that time to work, plus some. I'm trying to establish and keep a stop work ritual so that my work does not continually bleed into my evenings and weekends. Thanks for the tips!

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