What’s going on nation? Today we’re going to talk about a very underrated exercise to build muscle and strengthen in your back called the Pendlay row now unlike traditional barbell bent over rows. The Pendlay Row is an explosive off the ground movement that’s going to help activate some of those deep muscle fibers in your back that you’d otherwise not activate in a traditional back workout, but before we get started if you enjoy my content Be sure to click that big old subscribe button and turn on notifications by tapping the bell icon or I guess you could not click anything Which is kind of a douchebag move, but whatever it’s cool It’s alright guys. I’ll still teach you the three golden rules anyways, so let’s get started. Golden rule Number one. The Pendlay Row is not the same as the barbell row guys Just like the deadlift when it comes to the Pendlay row the eccentric or the negative are completely irrelevant This is an explosive movement only focusing on the concentric phase of the exercise Now generally the eccentric is very important when it comes to muscle growth But in the case of the Pendlay row this explosive concentric component will help greatly stimulate muscles that are usually not Targeted when performing traditional barbell bent over rows. So what’s the difference in terms of form? well for starters you’re pulling the weight off the ground and when beginning the movement you want to ensure you’re as Parallel to the ground as possible then from there you’re going to utilize an Overhand grip and thrust the barbell to about your mid torso Or just below the chest and as soon as you pull the barbell all the way up You’re going to literally let it drop to the ground and then repeat for reps So it’s coming to a dead stop on every rep guys. Golden rule number two Don’t turn the pendlay row into an upright row guys your torso needs to be parallel to the floor period now of course your torso angle will slightly change as you keep pulling explosively so you will see You know a little bit of uprightness But don’t let the Pendlay Row turn into an upright row because your ego took over the movement as muscle fatigue began to set in Clean reps are the key to maximizing the benefit of the exercise and if your form is breaking down You can either stop and rest or lower the weight you have more than just one option Which is completely tearing apart proper form now If you want to you can experiment with different grips on the barbell to target different parts of your back, for example Using a closed grip and pulling the barbell towards your belly Will target more of your lats and a wider grip while pulling towards your chest will greatly target your upper back and rear delts Just keep in mind that the wider your grip the less weight you will be able to use so adjust accordingly And now before we get to the final golden rule do me a favor and tap that like button guys It really helps my channel continue to grow and help more people Also for those of you who enjoy my videos an article form You can download my app Muscular Strength and check out this video right now For a quick refresher on back day and golden rule number 3 keep your knees and lower back safe The last thing you want to do is lock out your knees and bend over when performing this movement guys You are essentially going to be in the same Position as the barbell bent over row and what that means is you’re gonna have your knees bent And you’re gonna sit back to help you bend over you’re sitting in between your hips Not bending over and putting all that way in your back sitting back in your hips this way takes the load off your knees and lower back and places it on your glutes and Hamstrings. Alright, so make sure you sit back properly. Oh one last thing. I’ve got a bonus tip for you Don’t save the Pendlay row for the end of your routine. Okay? This is an exercise meant to push your limits. So there’s absolutely no point in doing it last or even third or even second in your routine if Incorporated into your current workout. This should be your main lift And I know some of you are gonna ask why deadlifts aren’t first. Well guys Deadlifts are not a back Exercise they’re a total body strength Movement. So if you feel deadlifts in your back you are doing them wrong and you should check out my article on deadlifts before You cripple yourselves Okay, I can only think of one kind of person that’s gonna tell you a deadlift is a back exercise But I’ll let you figure that out But in general if you exhaust your back with a different exercise first pull-ups or rows, for example And then decide to throw this in you’re gonna be too fatigued to lift Explosively and overload your back to your fullest potential. That’s why you want to do this movement first So if you decide to do it Do it first and then proceed with one or two other movements that are gonna target your back for example I would lead with the Pendlay row then move into maybe some Chin-ups or pull-ups and then finish it with a nice slow and controlled Low row whether I’m doing it seated or actually with the barbell I hope you guys enjoy the video and like I said If you want more great content, click that subscribe button and as always more good stuff coming soon. Guys you don’t have to make up new exercises to get better results, and I actually have hundreds of how-to videos in the playlist over here, but if you want to be able to search by muscle group I have them all organized in my app Muscular Strength along with photos and quick write ups as well.


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