How to Pitch Yourself to an Employer in 30 Seconds

How to Pitch Yourself to an Employer in 30 Seconds

hey everybody hope you guys are having a
lovely lovely day I wanted to focus this video on a topic that a lot of the job
seekers I work with will bring up which is how exactly do I pitch myself in a
very very short period of time to an employer people know how to work in an
interview you know and you might be really great at working in an interview
in that face to face answering questions presenting all of that but what really
tends to you know you know stick in the craw of a lot of people and cause a lot
of fear and a lot of anxiety is what what if it’s literally a boss or a
recruiter or someone who says tell me what you do tell me the value that you
can provide and in let’s say 30 seconds you have to somehow encapsulate your
career your Worth and you know your value to this company how do you do that
so I want to share a very very simple kind of formula that you can use to
break that down create your 30-second pitch and get it into a place where it’s
going to be ready willing and able to sort of do the job when it’s called for
it this 30-second pitch is by the way going to be one of the most powerful and
effective tools that you have in your toolbox it communicates huge huge
confidence and self-knowledge so it is definitely something that I recommend no
matter what your industry is no matter what your seniority level is you really
need to seriously seriously seriously consider doing this because it’s going
to help so step one create a branding statement this is one sentence that
encapsulates the value that you’re going to be providing here’s an example who
are you I’m a farmer Sales Leader with 20 years of experience launching new
products into the marketplace and achieving multi-million dollar targets
here’s another one who are you I’m a chief physician executive with three
decades of global clinical and administrative experience do you see a
running theme here in these examples you want something that is effective
that goes to the heart of the most value that you can provide and also that isn’t
shy you know you want to avoid in this first sentence right which is going to
be the start of your 30 second pitch you want to avoid any hemming and hawing you
want to avoid any hesitation or anything that sends a signal that you really
don’t know what you’re about they want to know that you know what you’re about
they want to know that you see the value that you’re bringing to the table so
that’s step one create a powerful one-line branding statement that
perfectly encapsulates the best of what you do the highest level of what you do
step to come up with three supporting examples these can be from your recent
work history these can be based on training these can be based on almost
anything in your career but they all have to support that branding statement
so for example in the first one one of my examples was you know Pharma sales
leader so in that one you you know if this guy hypothetically you could use
this as some of these at my last job at Takeda Pharmaceuticals I launched XYZ
product into the NYC marketplace we saw this much up take this much revenue
within the first year this much within the second year that’s big proof same
thing if you’re a chief physician executive in my last position I helped
this organization achieve Joint Commission international accreditation I
implemented the following electronic health record systems
I drove these changes so you want three of those examples again very short
neither none of these are huge you know things and you don’t have that time in
30 seconds you just want three pieces of proof to add credibility to that
branding statement and kind of add a little dimension in terms of what you do
so again just to reiterate step one branding statement step two three
examples from your career that support that branding statement and then finally
step three is you turning it over and you’re going to turn that over by
offering one sentence that talks about where you want to go next for example I
really want to join a tech startup in the live entertainment space I really
want to work for a world-class healthcare
organization that’s moving in this area I really want to work for a
pharmaceutical company that has reach in this market because I’m an expert in
this market so the third piece is you giving one line that turns it back to
the person asking the question and really puts the ball back in their court
at one thing that you really want to remember when you’re pitching yourself
in 30 seconds the goal is not to close down the deal
there’s there’s no way you’re not you’re never going to close down a deal in 30
seconds the goal is simply to open up a conversation open that discussion spark
interest get someone thinking well of you and thinking highly of you it
doesn’t have to be perfect and I think this is what really trips up a lot of
people is when they’re talking to an employer or recruiter or what have you
they get freaked out because they think if I don’t say the right thing then I’m
out of here don’t worry about that don’t worry about
that when you’re pitching in 30 seconds all you want to think about is do I have
enough great hooks to spark interest and communicate value if you do that it
doesn’t matter if it’s a hundred percent fit you’re going to have a conversation
going and then you can take it you know in the direction that you want to take
it so again I just want to reiterate these things step one create a powerful
one-line branding statement step two find three supporting examples very
brief that again establish your credibility and adds proof to that
branding statement if you have any metrics numbers that’s good as gold here
and step three turn it back to them with one line that talks about what kind of
company you want to be a part of what your next step looks like where you want
to go next that’s the three steps break it down
there and you’re going to have the meet of your 30 second pitch and then the
other side is just practicing practice practice practice practice as much as
you possibly can practice it all with friends practice it with family practice
it you know on an iPhone recording see how it goes how confident you are how
smooth it is keep it lean keep it flexible but keep it always in your in
the back of your mind because it is a a very powerful tool that you can use to
edge out the competition and really show that you understand where you’re coming
from and the value that you’re providing so I hope that that’s been helpful I
hope that you utilize this let me know how it goes I want to thank you for
learning with me and I hope you guys have a wonderful rest of the day
thanks again


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