How To Make A Fast $50 A Day Doing Odd Jobs Online

Hey guys it’s John Kevitz from Acquire
Liberty thanks for spending your time with me here today today I want to show
you something this is a really quick video really short sweet and simple and
it’s actually not gonna give you a ton of money but it’s nice for some extra
income if you want to make a little bit of extra money just sitting around the
house give you a little bit extra money maybe to go out to dinner one night or
you know actually if I even pay up for bill or two with this so it will help
you out a lot especially if you’re looking for something part-time now with
that being said even though it’s geared towards part-time stuff if you really
apply yourself you actually can make a full time income on it but it would be
very tedious and time-consuming so it’s not passive income you have to earn it
and it will take up a lot of your time but it is possible I’m going to show you
the website in just a minute but before we get into that I want you to subscribe
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and instead of trading time for money if you want to actually start to learn how
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video ok this is the free video that actually introduced me to this world of
working from home and actually generating an income that is sustainable
you get a full time income you learn how to do it you’ll basically learn the ins
and outs of working online things that are that are legitimate things that you
need the tools that you need and the support system that you actually will
benefit from and get you up on your feet making money faster so if that’s
something that interests you click that link below and hopefully I’ll see you
inside but let’s get today’s subject and it’s
this website right here it is called da micro workers now I’ve showed you other
things in the past like earn ibly and a couple other websites I’ve shown you
where you can actually make money online doing little things for odd jobs for
people other other people online but it’s generally very insignificant and
this one is actually no different in that sense as far as making money is
concerned but the fair test thing about this is there is a wide
variety and range of jobs that you will get to pick from once you join micro
workers okay and here it tells you you know all you have to do is log into your
Twitter account and put it like a tweet emotion on something create a
categorized business spreadsheet take a survey customer satisfaction survey
transcribed documents that one probably pays a little bit more video scoring
that’s like going onto YouTube click in a you know a like or dislike for example
website classification that’s personal opinion video transcription all these
jobs here are available online and I’ve actually seen access to the back page of
the dashboard which I’m not going to show you today cuz honestly there’s
really nothing to it you join up name address form of the way you’re gonna get
paid let me tell you how that’s gonna happen Oh Pay Pal that’s right I keep
telling you get a PayPal account did you get a PayPal account yet I hope so
and basically what you would do there’s this long list of jobs okay ranging in
price or cost of paying you I’ve seen the lowest prices somewhere between 11
cents per job like basically clicking on a video to like it or dislike it all the
way up to a dollar where you know you’re doing probably some video transcription
or a very you know you know lengthy survey now when I say lengthy it’s it’s
lengthy because it’s probably bot is the longest thing you’re gonna find under
that takes you about the longest amount of time or the video transcription part
these aren’t really solid long jobs we’re talking video transcription
probably about a thirty second 30 seconds or a video transcription where
it would take you maybe I’m you know thirty Seconds to a minute to type
something into a you know into a box on the computer screen or on somebody’s
website all these jobs don’t pay a lot because honestly they don’t require a
lot okay so I figured out the average from all the prices that you could get
paid doing little odd jobs for people on here and the average was about
twenty-five cents a minute so if you do a little calculations here twenty-five
since times 30 equals so let’s just say you’re really ambitious and you want to
get going right you can make about seven and a half dollars you know for a half
hours worth of work now that’s on average now so I could say in theory on
this video I could say make fifteen dollars an hour doing this okay now is
that realistic maybe some of these things honestly only take about 10
seconds to do I mean you’re on YouTube already you go to YouTube you hit the
like button right or you go to another website hit a like button or make it a
little short comment what’s that take 30 to 30 seconds to a minutes time now if
you take enough of those at 25 cents or even 12 cents you’re making actually not
bad money and from what I understand all these jobs here there are a ton of
things available I mean it’s basically limitless from what I’ve read in for
them from what I understand so I mean if this is something that interests you
that you know you know some of these jobs actually some people will probably
you know you know drift more towards one type of you know job as opposed to
another but in all honesty if you’re only making 12 cents to 25 cents for
each task you could pie just go right down the list and we’re talking like 100
hundred on a hundred hundred jobs on a page basically you know just keep
scrolling scrolling scrolling it could keep you busy for quite a long time but
you can make significant income if you have time to kill you don’t you don’t
mind doing small little tasks for people getting paid a minimum a minimum amount
of money like I said somewhere between like 11
cents all the way up to a dollar depending how difficult it is but even
the dollar jobs are honestly stupid simple so I mean this is really
something that you should look into if you want to make some quick money fast
and you got like say an hour to kill you could probably like bang out like 60 now
let’s just because serve will say 30 to 40 jobs right and make some nice extra
cash for yourself to like go out to like you know get something to eat real quick
or you know get a couple extra coffees for the week you know it Dunkin Donuts
or something right so if there’s something that interests you and it’s
something that you know you want to look into I would recommend going to micro
workers calm check it out you know they’re
obviously successful they’ve been around along for a long time now here look more
than 1 million 200,000 workers online right now that’s a lot and I know just
from reading on this there are people that make a lot more money than one I’m
even talking about there are people that are actually making a lot more than 14
or 15 dollars an hour doing this but they have built up a reputation they
have a certain rating they know what jobs to look for and they know how to do
things faster because they’ve been doing them for a while so when I say this is
really like a small-time job it is generally if you’re starting off in the
beginning but if you’ve been doing this for a while and you stick with it and
it’s just something you’re kind of having fun with in the beginning and
have a few extra bucks in your pocket this actually could turn out to be
something actually pretty impressive for yourself you know you can actually make
some pretty decent money doing this but with that said I hope this gives you
another opportunity another you know option that you have in your arsenal of
making money from home that’s what the web page is all about what that’s what
this YouTube page is all about that’s my goal for you whether you want to make
some extra money throw it in your pockets taking an extra coffee or you
want to generate a full-time passive income working from the comfort of your
home whatever your range is I want to provide those options for you there’s a
slew of information and options and jobs and working opportunities and business
opportunities online but if you want to trade your time for money click that
link below in the bottom of the description watch the free video same
when I watch thousands of other people got started working from home or in
their own home-based business and they don’t have a boss over their shoulder
busting their chops anymore they’re in control of their own situation and the
kind of income that they generate for themselves all right guys listen that’s
all I have for you today I told you it’s gonna be a short video a short video for
me anyway and I guess I’ll talk you later and
remember if you like the video comment below like the video spread it all
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kind of showing you how you can have to make it happen for yourself alright guys
it’s all happy today until next time what do I always say I say I say God Bless guys take care.


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