How To Make The Business Bucket

How To Make The Business Bucket

When nature calls in the wild outdoors, it’s
nice to have a convenient place to do your business. So for this project I’m going
to show you how to make a portable emergency supply kit that could save your tush during
a natural disaster. Or at least, provide a little cushioning for it. Let’s start this project with a 5 gallon
bucket, some heavy duty trash bags, a pool noodle and some ultra soft toilet paper. Look closely at the handle on the bucket,
and you’ll notice that all it takes to pop it out, is a little tug on the side. And while we’re here, it’s a really good idea
to bend the tip over with a pair of pliers because it’ll make the handle a lot easier
to connect again, later on. Now lay the bucket down on one side and measure
around 3 fingers from the connector port, because we need to drill a small utility hole,
and this spacing should be just about perfect. I’m using a 3/16” bit, and you can see
the hole just barely goes through the top layer, and doesn’t actually penetrate the
wall. That’s important. Now try threading the open end of the handle
through your toilet paper tube until the roll reaches the middle. Then lock the handle back
on the bucket, by simply pushing the end into the new connector port until it snaps in place.
Just like that we’ve got ourselves a built-in toilet roll holder, for easy access when we
need it. Now the best way to keep our bucket clean,
is to line it with heavy duty garbage sacks. And I found some “Step Can” trash bags
at a local super center, which are a perfect fit. The ones I’m using are around 1-1/2’ x
2×1/2’ ft and will hold up to 8 gallons of waste, which will be more than enough
to meet our needs. Push the garbage bag down into the bucket,
and secure it in place by lining the top ridge of the pail the same way you’d line a garbage
can. The plastic liner should make a nice tight
fit, so there won’t be much chance it’ll come off by accident. Ok, let’s move on to making the seat. I got an orange pool noodle from the dollar
store, and cut a piece roughly 3 ft long. If you’re careful, you should be able to
cut a clean slit down the one of the sides as well. And just like that, you’ve got
a nice foam padding to cushion your backside. Which should make your outdoor experience
a little more comfortable. Alright the Business Bucket is just about
done. There’s just one small modification, left to make. You’ll notice that when you try to unroll
the toilet paper, it rubs on the side of the bucket, and it’s very frustrating and difficult
to use. So to solve this challenge, we need to elevate the handle, and I’m going to
do that by drilling another small hole, slightly offset from the center. If we use something like a small bungee cord
to lift the handle, you can see it suspends the roll away from the bucket, which solves
the problem. Now if you don’t have a bungee cord, don’t
sweat it. You can always use an elastic, some string, or even a wire coat hanger instead. At this point our bucket is completely finished
and ready to do business. That’s how simple and easy it is to make an emergency Port-A-Potty.
And what’s really cool is that everything can be stored inside the bucket, to keep the
whole system self contained and odor free. But, rather than stopping here, let’s take
the idea to the next level, with two more buckets. I found a 2 gallon pail with a lid, and a
5 quart, big mouth bucket at the hardware store, and check this out. They’re waterproof,
which means we can fill them up with useful supplies. I packed mine with stuff for hunting,
camping, and survival situations. And if you pack them well, your buckets will hold an
impressive amount of equipment. For example. I included a heavy duty tarp,
with some para-cord and bungee straps, so we can make a shelter. And a bottle of rubbing
alcohol that can be used for sanitization, or make-shift camping fuel. I threw in a knife that’s got a fork and
spoon built into it, and a flashlight so we’ll be able to use our facilities in the
dark. But that’s not all. There’s plenty of room for a small first
aid kit, and some lighters for getting a survival fire started. And just because you can, a
pack of medical grade nitrile gloves for when it’s time to do the dirty work. It’s truly amazing how much stuff will fit
inside. And don’t forget, the buckets themselves are useful as well. They’re waterproof, which means you can
store materials when you’re out camping or hunting, and look what happens when you
flip the white bucket over, and set the wide mouth bucket on top. You’ve just created
a make-shift sink. Ok, it’s time to demonstrate how the bucket
works, and for that, let’s use a bit of hazelnut spread and some apple juice. If you look closely, you’ll see how the
plastic lining keeps the waste contained, and is really simple to replace if it ever
gets filled up. Heavy duty bags have less chance of ripping
or leaking, and most trash bags will be able to hold liquid waste as well, which will help
keep the inside of your bucket clean. Now speaking of clean, remember to wash your
hands thoroughly with soap and water. And when you’re ready to dry them, there’s
a little hand towel down there as well. If you want to go the extra mile, you may
want to include a small pack of cleansing wipes, or a bottle of moisturizing hand sanitizer. Now you may have noticed earlier, that in
my bundle of supplies I included a small gardening trowel, and here’s why. When you cover your
deposit with a handful of leaves, and sprinkle a layer of dirt overtop, it forms an odor
barrier that keeps your bucket from smelling bad and attracting flies. And if for some reason you’re in a situation
where you have to use the bucket indoors, there’s still room for an air freshener
in there as well. Alright let’s finish, up by putting everything
away. Start by tying off the garbage bag and sending
it away for disposal. You might want to keep in mind that it is full of human compost,
and there are regulations on where it needs to be dumped. Go ahead and load your supplies back into
the 2 gallon bucket, then snap on the watertight lid to keep it sealed. Everything goes together if you drop the big
mouth pail in first, followed by the container of supplies, which you should find, fit together
perfectly. Now simply pop the handle off so you can remove
the toilet paper, and set it inside the bucket. And if you put it in the center, you’ll
still have a gap big enough to coil the pool noodle around, and tuck it snugly inside.
Amazingly, there’s still a little room to spare. Finish up with a lid that makes an airtight
seal, and you’ve got yourself a handy little “bug-out-bucket”. Full of supplies that
could save your life in an emergency, and since it doesn’t really have a shelf life,
it’ll stay water-resistant, and self contained, indefinitely. Well now you know how to use a few buckets
and some trash sacks to make a surprisingly versatile, Business Bucket. So the next time
nature gives you a call in the wild outdoors, you’ll have a much more convenient place
to do business. Well that’s it for now. If you like this
project perhaps you’ll like some of my others. Check them out at


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